Into the moonlight

When I got the phone call from my s****r that our parents were getting a divorce I was definitely not ready for it, seriously who could be? I knew they argued a lot but I attributed that to them having been together for so many years. My mom got pregnant with me when they were only 17 and they were married soon afterwards. I was 25 when I got that phone call and I'm 35 now, putting mom and dad just into their 50's.

My mother is still an attractive woman, she is short, standing just 5'2 but she has a nice soft look to her. Her hips are wide but not flabby and her breasts are still full but time has naturally taken its toll. Her hair is short and silvered, that happened since the divorce. She spends a lot of time visiting her s****rs on the other side of the state just to stay busy and probably to enjoy a feeling of f****y. My s****r lives in California and hasn't been home for many, many years. At the time of the divorce she knew more about the situation than I did and she is the only one who is in touch with our dad.

I'll admit that I don't go to visit my mom as often as I should, but since I live between her and her s****rs with all the traveling she does we bump into each other at least once a month for dinner or a quick lunch when I'm out of the office. I don't see my dad at all, he sends a card once in a blue moon but whatever it was that happened between them it was enough for them to cut off contact completely. It hurt a lot to see that happen but honestly, and I know it isn't right, that hurt has turned into anger and I'm not sure I would speak to him again if he bothered to call. This ten-year ball of emotion and my mom's struggle to return to a normal life is what has consumed us since that awful day.

I was trying to figure out the best way to skate out of work yesterday afternoon when my mother called to say she was again passing through to see one of my aunts and wanted to get together. I felt bad that I couldn't but the first week of a new year is weird at my office. There isn't much going on, everyone leaves early, but there is a strict rule that one person from every department must be in place at all times. As luck would have it, it was my turn to stay in and watch the phone not ring. I still got out around 3pm but my mom was already through town. We agreed to get together on Sunday when she was going back home.

We had a winter storm forecasted for Sunday so my mother left pretty early to beat the weather, luck was not in her favor though. As anyone who lives near the Great Lakes knows there is nothing accurate with predicting how soon, how much, or where our weather will affect us. By the time she called me to buzz her into the building there were several inches of dense, wet snow packing onto the ground. I gave her a big hug, kiss on the cheek, and got the normal lecture about how clean my place is, or isn't which was usually the case. I made some pasta and we ate and talked about the f****y but by the time we were done and she was checking the window to see the roads it was clear she wasn't going anywhere soon. The news had numerous road closures and it was inevitable that a weather emergency was going to be declared soon so nobody would be allowed out.

I wouldn't want my mom driving in that stuff to begin with, but there are inherent problems that come along with putting someone up for the night that is completely unexpected. I reassured her it was no problem and changed the sheets so she could sl**p in my bed and I grabbed a blanket and pillow to make the best of the couch. We still had plenty of time to kill before it got dark so we popped in a few movies and just relaxed until it was time for bed. I could tell that hanging out with me so casually was making her a little emotional, we had been close when I was younger but now that she was single and not living with anyone to be around her k**s all grown up really buried her under the emotions she was locking up inside. I gave her a long hug and kissed her cheek before going to sl**p on the couch and I put the thoughts of her unease out of my mind.

I woke up just after midnight with a raging urge to piss and I more or less sl**p walked into the bathroom and let loose before staggering back to get some sl**p. If I could go back to this moment I would be torn to decide between the decision I u*********sly made and what I would have consciously made. Naturally I'm not used to sl**ping on my own couch so on instinct I walked back into my bedroom and slipped into bed. My mother, who always slept on the left side of the bed when she was married, was already there with the right side wide open. In my hazy head I didn't even notice she was there and immediately rolled onto my side and fell into a deep sl**p.

I woke up again a few hours later and almost screamed aloud when I realized I was spooned up against my mom in my own bed. We were both lying on our left sides and I had my right arm d****d under her arm with my hand flat on her left breast. I was completely erect and my cock was pressed right into the small of her back. How she didn't wake up when I jerked awake was beyond me but I got out of the bed as quickly as I could and went back into the bathroom to drink some cold water to bring me back to reality. I stared at myself in the mirror and racked my brain for an answer for what had happened but unfortunately all I could think about was the soft breast I had cupped and the warm body I had been lying with.

