Secrets Open Everything.

We recently moved our romance filled dates from Fridays to Thursdays. It was my wife Porscha's idea. She gave many reasons for the change, but I think that it went unsaid was that our sexual escapades were just to big to fit in to just one day and night. We could now have two full days. I'm not mad at all about the change. One may think my use and abuse that often fills these days would make them something I could live without, However I have a thing for pleasing my beautiful white sex goddess. I get off on it and you have never seen the satisfaction in a woman's eyes that I get so see in mine's eyes. She's truly happy and so am I. Plus, how could I be anything but all for it considering it was my dirty little secret's that fed her freaky fantasy's. I had been the one who first put myself in drag and naturally after your wife sees her man dressed up like a bitch, then treating him like a bitch becomes an option as well as a desire fueling fantasies that were once never on her mind. I gave her the power to own me with my secrets now I am at her mercy. I love this because unlike the “woman next door” my wife's every desire and fantasy is met and she is truly happy.

We had both decided to take a vacation day that Friday because the following Monday was a holiday. So we figured why not have a four day weekend. We slept in til about noon and then we got up, she turned on the computer and surfed the web while I cooked us both breakfast. I walked back in naked, dick swinging with her waffles. She glanced up smiling and said “ oh, thank you baby” then she glanced down at my crotch and playfully said, “I know your not trying to feed me sausage.” and then reached to the night stand where the tiny lock and key set were, she told me to “turn around and bend over”. I must say, as much as I love to please, I was cursing her under my breath for it, But I sat the tray in the bed and bent over, knowing what was next. She grabbed my cock and pulled it back with one of my balls on each side of my shaft. She put the lock through the piercing in my taint and the other through my prince Albert piercing in my cock then snapped it shut. She swatted me playfully on my ass saying “ there we go, now you know we can't have that thing hanging around.” I looked down as I stood up. MY dick tucked between my legs almost instantly makes me feel submissive. I sat down presenting her the breakfast I made us. I'm not sure if I would have if he had not taken my cock away but in any event I began to feed her. Between bites she pointed at the screen of out laptop. In a muffled voice as she chewed slightly saying “ this guy has more questions than a federal agent in a crack house. Honey, I think we have got a stalker.” This guy Glen had been trying to talk with us for about two months and no matter how hard we tried to blow him off he never went away. He didn't display any picture on the site and usually we won't even talk to those with out pics even though we do like to remain anonymous, feeling our position is the most vulnerable in the situation, but for what ever reason, we talked to him here and there. Then after he refused to show us a picture of himself and avoided questions we tried to get rid of him then stopped talking to him. He would still pop up daily asking questions. Porscha got a strange look on her face and said “ do you think he is a serial killer or something?” I shook My head no and pointed out that anyone with foul intent would stalk out in public and and have everything leading back to them. She shook her head and said “ slow down, I was only about half serious, I mean we aren't doing anything, let;s tell him to meet us some place. He doesn't know who we are and we could see who he is, if nothing else, or we could talk to him.” The whole thing filled me full of butterflies. I knew she just wanted to see who this guy was and there was no way in hell that we would stop but still the whole possible stranger thing gave off a very anxious feeling through out my body and I could tell by the look in her eye that she felt the same. So I took the rare chance to have a voice and said “ sounds entertaining” Porscha replied back to him and told him let's just meet, he quickly replied and was all for it. She gave him a location to be and told him to wear a red shirt and to make sure he was sitting on that bench at 4:00 pm. It took him about 15 minutes to respond and we though he had not been serious and began surfing porn sites, but he ended up responding after talking to his boss about leaving work early. He promised to be there.

It was still early in the day and we hadn't planned on going out to our favorite club until about 9:00 pm, so we decided to play a little. We made out and I ended up trying to suck every last drop of life up out of her pussy until about 3:30 pm, then we rushed to get dressed and into the car. Curious as to how much of a nasty little troll this stalker guy would be, but he wasn;t even there. We drove past the location about half a dozen times over the next 45 minutes and he was a no show. It shouldn't have been a surprise, he wouldn't even give us a picture. We decided to grab some Chinese food and head home. We arrived to find out that he had e-mailed us around the time I was burring my face in her sweet pussy. He said he couldn't make it but he was having a party that night and would love for us to stop by, then going on to say if we weren't comfortable we could just leave and didn't have to stay and for us to just stop by. We both agreed on a “ HELL NO” .

