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Sometimes You Turn a Corner...

I've spent my entire adult life worrying more about the guys I've been with "getting theirs" than worrying about getting mine. That. Stops. Today.

I have made a very important decision in my life, which most of you won't give two shit about, however, it's a big deal to me.
I have decided to get in touch with my Dominant side, in the hopes of finding a slave/servant for eventual cuckoldry. How's that for a surprise, eh? I'm talking chastity devices, caging, cock and ball torture, short and long term deprivation, strap-ons, smothering. Fingers crossed that I can find that special someone.

And for those of you wondering, yes, I am still looking for that LTR. I believe that cuckoldry is proof of the strongest of bonds of committment between a man and a woman. I only hope I can find him..the one who calls me Mistress.

This was the profile of the first response I got to my initial cuckoldry post on another site. He is EXACTLY what I want.

"What I am looking for is not exactly the norm and not something that most would be interested in, but I feel that there are a few women out there that would enjoy it. Simply put, I would like to be a submissive servant.

An example of this type of relationship would be serving my woman domestically by doing the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc, running errands for her, or any other tasks. I would support her financially and personally, by providing personal service such as giving a massage or a pedicure. To provide her support financially and put her needs before mine. I would be courteous to her, always holding doors open, waiting on her, etc. I would be her friend and companion, would be there to listen to her when she is down and to do whatever I can to make her happy. This arrangement doesn't even have to include sex.

I know that a submissive servant type is sometimes associated with BDSM, and this doesn't have to include any of that though I would be open to wearing a chastity device if my partner was into it or willing to try, or possibly cuckolding.

I know this is kind of different, but I do believe that the right kind of woman would enjoy this kind of relationship, and that is the kind of woman I would enjoy serving."

If he didn't live so far away, he would totally be my cuck.

Posted by damonaffleck 2 years ago
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2 years ago
When you turn a corner its always for the better. For me its stopping this silly belief that anyone on this fucking site actually cares...like you I am done with trying to consider the other person. Being nice got me heartache, bullshit and being ignored. As the Dixie Chicks put it "I'm not ready to make nice,,," and if I have no 'friends' on here so be it! I cared and all I got was tranpled on so let's toast our realization that we have to stop giving a fuck about others' needs and care for ourselves
2 years ago
Great idea and good luck! I hope you find a gang of men to please you. One for each day.