My first time and other times

It was back in 1998 My Wife Cyndi and I was talking about how fun it might
be having a threesome with our friend Bruce, so I picked up the phone and
called Bruce and asked if he would like to come over and bring some beer. I
was about 7:30 when Bruce got to the House my wife and Bruce and I started
watching a porn movie and drinking the beer my wife said "I want to see you
suck Bruce's Dick" and I replied "What did you say?" Cyndi Replied "Well
you seen me eat pussy and want to see you suck a dick!" I said "ok" and I
was thinking I don't want to do this and Bruce dropped his pants out his
soft cock I looked at and hesitated and bruce said "I will suck yours" I
stripped off all my clothes and Bruce started sucking my cock and it felt
good and said "I am going to cum" Bruce swallowed all my cum and said "it's
not bad kind of sticks in your throat "That was the first time Bruce sucked
a cock he replied. Well it was my turn to suck his cock and I got down on
my knees and his semi hard cock grew very hard and thick after I started
sucking on it and Cyndi and I took turns sucking his cock and while I was
sucking his cock and Bruce said "I am going to cum" I felt Bruce's cock
start to throb several times when he came and I could feel his hot cum as I
was sucking I found that to be very exciting to me. I swallowed his cum and
took me a drink of beer to wash it down and said "You're right Bruce it
does stick in your throat. Several days later Bruce came over we all took
our clothes off and Bruce laid on the bed and Cyndi straddled his face and
facing where she could see me sucking Bruce's cock , Bruce was eating her
pussy and I was working on his cock and it was nice and hard so I lubed up
his hard cock and straddled him I barely got the head of his cock in my
virgin ass and I felt Bruce's cock spasm and I felt his hot load of cum go
in me and I went and got a wet wash cloth and wiped his cock off and
started sucking on his very soft cock up nice and hard and sucked him till
he came again..

About a year and a half later my wife and I spilt up and I moved to another
town. One night my neighbor Carolyn came over wanting me to take her to get
some beer and get her friend she wanted to have a threesome , we picked up
her friend William and stopped and he bought a case of beer and went back
to my Apartment and we got naked and Carolyn looked at my cock and told
William "Damn he's got a big Dick" and told William to Suck it, I said to
William "It's okay go ahead and suck on it" William took my cock and put it
in his mouth and he was good at sucking a cock and Carolyn sucked my cock
too and fucked both of us. It was getting really late and I took William
home and said you are my friend and you are welcome to come over
anytime. William came over to my apartment a lot and every time he came
over asks me if he could take his clothes off and be naked and I told him
that was okay and he would get naked and so would I and we would watch porn
and suck each other's cocks.

In 2006 my wife and I got back together and she lived in another town so I
moved there to be with her. Several months later I met a guy online his
name is Toby and he lived in town so we got together and he asked me what I
wanted to do I told him I wanted to be fucked so we took our clothes off
and I sucked his cock up nice and hard his cock was about six and one half
inches and very thick about five inches around, Toby lubed up his hard cock
and laid me on my back and pulled me closer to the edge of his bed and put
his cock in me and it hurt so bad I wanted to scream and the pain turned
into pleasure and I had several orgasms that were internal and I grabbed
the back of his legs with both hands pulling him closer and I said "Fuck me
harder" he started thrusting his cock harder and faster I said "Toby I want
you to cum inside me" When Toby started to cum I could feel his cock swell
and throb while he shot his hot load of cum inside me and at the same time
I had another orgasm and I got dressed and on the way home I could feel his
cum dripping out of me. Toby and I would get together twice a week for over
a year and my wife and I split up again and I moved back to the town I
lived before. And stayed with friends till I got my own place

Chapter 2

I am turning into a Ho

I have my own Apartment now, a sweet girlfriend that stays over when she is
in town. I got to thinking

about messing around with another Guy and I met Charles and he came over on
a Saturday Night about 10 PM and we talked and we got undressed and I
sucked Charles's cock up nice and hard and I got down on my hands and knees
and he penetrated my ass with his hard cock and slowly fucked me for awhile
I had about three or four orgasms and he had me roll over on my back with
my legs over his shoulders and his cock slid easily into me and he was
thrusting hard and fast , I had another orgasm and I could tell that
Charles was going to cum and I tightened up around his throbbing cock and I
could feel his hot load of cum inside me. Charles told me when I tightened
up around his cock and that made him cum hard. We rested for a little while
and I got his cock back hard and he fucked me again and after he came he
sucked cock and swallowed my load. Charles comes over and we fuck every
time he is in town.