Later that night we were getting ready and I was feeling like a shame filled humiliated bitch boy. It was shaping up to be one of the rare nights where she planned on us going out in public dressed as a pair of sluts, which was very hard. Embarrassed and humiliated didn't began how to explain how I'd feel. At least when it was one or two people that we had been talking to I knew them a little which didn't make it ok, but was no where near as bad as nights like these when she would make me go out, even thought to avoid any possible conflict she would always take us to a gay bar where everyone was ok with her little toy. Not only was it a place packed with strangers. Those strangers often would stare and/or even come and try to talk to us. On bitch boy status I don't talk, but they would come none the less carrying on a conversation with her checking her or us out. Words can't explain how it feels for a man to have to think/know his wife and himself are being checked out by both men and women that want to fuck them both. I thought about it as she did both our make up. We wore matching outfits which was shamefully a turn on for me. She of course looked so fuckin good. Her ass almost peeking out from under the short black ruffled skirt which displayed her amazing fishnet clad legs flowing into a short boot with a high but thick wide heel which allowed me to walk and we would still match. The black silky button up top was packed full of her beautiful breast. She showed a nice peep of cleavage and she was smokin hot! Meanwhile, my shirt was buttoned up to the top covering my gel-filled bra and my skirt was as low as possible to hide my ass as much as possible. The only other difference in our outfits was that I wore full back panties and she wore a see through thong. Not only because I didn't have her ass, nor was I trying to be sexy, but my panties had to hold my cock between my legs with my balls, which they were pretty much pushed inside of me because my cock was so tight against my body.

Anxiety filled us both as we set out for the night. My thoughts raced just like my heart started to. There was a knot in my throat, here I was going out with my wife and both of us were dressed like sluts like I was her girlfriend and not her husband. We were about to to lord knows what, maybe nothing, maybe a whole lot. I had no control, I would do as I was told like the panty wearing bitch I'd become.

I had been thinking about a more comfortable out and all I could think up was to jokingly say “ hell we might as well go to Glen's party” just to see what she would say about that thought, and I was thinking and if nothing else there would be less people. I added that we could just have a few drinks and go back home and I could try the new strap-on out on her. When I wasn't worthy of fucking her I had to use the strap-on. She seemed slightly irritated and she flipped into Miss Porscha as she always found a reason to do so at these times. She commanded me to “Shut up and do not speak unless spoken to” She also reminded me that she made the decisions around here and I started to remind her that she only did that on the weekends, but I decided it would be better if I kept my mouth shut. She already seemed angry enough. She slowed to take a turn as she began to humiliate and degrade me. “ I remember the first time you ate cum from my cunt, at that moment I knew you were dying to be my little clean up slut, weren't you?” She asked. I knew she didn't want an answer. She continued “ I can't even look at you without wanting to see your mouth full of cum out of my freshly fucked pussy. I find my self wanting to fuck, just to feed you. How does it feel knowing that every weekend your wife has to go out looking for a real man to fuck her and your only hope of tasting her before she is full of cum is off another man's cock?” I just dropped my head, there was a few questions asked but none needed answers. She was just putting me in my place and reminding me that I had done it and I would play whatever role she told me to. My heart about stopped and then fluttered as we pulled outside someone's house. My thoughts were going a million miles an hour. I figured it was Glen's house, it was the only place I hadn't been. It was a few dozen yards from the road. We parked along the street among the others that were parked on both sides of the street. I saw someone look out the window for a second and then I started to hear the faint sound of music. We got to the door and Miss Porscha knocked. The door swung open and a cheer laced male voice called out “surprise!” My heart stopped and my stomach fell to my feet.

