Nurse Mom part 6

I was a little nervous, worried as to how she might be upon her return home that evening. Though much to my surprise, if anything, she was in a far better mood than she had been in, in several days now.

"Any plans for the weekend?" she'd asked, catching me off guard. The only thing I had really planned on doing, was spending as much of our remaining time in bed together as possible.

"Well sort a way," I said smiling, trying to let her know where my thoughts were at the moment. She grinned at that, as though reading my mind.

"Hold that thought," she teased back suggestively. "Val's bringing over dinner this evening, perhaps afterwards," she said putting me off, and disappointing me slightly on the one hand, but at least indicating we might indeed spend what precious little time we still had together after that.

It was one of the few times I wasn't looking forward to Valerie's visit, and hoped it would be a short one.

We had just finished eating some Chinese takeout as well as consuming several glasses of wine. We'd eaten in the living room in fact around the coffee table, now me relaxing on the sofa, my leg comfortably stretched out on the couch as mom and Val cleared away the dinner dishes and now empty boxes of food. I glanced irritably at my watch, it was already a quarter past eight, and I figured another good hour or more of conversation lay ahead before I could even hope to bury my prick inside mother's cunt.

I had sat there listening to the clatter of dishes being placed in the dishwasher in the kitchen, the sounds of their conversation, though low enough that I couldn't quite hear what was being said. But there then followed a brief moment or two of complete silence, and I knew then their conversation had taken on a whisper as they lowered their voices even more. I could only imagine now what it might be they were talking about.

An oddity perhaps was the swinging saloon like doors on the kitchen entryway leading back into the living room. Even as I sat there, I heard them open, and then swing back a very familiar, almost homey kind of sound to them. I looked over my shoulder expecting to see them both, which I did, but certainly in not the way that I could have ever expected, not in a million years at least! They were both...bare assed naked!

Words failed me. I didn't know what to say in fact, sitting there as I later realized I was, with my mouth open, surprise to say the least permanently imprinted within my face.

"Surprise!" Mom said with an awkward shyness I had never seen before.

"You're telling me...what's going on anyway?" I asked, though my interest and been genuinely peaked at this point.

"As I'm sure you already know Brian, there isn't anything I feel uncomfortable discussing or sharing with Val," she began, confirming what I'd long suspected anyway. But even knowing that, I was still in a state of shock at seeing her best friend just as naked as she was.

And it's not like I hadn't entertained a few thoughts about her, along with the twins either. I had. But those were, and had remained, simple erotic self-indulgent fantasies, and not anything I ever thought I would actually see come to life, though I had of course fooled around briefly with each one of the twins. Still...this.

"I thought, this might be a good way to sort of end things as I've told you they must," she told me, actually sounding sad about it, and not without some misgivings, though her frown brightened as she turned towards Val who stood there looking at me almost hungrily. "And believe it or not Brian, this was my idea, though Val had long ago confided in me, that she wouldn't mind bedding you herself if the opportunity to do so ever arose. it has, IF you're interested that is," she asked curiously.

Val was almost the exact opposite of my mother in many ways. She was much taller for one, light skinned, having what they then called as being a dishwater blonde, more blonde than light brown perhaps. Additionally, she held to the more traditional styles of their age group, her pussy unlike mothers was neatly, though closely shaved, whereas mom's was entirely bare, a bit of a novel surprise when I'd first discovered that in fact. But like mom, she too had nice-sized breasts, nipples a bit more pink, though with cherry tips that I noticed were extremely hard and well erect.

I sat there looking at the two of them as they stood side-by-side. What was I going to say? That what I was now looking at didn't appeal to me?

"I am," I said with a grin on my face a mile wide at this point, and an erection that was rapidly growing inside my pants.

"See? I told you he wouldn't say no," mom turned smiling at her friend, who's somewhat worried, nervous expression now bloomed into a smile just as big as mine was.

"So Val," I said as I stood up, hobbling on one leg briefly, pulling down my pants, allowing the hardness of my arousal to briefly be seen pressing through my shorts. "Knowing that I've been fucking my other mother didn't weird you out?" I now asked, doing so as to being curious as to her thoughts for one thing, but also knowing, guessing perhaps, that as mom seemed to enjoy it, discussing dirty, decadent topics, they seemed to heighten her own arousal level. I wondered if doing that, might accomplish the same thing with her as well.

She nodded her head, smiled and spoke. "At first yes...I wasn't shocked really, just surprised. Obviously you have from time to time been the topic of conversation, but long before any of this happened," she honestly stated. "And because your mother and I have always been so close, with nothing that either one of us has ever kept from one another, I could quite comfortably tell her about my long held fantasies about fucking you, which I've obviously told her about in the past. So...imagine my surprise, when she told me, she'd been doing just that herself," Val finished as she and mom now moved over towards the couch, flanking me. "After she explained to me that this would more or less be your last weekend together, she then told me she wanted to do something particularly special in doing all that. Which is when she asked me, if I'd be interested in surprising you...with the two of us."

