Share this night with me

" Share this night with me"

You look up at me,gazing at my face shadowed by moonlight and the cool of the evening. My words slide like honey in your ear..warm...sweet..inviting. Will you share the night..this night..with me? Will you soak it in and let it drench you in sultry sensations and urges that could carry you anywhere or nowhere? Will you do it and let me be there to witness it? The candlelight dances with the soft breeze and aromas of the earth and man float around us. Slightly salty air from the nearby beach gathers up the scents of so many things and brings them all to us like offerings..a womans jasmine perfume..wet beach sand...cooked food....even the smell of a happy c***d that has ran around in the sand all day creating happy memories that will live on forever. Your eyes drop to gazing at the liliac colored tablecloth on the table we sit at..then they thoughtfully gaze at the people walking by us. The whole world changes at night when the lights go out and the sun takes its long sl**p. Even this little beach cafe that we are at feels different now lit by tiki torches and dancing candles. Will you share this night with me? With one look your eyes tell me yes.

There are no emotional expectations. Nothing that has to be given in exchange for letting me share this night with you. My reward is simply just being around you and being able to fully open up and reveal all of myself to another that truly gets who i am without explanation. Thats enough for me. I sip on my chilled glass of honey wine and look at you. Just to look at you makes me bring my heart joy. I can only hope that i bring you even a sliver of happiness in the way you bring to me. I finish my wine and we leave. Goodbye little cafe. The night awaits us. We stroll the boardwalk area,people watching...old couples holding hands...teenagers laughing and reveling in their youth and boundless energy. Its beautiful to watch life walking by you..each soul a book with its own tale. Stars encased in flesh,burning in the night.We walk off the boardwalk to the beach area and its amazing how the water is swallowed up by the blackness of the night. You cant even see it from the farthest edge of the beach. I am drawn to water. I have to go. I take off my shoes and walk barefoot so i can feel the soft white sand beneath my toes. The wind sends my hair and my long skirt billowing like sails. You walk a few steps behind me,just quietly watching how subtley i change as i get closer to the a million pounds drops off my shoulders. There is a drum circle close by..the sound of drums and a lone acoustic guitar carries to us on the breeze. I cant help it..i begin to sensously dance as i walk. Call it second nature. Music makes anywhere my stage. There are no men with dollar bills here..just me and you..and i dance for myself..because it frees my spirit.

We leave footprints in the sand and those footprints lead to more that take us back to a car and we get inside. No sooner are we inside then the sky opens up and lets forth a downpour of rain. "where do you want to go?" You ask me. Your dark eyes have too much warmth in that begs to be embraced from within. I want to embrace it. "No where" i reply. I am dying to kiss you but i wont..i cant..too much pain from chasing too many others that didnt chase me back..and now i want to know if i am truly desired. The hunter dying to be the prey. I know one way to break your control. I reach beneath my skirt and pull forth a small dagger i have had hidden all evening attached to a garter on my leg. Its razor sharp Slowly i run the blade over my arm and bl**d seeps from the wound. . 'Share this night with me" i whisper. I hold back a moan as your soft lips surround the cut for a taste. . 4 years of lack of sensual touching is catching up to me..just one touch of your lips is causing me to overload. Gotta calm down. I do my best to quiet my thundering heatbeat and boiling bl**d. Too late though. You are hungry to. Your lips take mine in a kiss. Game over. Heaven opens up its doors as i melt into that kiss. I have missed your kiss..your taste. Im so full of longing that im just one big ache ...pain that disolves at your touch. I want your hands everywhere...your lips kissing everything...i want your taste in every moist area of my body. Its been so long since i felt this sensously alive. You hold me and kiss me as the rain pelts the car like liquid hammers,the sound so loud that you can barely hear my moans between kisses. You can feel soul opening up to you. You are walking into raging inferno and you know it. So much fire in me and all the flames have your name on them. How long do we kiss? I dont know. I get lost in it,willingly. All i know is that when we finally slow down we are covered in sweat and the windows are fogged up. A smile crosses my face...ha! Havent fogged up car windows like that since i was 16 and making out with my first boyfriend..i have missed the simple luxury of it..the make out sessions ...the anticipation of passion. How long has it been? Too damn long...and you taste so good. Your eyes are whispering other thoughts you have...other things we could do. You take my knife and draw it across your arm and make a long cut. Your voice is barely a whisper but i hear what you say over the sound of the pouring rain..

" Share the night with me"
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