I quickly spun around and went to speed walk to the car as if hoping to not be seen. Porscha and Glen called out “TOD” I stopped, hesitated, and then turned around. My mind was racing, thinking my wife must have known, but her face looked just as shocked as mine. I reluctantly walked back towards them. The man and his wife were in the doorway. They had been to our house a few times and Glen was the b*****r of one of Porscha's co-workers. We had met him many times and his wife a few times as well. She told us to come in and that they had some explaining to do. They e****ted us inside and got us some drinks. Glen began to explain that when I was showing him a job advertisement on our computer that he had seen the website where he later found us. When he went to the website initially, he couldn't find us until a later visit he noticed out unique screen saver, which doubled as out profile picture on the website. However he wasn't completely sure until his wife Amber saw Porscha sneak one time a pop the waistband of my purple lace panties from behind, thinking that no one could see. My already blushing face, got bl**d red as if sun burnt. I didn't raise my head up to let anyone see it though. I felt as if our fantasy life had escaped in to our real life for the first time. I really wanted to leave but they kept offering drinks and Porscha kept accepting them. I noticed the two women had begun flirting with each other. I even caught Porscha showing Amber her black lace held pussy. I could see the sexual tension growing between the pair. Finally Porscha asked her if she wanted to dance. She quickly replied I thought you'd never ask! Porscha jokingly said “ well its your party, I was waiting for you to ask me.” As the two came together their conversation stopped and a nice slow jam came on. They embraced each other and Amber placed her head on my wife's breast as they began to dance together. As the end of the song approached Porscha looked over at me with a huge smile while giving the ass cheeks in her hands a nice squeeze. She let out a long moan before going on to say “ You've got a great ass.” Then to me she continued “See, and if I would have listened to you we would have been home playing with a strap-on instead of her ass.” Amber jerked her head up and said “ No, need to go home I have a brand new one up stairs.” With a smile on her face Miss Porscha looked at me and Glen and said “oh.. really?” Glen laughed and said “ I give not take,” Then shot a mischievous but bot malicious smirk over to me. I wanted to protest, that I don't take either, but I that was only half true. But it didn't matter. Porscha asked Amber what she was waiting for, and Amber's eyes lit up as she told us she would be right back.

Amber returned as promised shocking, without her clothes on. She did have on a shiny one piece lingerie number, and from her waist hung a foot long realistic black cock. She walked straight to Porscha who grabbed it examining it as if she were a doctor. After a while she said “ WOW! I have never touched a black dong before.” Amber said “ Never?!? Or just a fake one you mean?” My wife replied with “ never a real or fake one”. Amber looked down at my wife, licking her lips as if she was a fresh piece of meat while she told her that she didn't know what she was missing. She glanced at Glen and then back to Porscha before saying “ I love nothing more then to watch Glen's fat black cock disappear inside my white ass. I love it so much I got this thing got when he is out of town. I just can't live without it.” Miss Porscha glanced at me, then Glen , Amber, and finally the rubber cock. She whispered in a sexy voice “ I bet it does look amazing disappearing inside you.” Her voice began to sound more envious as she spoke, “I bet it hurts so good, deep in your sweet pussy.” she went on to say something else but I didn't catch it because she was wrapping her lips around the rubber dong as she tried to say them. I watched was she slurped on the woman's strap-on as if it were a real dick. Amber watched with a gaping mouth and a naughty look in he eyes. I was sort if entranced by the sight. At one point I came back to reality to find Amber staring down at me where I sat beside my wife on the sofa. She had an evil look as if she was looking at some one she didn't like or want around. I stared back at her for a few seconds and then we back to watching my wife's red lips wrapped around the giant rubber pipe. All of a sudden Amber took the cock from my wife and looked at me and said “ you wanna suck some.” I later found out I was supposed to decline, but I took it as a question I wasn't supposed to answer. I hesitantly licked at the cock covered in my wife's slobber. Porscha watched me appearing to be highly aggravated and finally she asked with an attitude “ are you gonna suck it? It's not an ice cream cone, you little bitch!” perhaps my wife motioned for her to do it, but at that point Amber put her hand on the back of my head. It was a horrible feeling, I had already felt powerless with everyone in the room over me, but now I lost the last bit of control I had over what my body did. Amber quickly got unnecessarily rough with me, frequently choking me on her dick. Finally as she pulled me to her and thrust her hips forward, fucking my face in front of everyone. I put both of my hands on the front of her thighs to stop from gagging. The instant I touched her, Miss Porscha smacked the back of my head sending the head of the cock literally in to my throat. She yelled. “ Don't you fuckin' touch her! You hear me you little slut!? You don't put a hand on her for any reason!?” Amber moved her hand and apologized to Miss Porscha and went on to say “ You have nothing to worry about I don't like white boys at all.” Porscha already knew she had nothing to worry about but she let the woman go on because it was easier than explaining that she knew.

