My SIL & b*o

Hi. i recall this everytime i am alone & feel horny.

my elder b*****r Rakesh got married to this slut (v will call her by this name only)when i was 17 & my younger b*o 'vicky' was 16. both, viki n me were very close & had never hidden nething from each other.

Slut was a beauty & was amply endorsed. Rakesh is a trader & a bore. 14 hrs of work & 9 hrs of sl**p is wat he is addicted to. Anyways, i was dating a stud at that time & viki was dating 4 or probably 5 girls. v used to have fun with our partners at our home only coz mom dad were generally on move, b*o at work & v never cared enuff for that slut.

within 2 weeks of her marriage, slut came to know things about our secret encounters. she caught hold of viki & sort of threatened to disclose to mon n dad. slut also shared with him that our b*o was neglecting her & her 'needs' & that she is feeling very lonely at our place. 2 or 3 such discussions made viki a bit scared. he gave in to slut's desires of her having sex with him whenever she wants.

viki invited me to watch his 1st such encounter on wednesday afternoon post lunch. i didn't like dat idea but was excited too as viki was a hunk & gr8 fucker then (this was shared by a few of my friends who had tasted him). that fuck went on for 2 hrs & was a treat to watch.

I will share the details in my next story. bye....

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Should try and aim for better English so it's easier to read. Was also quite bad.
2 years ago
Sorry babe nice try but not good x