Relaxing Lunch on June 22nd..

It was a stressful day at work, nothing crazy just busy as hell. All I could think about is going home to watch a couple vids online and relax on the couch. But i decide instead to try something i havent done, reach out to a professional. Someone told me about back page san diego, which is kind of like craigslist without all the bullshit "this add is flagged". I browsed in the rub down section and found someone close that could provide a nice rub down and happy ending. I made contact and set an appointment for later in the day. I drive over to this place off of the 8 freeway that was in an office building which i thought was odd.. This feels like the police and I am about to be on some CNBC special. I continue up to the 3rd floor and looking for suite 302. It had nothing on the door and Suite 302 may as well been written with a marker on the door. A seriously super fine girl opens the door; Nessa. She is who I was looking for. A mix between J Lo and Mika Tan. Nessa walks me into the back room which is empty except for a massage table and a table for candles and music player. She tells me it will be 80 for a half hour. I give her a 100 bill and she says she will be back with change. When she left all i could think of was cameras or police coming through the door. She told me to get undressed while she stepped out but I could not think of doing that because if I was going to get caught it was not going to be with my pants down. About 3 minutes later she walked back through the door and handed me my change and I felt i nice sigh of relief.
I got undressed and layed face down on the table. She put some oil in her hands and began to rub down my leg. Slowly massaging my leg from my ankle up to my thigh. She rubs down my other leg the same way. She then rub under my leg from my thigh up to my waist but gently touching my shaft as she did so. She then added oil and rubbed down my lower back and upper back. She leaned over and with her forearms rubbed the oil in my back. I could feel her tits on my back with every movement. She rubbed down my shoulders and arms again leaned over so that I could feel her breast on my back but this time her hair covered my head. She smelled great and her tits were so soft. She had not taken off one bit of clothing but I could feel every bit of her sweet body.
She asked me to turn over. Again she began to massage my legs rubbing a little harder now on my shin and thighs. She would rub from bottom to top each time caressing my dick with her hand. Just softly rubbing on my shaft. She then poured oil on my dick and began to slowly stoke it, while rubbing my balls. I immediately began to get aroused. I closed my eye so I could focus on her stroking every inch of me from top to bottom. I imagined my dick was in her mouth and it felt like it. My dick was fully erect and I could feel the intensity growing with each stroke. Before I really knew what was happening she climbed up on the table and sat right in front of me, forcing my legs wide open and sat my thighs up on her legs. She kept stroking my dick with both hands while leaning over and running her hair along my chest. She then took a firm grip of my dick in one hand began to stroke faster and faster. She reached up with the other hand to rub my chest. She starting to pinch and twist my nipple while she continued to stroke my cock. My cock was throbbing and hard as a fucken rock. Then she took the hand she was using to pinch my nipples and used it to begin rubbing my balls. She rotated from rubbing my balls and cock to using both hands to stroke my dick up and down. Although I was in total fucken bliss and felt like i as just about to cum, I thought to myself it would be nice to turn around and see someone sitting in a chair right next to me playing with their pussy. That was such a turn on to think about someone watching me get my dick stroked that i could feel my head throbbing and every stroke being more intense and my dick head becoming more sensative.. She leaned over and the top of me stroking my cock with two hands and I could feel her tits on my balls and thighs and I began to shoot my load every where. She continued to stroke my dick while i was cumming but it was too much to handle... I squeezed her waist between my thighs and reached up with both hands to grab her forearms because I could not take it any longer...
What a day & what a lunch...

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2 years ago
Nice...awesome lunch! lol Sounds like a lotta fun! =) And a mix between J Lo and Mika Tan you know that chick was effin HOT!