"Well, you've most certainly done that mother," I smiled kissing her, and then Valerie as the two of them stood to either side of me, each of their hands now fondling my prick. They then slowly eased me back down to the couch after removing the rest of my clothing. Situated there on the floor between my legs, I now watched, and then felt as two tongues and two pairs of lips began to seduce my shaft, kissing, licking and sucking it almost magically.

Mom knew through previous experience, I was good for at least two, sometimes three orgasms myself during the course of an evening. The first one always coming the quickest perhaps, for obvious reasons. But the second, and certainly the third, always took me a lot longer to reach, and quite naturally afforded mom the necessary time and pleasure that she herself also sought.

Needless to say, I wasn't too worried as I sat there, selfishly reveling in the sensation of the two of them mouthing and sucking my cock together, enjoying the view, watching them, occasionally reaching over, fondling and caressing their tits as they did so.

"You have a gorgeous cock!" Val breathlessly moaned at one point, sucking it, and then kissing my own mother with my shaft sandwiched between the two of them as they did that. I nearly came, just by seeing them doing that.

"Thank you," I moaned weakly, shyly...commenting on both of their exquisitely nude forms, looking forward now, very much fucking them both, though there were of course other thoughts now racing through my mind. I wondered...

"OK, I have to ask. If the two of you are this comfortable being nude in front of one another, something tells me, this isn't the first time you have either."

They looked over at one another briefly, a sudden agreement and acknowledgement passing between them as they did that, as one, they turned back around facing me, smiles on each of their faces. "Obviously...we have yes," Valerie said first, mom following up on that.

"Val and I...for years now, every once in a while, well...shall we say, got together?" she said somewhat embarrassed at the omission, though Val seemed even more aroused by the confession of it as she went back to joyfully stroking my cock, even rubbing the head of it against the side of my mother's face as she spoke. "I didn't see it as really cheating..." she then explained as though needing to, for obviously this particular activity had been going on ever since the two of them had gone to college together, if not before then. "We're not lesbians," she then added, as though needing to say that for some reason.

"Didn't say you were, or that it was necessary for you to explain yourself either mom," I assured her. "I know how it was...with you and dad," I said letting her know that I'd always known she had not had the kind of love and affection in her life that she'd always wanted and hoped for. Val had given her a little comforting compassion in that over the course of the years, and I of all people wasn't about to judge either one of them for it either.

Shortly after that, I settled back into the seat of the couch, enjoyed the double tonguing I was given, and watched excitedly as they fed one another my wildly spraying cock when I came.

I enjoyed the pleasures of each, one riding my dick, the other sitting on my face as I ate them out, bringing them both to pleasure that way first, and then fucking them again where I too enjoyed the pleasure of another climax, thrusting in one, and then out, into the other, laying side by side, teasing them as well as myself mercilessly as I eventually came that way, one spurt inside mom, the next one in Val, until I had fully spent myself simultaneously in each.

I sat back after that, recovering, recuperating, as the two of them then showed me how they had so many times over the years, enjoyed the pleasures of one another.


That had been a very wild and satisfying night to be sure. The following night, mom had come to me in my room and we hadn't left it all day Sunday, almost lazily fucking one another, long into the night when I could no more have gotten it up, than flown to the moon.

True to her word, when the cast came off Monday, and I could easily walk about again, though there would still be a bit of rehabilitation ahead of me, mom was adamant about what she's said earlier. What we'd enjoyed and shared together would always remain special, another time in another place. But it was now time for each one of us to move on. She promised to start dating again, if I did. Something we both came to agreement on. And though I was a tiny bit jealous when she actually did start dating, I was happy for her. She needed a fulltime companion in her life once again. Someone who would love her, and finally give her the things she honestly needed and deserved out of life. Something that even as her son, I knew I could never fully give her myself.

As for myself, strangest of things. Perhaps because of Valerie perhaps, I had taken to spending more time in visits with not only her, but the twins. Karen and Sharon had always been something of an enigma to me. I had for years liked them both, I mean after all, they were identical in every way, much as I'd seen anyway, which wasn't nearly as much as I'd always wanted to. That soon changed after all this, and rather quickly too for some oddball reason, which I'd always wondered about.

A little over a year later, I actually married Sharon. Though what no one else except for my mother, and Valerie of course knew, was that I'd essentially married Karen as well. We'd spent our wedding night, the three of us together. There were times when Sharon and I had gone out together as a couple to friend's places for dinner, or functions at work I was required to attend. It was quite often during those times, when it was actually Karen who attended those with me, assuming the identity of her own s****r, something that the two of them could so easily, and so convincingly do.

And during those nights that we shared our lives together, seeing the two of them sharing an intimate love in ways I could only before now imagine, even that as wildly erotic as it was, it could never quite compare to the intimately loving relationship I had once known with my mother as she'd nursed me back to health.

But...the twins certainly kept things interesting, with no regrets, but that as they say, is another story.
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A great story soo well written. Thanks.
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That story is hot.. can't wait for the nex part.
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very nice series TY
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Excellent series. Well written and ending with a twist. You have a talent... keep it up!
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Very entertaining and well written
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This has been one of the best series I have read. You have a definite gift in your writing skills. Thanks.
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