b*****r comes home 2

He didn't know how often Amy had used this toy before, but it was clear that her cunt was still tight, as he increased the pressure to push the rubber cock further into her. He felt his own cock ripple with excitement, already matching the dildo in size, but not yet in warmth as he pressed it further inside of her. Gently he let the shaft slip inside his s****r as she lay back on her bed, her legs parted, welcoming his actions.

Matt let his free hand wander to his shorts, where already he could feel his cock reaching for the edge of the light material covering him. Gently slipping his hand along his left leg, he lifted his shorts, letting his cock slip out into the air. Almost immediately it sprung to attention, briefly brushing against Amy's leg as it did so. Matt took himself in hand, his right hand now pushing the dildo smoothly in and out of his s****r's pussy as his left hand began to imitate the action upon his own shaft.

Amy continued to moan lightly with each penetration, and soon her own hand reached down to rub against her clit as she enjoyed the sensation of the hard dildo slipping in and out of her. It was the first time she had ever felt something inside of her that was not in her own hand, and she could only begin to imagine the pleasure of a genuine cock slipping into her. She lay back now, her legs parted wide as she felt her b*****r pushing inside of her young wet pussy, and felt the pleasure of her own finger against her clit.

As she relaxed, Amy's head fell to the side and instantly in her view was the packet of condoms. The thought rushed instantly through her mind, and with her free hand she reached for them. Without speaking, she drew the packet to her mouth, biting through the cellophane wrapping, before handing the opened packet to her b*****r.

"What... you want a condom on it?" Matt asked, a little confused. Amy gave no response other than a light nod. Quickly he scrambled through the pack, pulling out a wrapper, instantly unveiling the condom inside of it, and positioning it in his hand ready to place it on. Slowly he withdrew the dildo from Amy's cunt as he prepared to cover it with the condom in his hand. But to his surprise, as he did so, Amy reached for it. Was she going to put it on?

Then, as she pulled the dildo from his hand, she sat herself up, resting again on her arms, and reached for his left arm. Instantaneously, he dropped the erection he had been caressing as she drew his arm towards her, but her mind was made up. As he dropped his cock, she too dropped his hand, this time reaching down for his now fully hardened erection.

"Oh here..." she whispered, nodding towards the condom and then his stiff cock.

Nervously, Matt responded, "You sure?"

Amy didn't respond. She reached again for his cock, this time sliding his shorts down past it, letting them fall to the floor. Matt needed no more encouragement than this as he began to prepare the condom to slide upon his thick helmet. As he did so, Amy guided his thighs to stand between her parted legs, his cock now hovering directly above her white panties. As the condom slipped over his shaft, Amy unhooked her bra from behind her back, letting it slide along her arms, and onto the bed beside her.

This time, as Matt moved towards his s****r with his cock fully prepared to enter her, it was she who moved aside her panties, once again revealing her now soaked pussy ready to enter. Once more he felt the pressure as he pushed the helmet against her lips, but this time he felt it more directly through his own cock as he prepared to penetrate her. Once more, he felt the tightness of her cunt as his shaft slipped gently inside of her, burying himself deep inside his young s****r. And once more he watched as her finger slipped to stroke against her clit.

Now, as he felt his cock moving more rapidly inside her, he watched as her hands explored her own body, one rubbing her clit, the other now starting to run slowly over her breasts. The pleasure began to build in each of them. Matt's movements became more rapid now, as did Amy's finger stroking across her clit. More frequently came her moans in the signs that Matt instantly recognised from his college conquests as a forthcoming orgasm. Amy too identified this, but it was entirely new to her. She had never felt this feeling before with a real cock inside of her, much less the cock of her b*****r.

As Matt buried himself deeper inside of her he felt her cunt gripping tightly around him as the pressure built in Amy. Then, with an unexpected rush, he felt her legs wrap around him as she groaned with pleasure, an orgasm overcoming her. This was his cue to unleash himself as once more he increased the pace of his penetrations allowing himself to shoot his load as he fucked her.

Eventually, the moment passed, Amy lay back on her bed, Matt still inside of her, smiling down at her near naked body. Gently he withdrew his cock from her pussy, slipping outside of her, a trail of cum streaking across her leg as he did so. Still smiling, he stepped back as his s****r raised herself once more onto her bed. Grinning back at him, she reached again for the dildo at her side.

"Don't think I'll need this any more," she smiled with a twinkle in her eye, dropping it to the bin.
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This story is even better thanks
5 years ago
Great ending to a wonderful story. Told in a very believable way, I loved it!
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cant wait to read more kepp up the good work
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gr8 story