Several Days later I met Larry on Yahoo Messenger and we chatted and He
came over watched some porn and got undressed and his cock was eight and
one half inches long and thick and leaned over and placed his soft cock my
mouth and I could feel it getting very hard and I managed to deep throat
and I asked Larry to fuck me, I lubed up his cock and he penetrated my
wanting hole and it hurt a little and starting to feel fantastic and could
feel Larry's balls hitting my ass cheeks and he sure did know how to use
that cock and every time I start to have a orgasm I would grab his ass and
pull him in closer.

I met Bob and he came over and we would suck off each other and I would
have him fuck me, Bob comes over every weekend and sometimes during the
week One day Bob sent me a text wanting to know if I was home and wanting
to come over later, I sent a text back that I will be at home and had a
surprise for him, I went and took a shower while I was in the shower I
shaved off all my body hair off everything but the hair on my head and a
little strip above my cock my skin was soft and smooth, Bob arrived about
two hours later and I answered the door I was wearing my girlfriends denim
mini skirt and a tank top and panties, my hairless body looked nice in
those clothes and while bob was looking at me his cock was getting
hard. Bob went over and sat down on the couch and I went into the kitchen
to get us something to drink and sat down next to Him. Bob started rubbing
the inside my thigh with his hand and that felt good to me, Bob started
Kissing me and I did not resist and I liked that. Bob took my hand and I
placed it on his hard cock I un did his belt and unzipped his pants, I took
out his cock and sucked him, while I was sucking his cock Bob was rubbing
my ass cheeks and that got me excited and he pulled those panties that I
was wearing off me and he took some lube and put it on his fingers and
finger fucking my hot hole and he got four fingers in me. We got up off the
couch and undressed each other and he fucked me while Bob was fucking me I
told him I wanted him to pull his cock out of me so I can suck on it and he
pulled it out and I started sucking on his cock for a little while and he
fucked me till he shot his cum inside me and he left his cock in me until
it went soft and slipped out of me. I started sucking Bob's cock and got
him good and hard again and he fucked me again. Bob fucked me several more
times that night and right before left to go home he told be he liked me
wearing the tank top and panties and the mini skirt and wear them again
when he comes over and he loved my hairless body.

I met another man on line his name is Glenn and he came over and we sat and
talked for a while and we got undressed and he sucked my cock and He asked
me if I wanted to taste his big hard uncut cock and said sure and I suck on
it and we went into the bedroom and lubed up his cock as soon as he put his
cock in me he came he told me that my ass was so tight and said he was
sorry for Cumming too fast.

About three days later Charles left me an email that he was coming to town
the next day and asked me if it was okay to bring a buddy over for a
threesome that afternoon about five thirty and I said sure. Charles and his
Buddy came over and we got naked Charles's Buddy David had a lot bigger
cock than Charles , Charles was fucking me and I was sucking his buddy's
cock for a little while and then they switched places and that was exciting
for me and the orgasms I had were fantastic and I loved it. Well Charles
got fucked by his buddy's hard cock.

A couple of weeks later Charles sent me another email that he was would be
in town about noon the next day and I sent an email back telling him I had
a surprise for him The next Morning around ten am I got my hole good and
clean and took a shower shaved my body hair and right before noon Charles
called and said he would be in town shortly I said I would leave the door
unlocked so he could come right on in, I got dressed in panties tank top
and that mini skirt. When Charles arrived I was sitting in the chair at the
computer, I got up and he came over and put his arms around me and kissed
me and said I looked hot and raised up the tank top I was wearing and
started kissing my small breasts and sucking on my hard nipples I went over
and sat on the couch and Charles stripped his clothes off and came over and
kissed me again I stood up and he removed my top panties and the mini skirt
and we went into the bedroom and he fucked me and shot his hot load of cum
in me.

