Bear Blow-Off-- Final Part

My hands felt so nice and warm sliding down the front of Randy's pants. A mature man was he but his supreme masculinity made me hot all over!

I laid my head in the middle of his shoulders. My penis was relishing somehow right below and under his buttcheeks which were clothed and I pressed hard to see if they would quiver.

My fingers were shaking yet I still kept my hands below his precious pubes. I felt the gorgeous line again of his penis. Right when I smoothed the edge of his glans I felt it twitch ever so slightly. Now I had bravery beyond normal as I went further down with one of my hands and touched his scrotum. It felt wonderful to cup his balls the serene moment I finally had in my hands made me excrete precious clear juice from my cock-head.

I slipped them out. "I'm sorry."

"No. It's..." and he closed the fridge and headed upstairs.

I wasn't sure if it was on or not. I looked at the time. It managed to be 1:05 A.M. His wife would probably be home in...

Will you shut up about that, I thought. His wife doesn't give two balls about him. And Carol does want the divorce to eventually be final anyway.

He was all mine tonight! The thought made me happy with anticipation. I almost trotted up the stairs after him as he was going around to his bed again.

"Say Randy."
"That thing you wanted me to do. You still up for it?"
He paused. I couldn't tell whether it was that he was thinking of the matter at hand or whether he was still slightly wasted and could not quite let the thought sink in yet.

I think I saw him nod. "Yes?" I asked.

He did it again.


He knows how much I cared for him and he also now knew that I would do anything for him. Does he realize that I could give him a night that neither of us would forget?

I never blew a man before but I already had a cock myself and knew just what would get my juices flowing... and now I just needed to see if I could handle the matter at hand (hehe).

I helped him take his t-shirt off as he stood and could not believe how happy I was! Finally!

"Yeah baby." I said aloud. He looked at me. Then smiled and I gave a little laugh in embarrassment.

Soon I was on my knees. He had stripped off my clothes and I was down to my boxers. I enjoyed his scent as his wonderful cock was in my face, peering out of his jockeys in the still moonlit night.

I didn't know what to do. I started kissing it.

"No. Not that."

Somehow he got me up on my feet and he put his hand into my open boxer fly. I was surprised at his rough yet warm hands. My cock immediately stood at attention at the friction he was making on it, stroking it up and down.


I started to jerk him again. Then I got down and inhaled a big breath. I opened wide and began sucking his average but beautiful pole. He laughed when I exhaled.

"You don't have to hold your breath, Craig."

"Damn Randy. I want you to blow off some steam so bad. I want you to cum hard."

"It's okay. I am glad that you just tried and that is all that--"

I quickly got my mouth back on his penis again. I swallowed it until it got near the uvula in my damn throat. Then I pushed back and slid it back in again.

I did this until I heard him say "Uhhh.." and some pre-cum poured into my mouth I could taste it only after I drew him back out and my tongue got some of the goo.

Soon I got his jockeys off and I almost blew my load (it felt like anyway) without even touching my own dick. His body was amazing! I almost took a moment too long to kneel in glory to it.

I got him lying on the bed and I kept on sucking. More pre-cum came and it almost dripped out of the side of my mouth. Touching his balls I could feel them go up ever so slightly.

My penis in my boxers kept sliding around they had so much pre-cum along the ridges of my fly.

"You know you don't have to worry a thing about life anymore baby." I said almost surprised that the words were coming from me. "You have me now."

Somehow I ended up flat on the bed and he was with wet ecstacy pumping his wonder-pole deep into my mouth. The pumping got faster and faster. I started to moan with it in me and the vibrations seemed to excite him

More, more more! He was using me as his secret fuck friend! I loved receiving his dick in my mouth and as his breathing got more rapid and his speed increased I could not do anything but lie still and live the intensity of it---

"Aaaahh!" as he spurted his load deep into my mouth. Each exit from my dick made me quick to swallow his precious seed before his prick re-entered my face again. More squirting into my mouth and then there was less. Then he managed to stop and I gently sucked on his pole to get the rest of the man-juice off of him.

That wasn't the only time I got to blow him that night.

Another moment was sucking him for a time, then I tongued between his beautiful cheeks and jerked him off with my freehand and he came onto the wood floor. I loved hearing the wonderful thud of his spend.

Sometime before the third time he gave me a break and got out his old lube that he forgot about. He put a nice amount on his cock head and then as he sat on the side of the bed he put his dick end up my arse. I had to only let it get in a little because the pleasure became too much for me.

"Oh shit!! I love you." and jizz erupted from my hands. Damn he was so great.

We held each other on his and his wife's bed afterwards. I looked up at him and he gave a great smile one I hadn't seen in a while and I realized he was gonna be mine- his secret fuck friend- for a long time.
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1 year ago
I'd do the same for you daddy for real in a heartbeat!
1 year ago
good for you