Nurse Mom part 5

I was about to learn something new about my mother that I didn't know until now. Her breasts, particularly her nipples were extremely sensitive, and almost seemed to have a direct link to her clit, like a thrown switch as I lay there playing with them.

"Harder Brian, harder!" she begged me as I pinched them, pulled on them, and almost cruelly twisted them between my fingers. As I did that, she got hotter, wetter, the squishy sounding juices of her pussy suddenly increasing as she cried out her delirious pleasure. I literally lifted her breasts up and away from her rib-cage, holding them just by her nipples, feeling the weight of each heavy within my hands. I jiggled them then, still pulling, watching her tit flesh bounce up and down erotically, almost obscenely as she now thrashed about even more wildly, sitting on me, still grinding herself against and upon the impalement of my shaft.

"You like the feel of my hard fucking cock inside you, don't you mother?" I asked in the lustiest tone of voice I could manage. She moaned, deeply, wantonly upon hearing that.


"You like the way I'm pulling on your tits, squeezing your nipples, torturing them don't you?" I asked again, shoving upwards, driving my cock into her with as much f***e as I could, once again shaking her breasts.

"Yes! Yes! Oh god yes!" She wailed loudly, and then adding. "Slap them baby, slap them. Slap my fucking titties!"

I did so, though not too strongly at first, just enough to give a pleasurable sting to her extended taut nipples, feeling the little bud as my hand came across with just enough f***e to pleasurably tap it as my hand came by.

"Again, harder!" she encouraged me. "Harder Brian, harder!"

I slapped her again, this time connecting even more fully with the fullness of her breast, still feeling her aroused nipple as it bore the brunt of my strike, timing yet another lunge inside her as I did that, crashing the head of my prick against the opening of her womb. The pleasured grunt of a mixed pleasure/pain expelling the air in her lungs.

"Fuck!" She cried out again, "Yes fuck, again...again...again!"

The storm outside had long since passed, but the thunderclaps of my hands against her breasts, the slap of flesh meeting flesh in a furious crescendo of our own violent storm continued to fill the night. Her scream of pleasure as loud as any crack of lightning, the sudden torrent of rain that poured from her pussy surprising us both, wetting the sheets as I likewise loosed my own brand of warm thick snow inside the garden of her delight. My climax the rumbling exclamation point to her cunt's throbbing, slowly reverberating spasms, that like rolling thunder, seemed to continue on in wave after glorious wave.


She was still lying comfortably by my side in the morning, the smell of the air fresh now filling the room from the night before. But it was the still intoxicating aroma of her body that woke me, already stirring the desire between my legs once more as I held her.

I reached down, parting the petals of her sex, my finger gingerly, lightly sliding upwards towards her still sl**ping clit. She moaned, perhaps still dreaming, though slowly coming awake now as I continued to gently finger my mother's cunt.

"We talk," she said though she made no effort to dislodge my hand, my fingers as I now collected her clit between them, pulling on it, though not quite as f***efully as I had her hard nipples. "Later..." she then added, sighing heavily, once again rolling over to straddle me, this time with it being her suggestion. Now in the fullness of daylight, seeing her magnificent body, her nipples once again stiffening of their own accord, her hand clasping my turgid prick, pointing it at the opening of her sex. She smiled wickedly, guiding it upwards and into herself once more.

We had fucked slowly this time, without the sense of urgency as we'd done the night before. Mom sat astride my shaft, riding me effortlessly, at times caressing her own breasts, far more gingerly, perhaps a bit tender still, though I teased the nip-tips with my own saliva coated fingers bringing them relief.

It was fun, erotic, watching her reaching down between her legs, fingering and toying with her own hard little clit as I slid in and out of her depths, watching her as she frigged herself, moaning softly, far more quietly until climaxing soon after, her shudders almost too soft, her mewls of delight almost a whisper as though fearing to wake up the sun which had not quite as yet appeared fully over the horizon.

Long before I was there myself, she extricated her deliciously soft pussy from my prick, now sliding down on the bed next to me, taking it between her hands, her lips soon surrounding it, tasting the combined sweetness of her recent spending and my own more than abundant lubrications.

