The Older Man

When I was a teenager, I was very shy. Painfully shy. I had tried to blend in with the wallpaper, but when you're the fattest girl in class, you're hard to miss. Consequently, I had zero experience with boys. When I went to college for a year, I came out of my shell somewhat-my saracastic sense of humor started to blossom there- but I still hadn't even been kissed.
After my failed attempt at college, my f****y relocated to a very small town in Northwest Pennsylvania. When I say small, I mean SMALL. Let me put it to you this way; there were five bars and five churches in town. In fact, calling it a town was being generous, as the population at the time was hovering at the 700 mark. Essentially, all there was to do in town was drink and fuck. I soon learned how to fit in. I met a boy my age, who paid me some attention, and lost my virginity to him. It was a sweet little romance, but nothing spectacular. The sex was perfunctory; no passion or excitement. Just the act, as has been the case in many a young girl's first sexual experiences.
I got a job working at a mom and pop full-service gas station/convenience store. I had no trouble working behind the counter, and since the station was acrossed the street from the senior citizen housing, I pumped gas for the locals. The little old ladies in town were amazed that I could pump gas. The old men wouldn't let me; too old school, I guess. The married men in town were very much the same way, not allowing me to pump their gas and upsetting their macho sensibilities for the most part. However, there was one man in particular who had me pump his gas every time.
His name was Rick and I assumed he was in his late 30's or early 40's. He was very tall, 6 foot 4 inches, with a solid build. I found him very attractive, and didn't mind waiting on him . Eventually I figured out his schedule. He came to the station after work every evening around 6. He topped off the gas tank, got a pack of Marlboro Reds and a Pepsi. Like clockwork. I found myself thinking about him even when I wasn't at work. I even started masturbating to the image of him etched on my 19 year old brain. When he came to the station, I would instantly feel my body flush. My clit would tingle. I had never had a real conversation with this man and he made my panties wet. What the fuck was wrong with me?
One spring evening, he came to the station like usual. I walked outside when I heard the bell to see him leaning against his pickup, talking to someone standing on the other side. I looked over to see Steve, one of the locals. He leaned forward and said hello and I returned his greeting. Rick looked at me and asked "Why don't you ever tell me hello?". I felt my chest get hot as my blush intensified. I just shrugged and asked if he wanted me to top it off. He chuckled and said sure, then turned around to continue his conversation. When I finished pumping his gas, I walked back in the station to try and compose myself before he walked inside. I took deep breaths, preparing myself for the inevitable. I was standing with my back to the counter when I heard the bell on the door sound. I turned to see Rick, with a huge smile on his face.
"What's your name, honey?" he half chuckled at me. "Um, Linda", I stammered in reply. "Are you okay, Um Linda?" "Yes. I'm fine, thanks." I was horified. My heart was racing. I was afraid I was going to have a heart attack. And my face was eight shades of red. He couldn't stop chuckling at me. "Well, Um Linda, can I get a pack of Marlboros?" I said nothing as I reached up to get the pack of smokes. He walked over to the cooler, and I got a good look at his ass. God, you could have bounced a quarter off it. Suddenly , my nipples were rock hard. Oh shit, I thought. Back in those pre baby days, my tits were amazing. They were big, with big, dark nipples, and sat high on my chest. I knew he was going to see them through my t-shirt. I was in a panic. I realized as he turned around there was nothing I could do. He sat the bottle on the counter beside the cigarettes and raised his eyes up. A huge smile crossed his face. I had never been so embarassed in my life.
"How old are you, Linda?" he asked me. "I'm 19." "You sure look like you're older than 19, honey." I said " yeah, I got that alot. " It was the tits. People always assumed I was older than I was because of them. "Damn. You're still practically jail bait", he said with a sly smile. My face reddened again and I laughed nervously. "Nah. I'm old enough to vote." Oh my God. What the hell is wrong with me? Old enough to vote? Seriously? Did I just say that to the guy I've been masturbating to for the last 3 months?
He burst out laughing and said yes, he supposed I couldn't be jailbait if I was a voter. He picked up his cigarettes and packed them as he sized me up. He pulled a Zippo lighter from his pocket and lit one, his eyes never leaving my body. He looked me in the eyes and told me I was a beautiful girl. I shyly thanked him. I felt like I was going to explode. I wanted nothing more than to jump over the counter and fuck him right there. But I kept my composure.
"Would you like to have dinner with me sometime?" he asked. I wanted to scream YES! Of course I would! but didn't dare. I told him I would like that, and he said he would pick me up at the station the next day at 6. He asked for my phone number, which I readily gave him, and we parted ways. I finished my shift, and walked up the street home. When I walked in the door, my mother greeted me. "Someone called for you a few minutes ago. Rick something? He left a number." I calmly took the number from my mom and hauled ass upstairs. I calmed my breathing, counted to ten, and dialed the number.
