Showing my trust

It was the first time that I met my new master (Sir). We arrange to meet in London at a station, He told me that I had to bring with me my boots and leggings and the contract he had emailed me a week before.
I was getting nerves on the day we were meeting at 2pm and when I met him at the station he had the collar with a lead hanging down so I know that was my new master, I went over to him and said hi SIR, he then took me to the café where we chatted and signed the contract so now I belong to him, I was then told to go and get changed into the boots and leggings. When I returned Sir was having his lunch and I when to sit down he stopped me and said you have to ask to sit down. I asked permition to sit down which he granted me permission to sit. He then told me to put the collar on. After he finished his dinner he came round behind me and made sure the collar was on right and then he placed a padlock on it. He then attached the lead to it and told me to stand up. He then said that we are going shopping. So off we went to centre of London to Soho area where we went into a sex shop. He picked out a CB6000 and told me to ask the young lady behind the till if it was ok to put on in the shop where everyone can see. She then told me that I had to beg to the manager which she then agreed to but the it had to be the young girl to put it on, which Sir agreed to. It was very embarrassing to have a nice young girl lock your cock away Sir spoke to her and then she told me that I could not have the key and that it would be posted to Sir in due course.
After having my cock locked up now forever we then went shopping Sir got me to try on dresses and skirts and tops and coats, Afterwards after he got me to buy a new dress and coat he then got me to buy some heavy makeup. I thanked him very much for a lovely day but he said it was not over with yet he took me to a pub in Soho area he then told me to go to the toilets and get changed in to the new outfit and also have the makeup on. I was wondering why but then as Sir Slave I don’t have any thought on what he want me to do. When I came out of the toilets and saw sir he then told me that he wants me to put all my male stuff into the bag he had Which I did. He then went and padlocked it shut, he then told me he had brought the wrong padlock and left the keys at home and that he would have to go back and get it later. I thought that won’t be bad and that I could get changed on the way home so no one would see me but was I wrong sir had other ideas he gave me a handbag to use for the night, he then had a phone call and told me that He had a task for me to complete before I could get my stuff back. That would be ok I said and that I could still make the last train home. He then told me the task and by the way it was not about 2230 at night, he said that he had to go home and that he was going to take my stuff with me and that if I wanted it back I had to stay in London overnight dressed as his sissy slave, I had to walk around all night and in the hand bag was the place I had to meet him and he had gave me £10 he said that will be for a coffee if you want one. Then he left. What was going on I could just go home but then I did not have any money to get home, So I walk the streets of London that cold night dressed in a very sort dress that only come down just below my ass cheeks.

The next morning he meet me and gave my stuff back as he had promise and said that I had passed his test and that I was now his sissy slave. We then arranged to meet the following week to start the training.

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