I shook my head and went back into the front room and struggled to slow down my mind enough to actually drift to sl**p. Right about the time I was going out I felt my arm shake and I groggily looked up to see my mom bent toward me shaking my shoulder. She had on her nightgown which was surprisingly thin, so thin in fact I could tell there was no bra (didn't think of that before) and if she had on panties it was a question mark.

"Hey, wake up, wake up" she was whispering loud enough to get a response.

"Mom? What's wrong? What is it?" I shifted a little and started to sit up thinking something was happening.

"It's cold out here; you should come back to bed."

"I'm fine mom, this blanket is warmer than it looks ... I'll be okay. Get some sl**p, you have a long drive ahead of you tomorrow and the weather sucks."

"It's too cold to be out here with just a blanket honey, you should come back to bed with me. It's warm there and after all it is your bed." She was still shaking my shoulder and I could see her breasts sway gently as she did. I wondered after the fact if that was in purpose but at the time I was just drawn to their motion.

I wanted to go with her if only to wake up with someone warm next to me, despite the fact it would be my mom. At the same time however I didn't want to embarrass myself by getting another erection against my mother's back. She lifted the blanket and took my hand and started to pull me up while the debate in my head went slowly back and forth.

"Come back to bed with me" was all she said and with almost no regard for my own willpower I found myself standing up and following her into my bedroom hands still together.

She led me to the right side and I sat down on the edge facing her. She looked great in that flimsy nightgown and I thought to myself what the hell my dad's problem could've possibly been with such an attractive woman. She lifted my chin and kissed my forehead before walking around to the other side of the bed and sitting on the opposite side facing away from me. I lay down and got as far as I could comfortably go away from her so it wasn't obvious to her I was becoming attracted to her but I found out that really didn't matter much.

It was dark of course, but there was enough light for me to see her pull her gown from her shoulders before standing up to let it fall loosely to the floor. She was indeed wearing no bra and the small white panties she had on made her look much younger than her 52 years. She quickly sat back down and got under the covers as she lay down on her side facing me. For my part I was staring at her in complete disbelief. She smiled at me timidly and I thought for a second how insecure she must be and what a huge risk this whole thing was for us as adults and f****y members.

"You don't want to snuggle up like before?" she whispered.

Up until that moment I had just assumed she was being motherly and didn't want her son to sl**p on a couch with just a blanket to keep him warm. I realized that she had said "come back to bed" more than once and had just now said "snuggle up like before." My mom knew I had climbed into bed with her and if she was aware of that then she was aware of the reaction my body had while we were sl**ping close to one another.

She scooted toward me a foot or so, taking up the center part of the bed. She was still facing me but all I could see was her face and the top of her shoulders. Her skin looked so smooth and warm it drove me insane not to reach out and touch her.

"Mom ... I ..." I really couldn't say anything other than mumbling and stammering.

"Sweetie, it's okay. It's a cold night and I just don't want to be alone." I don't know if she sniffled or just had an itch in her nose but there was no choice left for me. How do you say 'no' to your own mother especially when she is upset and has been through so much? And naked, she was naked too.

As I turned onto my side and sidled over to her she rolled to face away from me. She sighed when our bodies made contact and she lifted her top arm to allow me to hold her tightly, which I did. I pressed my chest into her back but I brought my knees up to the back of her thighs to keep my cock from digging into her back now that it was uncovered by the gown.

"Take off your shirt honey, it's scratchy."

I sat up in bed and lifted my shirt up and over my head and threw it into the corner of the room. While I was doing this my mother lay on her back and pulled the covers down to her stomach, letting her smooth full breasts display in the barely lit room. She was either cold or very turned on, that much was apparent and when I looked down it was obvious how I felt about the situation as well.