I was already close enough as it was, having so recently been inside that sweet slippery wet passage of my mother's cunt. Feeling her lips gently nipping, sucking, and teasing the head of my super-sensitive prick, I nearly lost it then. She delayed the inevitable, though only briefly, tonguing that sweet spot, the helmet of my prick, now mouthing it, somehow pinching it between her lips, gently chewing it, sucking it, and then licking it once again. Even that was too much however, and I felt the surge of my spunk suddenly skyrocket up the length of my shaft. Feeling the head of my dick swell, pulsate, she sucked me fully and completely, drawing out each succeeding spurt of my cum into her mouth, down her throat as she fought to keep up, swallowing my nectar as I nearly drowned her in the process.

Gasping, drained, almost delirious, she continued to softly, gently lick me, teasing the tiny eye opening of my penis with her tongue as though attempting to fuck it herself. Even as she did that, slathering more kisses, licks and tickles upon my spent member, she spoke.

"Brian, listen to me. And don't speak...please baby, just listen. Once you're well, on your feet again, and out on your own...this," she paused, struggling with it, the emotions running wild as she half choked before continuing. "We...have to stop," she then told me, meaning it. "But until then..." she added, now looking up to smile at me, almost imploringly so. "Until that time..."

I didn't let her finish, I'm not sure she could have anyway. I merely nodded my head in acquiescence of that, for the first time since the accident, now wishing my still somewhat long recovery might even be further delayed.


We spent every night together after that making love. Two weeks later, one cast coming off my arm entirely, the other recast, but in a much more moveable one that permitted much better use of my arms. I was actually more grateful for that, as the severity of the broken leg still hampered my mobility enough to keep me in bed most of the time, though we did manage to get me up sitting in a chair, or come bath time, making it far more easier to do that.

I was honestly too young to remember her bathing me as a c***d, though she told me of course that she had, telling me one such story as I hobbled on one leg with her supporting me, into the bathroom in order to do just that.

She had already started running the bath as I sat on the toilet seat, mom kneeling on the bathmat on the floor, wrapping my leg up in a garbage sack in some attempt at keeping the cast from getting too wet. After she had finished taping it, sealing it as securely as she could, I stood, letting her help me ease down inside the tub, dr****g my casted leg over the edge, resting it comfortably on a likewise garbage sack covered pillow.

She was wearing nothing more than a loose fitting robe, naked beneath it. The hint of her full breasts peeking out at me from time to time as she reached over, using the wash-cloth in her hand to soap me off with, as well as rinsing my skin.

"Been a long time since I've done this," she smiled reflectively.

"Yes it has," I responded pleasurably, no longer hiding the fact that even this simple of contact between us, could fail to arouse and excite me. Already my cock was beginning to stiffen, the head of it already breaking the surface like a periscope from a submarine. She laughed upon seeing that.

"That reminds me..." she began. "When you were so little, before you even really realized that you had something between your legs, discovering it for the first time, unashamedly touching it, holding it exploring it as I washed you. It was a natural thing for you to do of course, so I said nothing, and even tried not to look at you as you did so, but then hearing you ask me about it, forcing my attention back to it," she laughed remembering.

"What did I say?" I asked curiously, as even then I felt mom's hand sink below the surface, her fingers now gripping the hardened length of my shaft.

"You asked me why it felt good whenever you touched it, and why it always got bigger whenever you did."

I grinned smiling back at her looking down at myself, "You mean like now?" She laughed with me, still remembering.

"Yeah, only I certainly didn't do this," she laughed back, purposely stroking it now, her hand making waves in the tub as she caressed my prick, working it up and down.

"What did you say?" I asked, curious, the slightly decadent sensation of her working my prick, remembering the past, giving the entire experience a rather naughty edge to it.

"I'm not sure I remember it exactly," she began. "But I think I remember telling you that one day, when you were all grown up and a man, you'd find out why...or something along those lines anyway," she grinned pleasurably.

"And now that I am?" I giggled almost boyishly, I'm finding out something else too," I then told her.