Several days later I placed an ad on Craiglist and I got a reply from a guy
his name is Richard and he left his phone number and wanted me to call Him
I called and talked to him and he asked me if I was not doing anything and
wanted to come over I said that will be fine and he said he would be an
hour and would call me when he got into town. I went and got cleaned up and
waited for him to call, Richard called about nine am and said he was in
town and I gave him my address. Richard was knocking at the door and I let
him in and he asked if I had a good movie to watch and I put on a porno and
I reached over and placed my hand on his cock and it was semi hard and I
undid his pants and pulled his cock out and sucked on it and got it nice
and hard and we went into the bedroom. Richard lubed up his finger and
gently stuck it in my ass to loosen me up and he had me lay on the bed on
my side and he penetrated me with his hard cock he fucked me slowly for a
while and started thrusting faster and I would tighten up, I came several
times and I felt his cock start to throb and he shot his cum, Richard asked
me if he could take a shower and I said ok and we he got out dried off and
sat down on the couch and his cock was soft and I started sucking on it and
it got hard again, Richard sucked my cock some and jacked me off and he
told me that I was the best he ever had and I said thanks.

About two weeks later I met a married couple and I went to their house and
we had a bottle of KD I was drinking the KD straight and we got undressed
Jim had a big cock it was probley ten inches and about the same size around
as a beer can I he was fucking his wife and she was sucking my cock up and
hard and I started Fucking Kelly and Jim decided he wanted to fuck me and
he stuck that cock in my ass and I thought it was going to kill me and
Kelly was sucking Jims cock Kelly said that she cant suck a cook that good
I was good and d***k and sucked on Jims cock and then I was eating Kelly's
pussy and Jim fucked me again.

About 3 weeks later I was looking on Craigslist and ran across a post from
a Guy looking for fun with another guy. I replied to the post and got an
email back from James I gave him my phone number where he could call me
when he got into town About seven that night James called me and I gave him
my address and he cam over James was in his 40's we talked for a little bit
and we took our clothes off and James had a cock about seven inches long
and thick I sucked James's cock and he sucked mine and told him I needed a
good fucking. James tried to fuck me but his cock would not go in and it
was getting late James told me that he had to be at work at six in the
morning and told me he would email me when he was going to be in town

Several weeks went by and I sent James a email and his reply that he would
be on town about six thirty and I cleaned up and waited for James to come
over well James called me and said he would be over in a few and I heard
him knock on the door and I let him in and we watched some porn and we got
undressed and I told him I wanted to deep throat his cock and he was good
and hard. Well James wanted to fuck me and put some lube on his fingers and
loosed my ass up and I sat on his cock and we changed positions I bent over
and his cock went right in an did not hurt at all and his balls was
slapping my ass cheeks and he said "You love a hard cock in your ass" and I
told him yes I do. James fucked me for a long time and I was relaxed after
that. It was getting late and James had to leave so he could get some sl**p
because he had to be at work the next morning.

Charles emailed and told me he would be in town on Friday, That Friday
afternoon Charles came over and we stripped our clothes off and I sucked
his cock to get it hard and I bent over and his cock slid right in me and
we fucked that way for a little while and I laid on my back and wrapped my
legs around him and he fucked me hard and it was so good and he shot his
hot load in me...

A week later my friend Bruce was over and we were watching TV and Bobby
knocked on the door and a few mins later Bruce said he was going home and
get some sl**p, Bruce left and Bobby asked me who he was and I told him he
was my friend I known for years , Bobby asked if I would give him a blow
job I walked over and rubbed his cock and sat down next to him and undid
his belt and pants and took out his cock and sucked it and was jacking him
off too and not long after that I felt his cock throb about 4 to five times
and while he was Cumming I was still sucking and Bobby could take no more.

The End

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great story very horny
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Nice story, really liked it a lot, cum twice while i read it mmm yes you lucky thing
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