"Now your sweats, I don't know how you sl**p in those."

I slipped my arms under the covers and laid down flat on my back and lifted my hips up to slip them off when I saw my mom inching closer to me as I did it. By the time I got them down around my ankles she was right next to me with her warm skin pressing into my left side. I had flipped my sweats off my ankles onto the floor next to me when my mom propped herself up on her elbow and watched me waiting for a chance to have my full attention.

"Do you think I'm still pretty?"

"Mom ... yeah mom you're still a very attractive woman."

"Do you think men will still like me even though I'm older?"

"Huh? Uh, yeah, I know men will still like you, you're really not that old ya know?"

I couldn't help stealing a glance down to her breasts while we whispered back and forth. Her nipples were sticking out obscenely and I noticed the dark tan aureoles on her breasts were a perfect size. I didn't say it before, but my mom has killer breasts for a woman her age. They must have been magnificent when she was my age or younger because they still had a great shape to them and the sagging they endured just made them look fuller. Her stomach was soft and smooth, not flabby or bulky and it merged with her round hips and legs seamlessly.

"You're very sweet honey, thank you." And with that she leaned up and kissed me half on the cheek and half on the mouth. She didn't linger or push for more, just a sexy kiss in a completely inappropriate way.

I rolled onto my side to face her and she pushed me to lie on my back again. Once I was back in place she put her head on my shoulder and ran her hand up over my stomach and rested it on my chest. She was purring slightly as she ran her fingers over my skin and I could feel her breasts pushing against me. She knew what she was doing, we both did, but I still didn't want to make an outright move on her just in case there was some other reason this was happening. Her body was fidgeting under the covers but since she had my focus on her hands and breasts I didn't notice it until I felt the satiny wisp of cloth drag against my thigh. She took her hand from my chest and dug it under the covers only to bring it back up and in seemingly slow motion tossed her panties onto the floor then replaced her hand on my chest.

I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my boxers and flipped them down to the cooing approval of the woman next to me. She was smiling big now and I turned my head to see her exposed flesh as it rested above the covers and against my body. I couldn't believe I was in this position and I didn't know how I had missed appreciating my mother's body up until now. I had noticed it in passing from time to time, but until tonight it was just 'mom' and you went about your day.

She was still purring as she continued to run her hand up and down my chest and stomach. Her left leg made its way up onto my own and I felt the warmth and wetness of her body as it pushed into my thigh. She stopped her light moans and it got very still as her hand made its way to where the covers were pulled back right above my navel. I sense her nervousness and I'm sure she could sense my own. I was completely erect long ago and there was just a fold of a sheet and blanket between my mothers hand my cock. Her breathing increased but she didn't move her hand down past the covers – it just stayed in place and didn't move.

I sat up enough to get my left arm under her to hold her in the crook of my arm with my hand caressing her smooth back. Her skin was cool to the touch as I'm sure mine was thanks to being uncovered in the cold night. She snuggled in closer to my body and moved up a little closer so that her head was rested on my shoulder and her face in the nook of my neck. She was breathing heavily and working her body into mine as we squeezed together closer. On occasion her thigh would creep over enough to tap into the side of my cock before jerking back and resting on top my leg. Our little wriggling continued until the urge to kiss overcame us both.

I was still looking down to see what I could when my mother tipped her face toward mine and I turned into toward her. Our lips brushed lightly against together once, twice, and then on the third pass they stayed locked together. She didn't open her mouth but just pressed her lips into mine and brought her left hand up to my caress my cheek. As soon as her hand came up I reached up to her breast and ran my fingers on the soft flesh along the side of her body. She renewed the intensity on my lips and her left leg came up to pin my cock against my body as her leg covered over top of me. I could feel her wetness on my thigh as she leaned into me fully and began to slowly but f***efully grind her body into me. She began to kiss me quickly now, numerous pecks working from my mouth down to my neck and back up.