"Oh? And what is that?" she asked blushing a bit girlishly.

"Just how beautiful and sexy, my very own mother is!" I announced, reaching over, freeing one of her magnificent tits, thumbing the nipple, causing her to gasp as I did so.

"Stop that! You're going to get me all wet!" She said half-jokingly. I reached over, taking the hand-held shower spray out of the holder, threatening to use it on her. She quickly grabbed it however, almost falling into the tub on top of me as she did, though managing to take it away, and then actually pointing it towards me. I dared her to do so, though giving her a completely different target in doing so, now sharing with her yet another wicked little secret.

"Can't tell you the number of times I actually used that to pleasure myself with," I freely admitted. I watched her blush, though not in hearing me tell her that, but when she responded in kind, answering back.

" too!" She giggled.

Suddenly the thought of that, brought a jolt to my cock, it twitched and throbbed of its own accord, making waves once again in the tub as I sat there thinking about it.

"Fuck I'd love to see that," I told her without reservation, honestly hoping she might.

Once again she laughed, trying to distance herself from the subject perhaps, "Oh yeah I'm going to masturbate right here in front of you," she stated.

"I will...if you will," I replied.

She looked at me hesitantly, surprise clearly etched within her face. She blushed even more profusely than she had been, stammering somewhat as she responded.

"I', ah, I've...always wanted to see a man doing that," she found her voice, freely admitting it. "Tried getting your father..." but then she choked off the rest of the sentence. It wasn't necessary though, as I reached down, grasping my cock in my own hand, and began working it.

"Show me..." I asked her again. "Show me how you use this," I then said handing her the showerhead.

She allowed the robe she'd been wearing to fall down around her feet on the floor, moments later reaching into the tub, pulling the drain on the bath water. The tub was certainly large enough to allow her to step in, which she did, standing at one end, straddling me, facing me as she stood there.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this," she told me as she turned on the spray, adjusting it to the pulsating beat she no doubt preferred feeling. I lay there at the opposite end of the tub, one leg still comfortably dangling over the edge, the water sufficiently having drained now to more fully expose my entire prick as I fondled it with my hand, watching mom. She reached down, spreading herself with her fingers, applying the soft pulsating spray of the water against herself, the tickling spray caressing and teasing her clit. I could see by the screwed up look in her face she was feeling the intensity of the water's pulsating pleasure against her pussy.

"Fuck that's hot!" I freely admitted, looking up at her as she opened her eyes looking down towards me. She turned the nozzle away from herself then, pointing it down, adjusting the spray to a more focused point, and then used it to bathe my cock with. I let go with my hands, enjoying the sensation as she stood there. My prick wildly being tossed about, back and forth, the water beating against it like a drum.

"So does that!" she exclaimed, her hand reaching up to her breast, grasping her nipple, rolling it as she continued to hold onto the shower nozzle, aiming it at me.

"Damn good thing we didn't have one of these when I was a k**, I'd have never gotten out of the tub!" I told her.

She laughed at that, once again turning it back on herself, "I know what you mean, bad enough you discovered the faucet," she said now honestly shocking me, catching me off guard.

"You knew, saw me? Doing that?" I then asked, wildly curious, once again the decadent nature of it sending a surge of renewed excitement coursing through my hard stiff prick.

"More than once," she admittedly openly. "I once opened the door just to peek in, see how you were doing, and saw you kneeling there with your hard little cock beneath the spray of the faucet, I knew then you'd probably do that every time it came time for your bath, and sure did. I knew after that, once you'd discovered the joys of masturbation, there was no holding you back either," she giggled excitedly as she once again turned the attention of the water spray back towards me.

"And don't laugh, but after I saw you doing that, I had to try it myself, and soon did so. Discovered what you had already found out, which took me nearly twenty years to learn for myself, just how good the water could feel pounding away against my pussy!"

"Fuck!" I cried out, feeling the pleasure, my dick being bandied about by the water, the warmth of it caressing, though not quite as nicely as the feel of mom's cunt surrounding it, and I told her so. "I want to be in you, I need to be in you, fucking you," I now told her.