I felt my clit throbbing as he answered the phone. "Hello Rick. It's Linda. From the station." Yeah, of course I should identify myself. I mean, hell it's been a whole 45 minutes since you saw him, dumbass. He chuckled, and said he was glad I had called him. He would like to get to know more about me before our dinner date. I laid down on my bed and got comfortable. As I was rollling onto my side, I dropped the phone. He asked what happened. I said “Sorry. I dropped the phone when I was crawling into my bed.” He seemed surprised. I didn’t tell him I’d taken off my pants. I figured that might be a bit more information than was required.
We chatted for more than 2 hours. I found out that he wasn’t in his 30’s; he was 51. He’d been married and divorced three times, and had moved here from Newport Beach, California. He came to the area to visit some friends, and loved it so much he relocated here. He worked as a freelance photographer, but most of his money was from some really good investments he’d made when I was just a toddler. He asked about me, and I relayed my life story to him. I was 19. It took all of 5 minutes.
“So why did you get so red at the station today, honey?” he asked. I didn’t know what to say, and blurted “Because I think you’re really hot, and couldn’t believe you were talking to me.” He sounded genuinely surprised. “Linda, you’re a beautiful girl. You know that, right?” he asked. I told him that I’d never really thought of myself that way, being fat and all. I told him a little about how I’d been teased about my weight in school, and how the boys on the school bus had called me “Tits”. He laughed at that, which hurt my feelings a little. “Honey, did you know that there are some men out there who prefer big girls?” The idea that could even be a possibility blew my mind. “I’ve always dated bigger girls. I’m a big guy, and I don’t want to worry that I’m going to break a girl when I’m having sex with her. “ I swear, I thought I was going to cum right there. “Seriously?”, I asked. “You really like bigger girls?” His reply to that was “No, honey, I LOVE big girls.” I was smiling the biggest smile of my life and never wanted someone to fuck me so bad in my life. “There’s something about the curves of a big girl. A nice big round ass. Tits that go on for days. I love them. The way they smell, the way they taste. I love everything about them."
My nipples were hard, my clit was throbbing, my panties were soaked. I couldn’t stand it anymore, and slid my hand inside my panties. I moaned softly, hoping he didn’t hear. He heard. “You okay?”, he asked. “Yes, I’m okay”, I replied in little more than a whisper. I cradled the phone against my shoulder as I circled my clit with the fingers of my right hand and rubbed my left nipple with the other. I moaned again, this time louder. “Honey, are you touching yourself?” “Yes….”
“Good. I want you to”, he said. I was shocked and excited at the same time. “My cock has been hard. I’ve been stroking it the last fifteen minutes.” The idea that he’d been that excited at the thought of me, and my body, was almost more than I could take. “Linda?” “Yes”, I whispered. “Honey, I want you to cum for me tonight.” “Oh Rick, I want you to fuck me”, I told him. I rubbed my clit furiously, and slid a finger in my cunt. “Tell me what you’re doing, honey”, he asked. I told him that I was pinching and rubbing my hard clit, and I’d slid my finger into my wet pussy. “Fuck your pussy with your fingers, Linda”, he commanded. I could hear his breathing quicken as I did what I was told, and pistoned two fingers in and out of my aching cunt. How I wished it was his cock. I rubbed my clit with my thumb as I fucked myself, and felt myself nearing orgasm.
“Rick?”, I asked breathily. “Yes, Linda?” “Will you cum with me?”, I begged him. “Yes, honey. I’m so close, but I want to hear you cum first.” At that, I fucked myself with abandon, my fingers slickly jamming in and out, the sounds and smell of my sex filling the room. “Rick, I’m gonna cum…I’m gonna cum noww……” I whispered loudly as I reached my orgasmic peak. I thrashed back and forth on the bed and moaned lowly into the phone as I came all over my fingers. I fought to catch my breath as I heard him loudly cum on the other end. Loud, a****listic grunts followed by one loud moan. I giggled when I heard him cum, and he began chuckling as well. I apologized and he laughed. “Sorry. I’ve never done anything like this before. I didn’t mean to laugh,” I said. “No need, honey. I guess it is kind of funny, isn’t it?” I settled myself down and composed myself.
“Do you still want to have dinner with me tomorrow night?” he asked. “Oh yes, I do,” I replied, hoping that I would be dessert.

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2 years ago
fab x
2 years ago
WOW, that is a HOT story, can I be a "Rick" in your stories. I dont know if that is true story or not, but I was right there in it. Also, if I had a dime for every time I have explained to gorgeous voluptuous gals that many guys [including me] much prefer full figured women, [I'd have many dimes]
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wishing I were him!
2 years ago
Great story so far, can't wait to read part two.
2 years ago
Since I was an older man in a similar situation this brought back very fond memories. Good writing and memories.
2 years ago
Mmmmm...dessert, of course. The perfect end to dinner. But what a thoroughly riveting appetizer! Thanks so much for sharing this. So poingnant...
2 years ago
good story meow
3 years ago
Very nice. Hope you are you going to tell us about the date.
3 years ago
Hot story. Great cliff-hanger for the end. I KNOW you're gonna post a follow-up.
3 years ago
awesome ,
3 years ago
very nice, part two coming? :)
3 years ago
Very nice and need to know about how the date turned out.
3 years ago
wow nice