I had one hand on the small of her back, pushing in unison with her gyrations and the other gently massaging her left breast as it rested on my chest. Eventually through the motion and kneading her tight little nipple came free and I immediately pinched it between my thumb and index finger. I twisted and pulled it gently as I squeezed it which drew a tight squeeze of my left leg between my mother's thighs. She stopped kissing me as I tortured her nipple and just held her head just out of reach as I looked up and saw the pain and pleasure on her face. She had one hand under my head and the other planted on my pillow over my right shoulder giving me better access to her breast as my attention to her nipple continued. She was groaning, moaning, and writhing herself against me now and the foreplay was driving me up a wall.

After a particularly loud moan I brought my left hand up to the back of her head and simultaneously opened my mouth and pressed it over her own. Immediately her tongue entered my mouth and we began twisting our tongues together in a warm, wet embrace. I let go over her nipple while we made out and brought both hands up to the sides of her breasts, pushing her slowly up onto me completely. My cock was still pinned under her thigh against my body and I desperately wanted to grab it to build up a little more pressure. As our kisses got wetter and harder she eventually shifted on top of me with a long soft moan into my mouth. My cock sprang free and rested back against her ass as she lay atop me.

She had both hands on my pillow now above my shoulders and her breasts were crushed between us as we continued the deep twisting kisses with our mouths. My mother was a hell of a kisser and again I thought about what possible reason my father would have for leaving her. She was alternating a tongue swirl with a little flurry of open mouth pecks on my lower lip and neck. She would occasionally bite my lip or lick my cheek from my mouth to my ear and I almost shot my load the first time she did it.

I had to feel her wonderful breasts again and I worked both hands between us and gently squeezed her amazing flesh while pushing her gently away from my body. Our mouths unlocked with a short 'aaghh' of ecstasy from my mother. She propped herself up on me and leaned back enough to let me fully see her from the waist up in the cold moonlight. The view of my sexy mother lying on me nude was so hot I had to stop my groping a few times to concentrate on not cumming. Her hips were still grinding into me and her downward motion brought my erection firmly upright between the globes of her ass. Her wetness was spread above my crotch now and its musky smell began creeping up to me.

I knew we were slowly working our way to intercourse and so did she. As I rubbed her breasts together and apart she was bucking her hips up and down to tease my cock. She could see the affect she was having on me and as my grip intensified and her bucking grew bolder and more desperate she ended the tease. In a quick motion during her last upswing my mother reached down and grasped my cock at the base and aligned it with her wet pussy. She sank back on my cock completely and screamed loud as her ass rested down on me and I drove deep into her body.

I let go of her breasts when it happened and held onto her sides to steady us and start a rhythm. Slowly she rocked back and forth on me with her head kicked back and her loud moans filling the room. Her breasts swayed back and forth with her motion and I did occasionally reach up to tweak a nipple while she rode me. She began moving quicker and quicker and her legs squeezed us together tightly. I let my hands drift down to her soft hips and helped her maintain her pace. It was a weird thing to have pass through your mind but the fact was my mother was really good in bed.

She was rocking back and forth mostly but every so often she would just grind in short circles and push herself as far as she could get on my cock. Her big soft hips were warm and provided a perfect distraction for me, as if the huge swaying breasts above me weren't captivating enough. Each time she ground into me she would lean forward and grunt like an a****l while we both pushed to see how deeply in we could be. As her breasts swung toward me I would reach out with my tongue to try and guide the soft flesh into my mouth. I managed to get one of her nipples into my mouth and the feel of my suckling drove her wild.

Getting that reaction was a huge motivator for me and I reached up and grabbed her breast and pulled it back into my waiting mouth. My mother collapsed on top of me and with her hands pressing her breasts over my face. I wound up with my face in between them, kissing and licking her cleavage and chest. With her full weight on me it was getting difficult to breathe and concentrate on not letting myself slip out of her body. I again brought my hands up to her sides and slowly rolled my body and hers so I lay in between her legs and she could rest on her back. I wanted to remain inside her the whole time we shifted so by the time we were done we could continue with a nice rhythm.
She reached up and locked her fingers together on the back of my neck as I began to pump in and out of her wet body. My mom's breathing was in short gasps as I slipped into her fully and pulled back out to the tip before waiting a few seconds and reentering her deeply. I was fascinated with the sway of her breasts under me and stared at their jiggle and shake as we ground our hips together with each thrust. She started talking dirty, encouraging me on, nothing too dirty or vulgar, just a gentle series of moans and quick chatter to let me know how it was feeling for her.