Within minutes we were out of the tub quickly drying ourselves off. Up until now, the only way we had fucked had been with me lying on my back. Now...looking at her as she lifted her leg, resting it on the toilet seat in order to dry herself off, a new thought came to me. I could now stand easily on my foot, just not walk on it, I smiled inwardly, coming up from behind her as she switched legs. She turned in surprise at the feel of my rock hard prick resting against her ass, nestling in between the valley of her cheeks.

She stood up, somewhat leaning over, holding onto the anchored towel rack. I stepped even more fully up behind her, felt the head of my dick enter, and then slide easily in to that hot slick passage between her legs. Each of us looking into the full-length mirror, the erotic vision of the two of us standing there, me behind, her breasts gently swaying back and forth, rocking with each thrust. We moved ever so slightly, now enjoying the additional view as my cock slid in and out of her. I purposely pulled it all the way out several times, my prick tip disengaging, before plunging back in, hilting her each and every time. She gasped, the exquisite shock of each unique impalement almost taking her breath away. Her tits, heavy, free swinging to and fro, back and forth, even spinning in circles as we fucked, added an even more erotic element to our coupling.

"Oh yeah baby yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt, fuck my pussy baby...fuck me, fuck me...FUCK ME!"

I loved hearing her scream as she came. The look on my mother's face, that vulnerable moment of sweet ecstasy as we lose all sensibility and decorum in that blissful moment of pure pleasure. Still sliding in and out of her as she came down from her high, she felt as well as heard the onrush of my own pending release.

"Let me see you squirt, come on my back," she half begged me. Still looking at ourselves in the mirror now, two reflections of pleasure looking back, eyes watching as I slid in one more time, felt the onrush of ejaculation, pulling out totally, resting my cock against her ass, thrusting there as the eruption of sperm flew from my prick tip in several amazing, far reaching squirts of my spunk well up onto her back, one or two well over her shoulder in fact, as I ground out the last few pleasured spasms directly onto and then into the crack of my mother's ass.


For the next three weeks I swam, and a sea of bliss. I woke up every morning with mom by my side, now mobile enough to roll over and mount her, though most often she preferred sitting on me, or occasionally fucking doggy-style, particularly if we positioned ourselves there on the bed so we could watch one another in the mirror.

I had now gotten one cast off my arm entirely, the other more of a short wrist brace that I could at least remove from time to time as I built up my strength again, though the rehabilitation I was going through had been a slow and painful process. But not nearly as painful as the realization that was slowly approaching. Mom's insistence, though I had argued against it insistently, once I was well enough to be out on my own again, that what we'd been enjoying so delightfully, would come to an abrupt halt. I had trouble with her reasoning, but if I pressed the issue too much, she would threaten me with ending things right there and then. So I gave up trying, hoping that perhaps when the dreaded day did finally come, she would miss it just as much as I knew I would.

Or so I hoped anyway.

I had already cancelled and postponed one appointment to have new x-rays taken of my leg, and the removal of my walking cast. Half tempted to break it again if I had to, though told that I'd already come damn close to never being able to walk right again because of it. All I could do was now hope for the best and see where things went after that.

I knew for a fact that my leg felt pretty good, and that come Monday, the cast would no doubt come off. When it did...things would end, or so I still believed anyway, with the continued insistence from mom that it must. All I could do, was take advantage of what little time we had left, two more days over the weekend together, and I was bound and determined to do just that. Mom's mood had taken on a decidedly curious edge to it as well, she's been a bit more aloof and distant over the past few days, a concern which had bothered me with less than two days remaining. I was sure then that she was considering bringing things to an abrupt end now before even Monday arrived.

On Friday, she had gone out to spend the day with her friend Valerie, I half wondered if she might mention anything, say anything to her...about us. They had always been close, remarkably so throughout the years, and I knew there was very little mom hadn't shared with her then. Things about my dad, the problems they'd had with one another during the course of their marriage. Val had noticed the change in my mom's behavior, even once bringing it up in front of me when she came over for a visit, to see how I was doing, as well as to see how my mother was holding up.
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