Our mouths met again as I shifted my body up a little to get a stronger push into her. She brought her hands up to my face and the passion and lust I felt with my mouth stopped our sex dead in its tracks. I was still inside her but neither of us were moving, I was just lying on top of her making out. She planted her feet slightly and started to push her hips up and down and her coaxing got me moving again only this time I was really driving myself into her. Despite only being up a slight amount I had room to reach down and grab her ass while I nuzzled my face in her neck. Pulling her up a little more I had a great angle to, well honestly ... I had a great angle to fuck the hell out of my mother.

I was close to losing it all when she started thrashing underneath me and bucking her hips wildly. She wasn't grinding or gyrating, just pushing her hips into my thrusts as hard as she could. Her quickening breath, short gasps, and eventual scream let me know the job was done for her. The scream died down into a moan and her body went limp under me. I slowed down and let go of her cheeks but kept myself well inside her as we came down from the orgasm. I was somehow still holding on to mine and I think the changing of pacing and positions helped prolong my moment.

My mother had a glazed look on her face while I looked down at her and she slowly came back around to look at me clearly. I was still moving slowly in and out of her body and that drew her attention, and realization, that I had not completely hit my peak with her own. She smiled up at me and looked down at my hips gently rocking into hers and the knowledge set it.

"You didn't ... oh baby you didn't cum?" she whispered. "Let me help you honey, let me finish this for you."

With that little exhortation she reached down and slowly pulled my penis from her body and started to scoot herself down toward my pelvis. I knew what she wanted to do and I also knew I wouldn't last a damn minute if she did. I stayed propped up on my elbows with my back arched to let her slide down and I could feel the softness of her stomach as it brushed the underside of my shaft and eventually a smooth, warm heat engulfed my dick as my mom opened her mouth and took me in. She held onto me with one hand, braced my hip with the other, and slowly swirled her tongue around my swollen head as she sucked gently.

Her hand on my shaft squeezed gently and began to pump with a slow gently rhythm both up and down and in a small twisting fashion. I could feel myself tightening up under her unbelievable skills and I was for a second shamed that I could last so long screwing but lose focus so completely with just a blowjob. I raised myself up to look down at the scene beneath me and as soon as I saw the top of my mother's head and her mouth working my body I finally lost control. I jerked twice and it was all the warning she needed to stop her hand and suck on the end of my cock as hard as she could. That extra bit of pressure opened up the gate and I let loose three long squirts into my mom's eager mouth. She gurgled for the first shot by groaned the other two down her throat. After licking me clean she wriggled back up to the pillow and I rolled onto my side to lay with her, completely satisfied and exhausted.

She didn't say anything after we cuddled in closer, just put her hand back onto my chest and slowly fell asl**p against my arm. I spent the next hour or so listening to her breath, wondering what it was that drove her to give herself so completely to me.

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2 years ago
A very prolonged await to get the action started but mom had her sights set on getting her son's dick into her pussy. Why did the son not complete the act of intercourse, fucking and total and ultimate climax into his mother's very fetile, warm, wet, inviting pussy?

The mother's desire for her son was very evident and and she would not be denied; that fact makes the story appealingly steamy and pleasurable.
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Awesome story. Keep them coming.
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Very hot story- great detail.
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A beautiful story,,I hope there many more experiences to tell of.
4 years ago
Another great one dallas. You certainly have a gift. Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
Thanks will do
4 years ago
I hope your mom stops over night more often, just keep us informed of your exploits
4 years ago
great story so hot!