Porscha leaned over to me in a less than happy tone and said “ go on and suck her dick you little whore and while you suck it you can watch me suck Glen's” I paused and she pushed my head back to work. She went on whispering to me that she would've been happy just playing with Amber, but since I was such a cock hungry slut, she was gonna make me watch her such her first fat black dick. At that point I still thought it was a little game but I would later discover she'd gotten mad at me for sucking the rubber cock and she was gonna suck Glen for revenge. She leaned back from my ear and looked at Amber. Apparently asking her something but with out speaking, because all I heard was Amber say “sure go ahead.” Porscha lightly told Glen to come over. As Glen got up Porscha said to Amber “ I wouldn't mind you proving that you can use that dick between your legs.” Amber released a school- girlish giggle and said “OK”. I first took that to mean that Amber was gonna fuck my wife while she sucked Glen's cock, but later was scared with the realization that maybe my wife mean for Amber to fuck my ass.....

Amber had started slapping the huge black dong back and forth over my face as if it wasn't humiliating enough watching the large black man walk across the room with a bulge in the crotch of his pants on the way to my wife's anxious mouth. Porscha's eyes were locked on it as she slowly unzipped his baggy jeans. My heart raced and butterflies filled my stomach as she pulled down his pants and his boxers. His big dick flopped from his underwear in front of her face. She stared in a trance before gasping “ My God! Your cock's huge!” she picked it up holding it with both hands out and palms up. She seemed lost perhaps having a quick fantasy about it. She had always talked about how nice my piece was but this was a monster cock. She was now playing with her first black cock. After a few minutes of her just playing with it, glen broke the silence, saying “ It is nice isn't it? You haven't ever had a dick like that have you?” Porscha never spoke a word, she just wrapped her lips around the side of the shaft, sucking up and down it before moving underneath to his balls. She addressed each one of his nuts with a firm tongue and then took each one in her mouth . His already huge dick grew with her lip service. I felt like I was watching my wife worship a cock as if it was a blessing from above. I thought to myself I bet her cunt is dripping wet with anticipation. I stopped myself for a second, wondering if she planned on doing anymore than just sucking his massive meat. I stared as she began to take his big head of his dick into her mouth. As I watched her lips stretch around the head I started thinking about getting between her legs and eating that pretty tight pink pussy. As to get her ready to fuck him. I caught myself deep in those thoughts and I told myself that I wasn't just playing a role. I must really be a nasty little slut deep down because a man wouldn't be setting here in panties with a rubber dick in his mouth watching his wife suck a cock and having a fantasy of his own free will about eating her as she sucked him, with desires of having him inside her. I felt like such a little bitch. It was almost as if I said “fuck it then I'll be a slut” because I got down on my hands and knees and worked my way over to Porscha and Glen. When I got between her legs she reached down and slid her panties to the side. She pulled her mouth from around his member just long enough to say “ yeah, that's it! Eat my pussy and get it nice and wet for this big black cock to give me the pounding that you can't.” Then she went back to sucking his cock with a new drive and more into it then before. I often spent hours between her legs enjoying eating her anytime, but a lot of times as she watched porn. But I had never seen her so wet. She was so horny she pulled my face tight to her and started to roll her hips, fucking my face. Just as I'd never seen her so wet, I had never seen her cum so hard, she began to squirt and it hit the back of my throat so hard it gagged me. I was literally drinking cum, not swallowing , but drinking it. Glen waited til her moans stopped and asked of she wanted to feel a big black dick up in her pretty little snow bunny cunt. She moaned a reply as she pushed my head from between her legs showing me that she was done with me. She said moaning “ yes please fuck me with that big cock until I am too raw to stand it. Please!” He grabbed he in an aggressive manner and roughly pushed her face down in the floor and said “ yeah that is what I love about white bitches, they all want their pussies pounded open.” he put a hand on each butt cheek and pulled her rear open while laying his cock between her cheeks. He ran his cock up and down her ass crack telling her to beg for the big dick. Before she did as she was told she told me to get my “ whore ass between her legs and to get a closeup of what a real dick looks like.” She peaked my humiliation again not by what she said but by making me feel like she thought I was inadequate. She quickly began to beg him to fuck her and to stick his massive meat inside her tiny fuck hole. Once I got between her legs I got a reality check of a lifetime. It is no secret that I have been between my wife's legs as she was being fucked but I had never seen anything like this. His cock looked big from a distance but this close to it made me nervous. People who believe that a cock can stretch out a hole and it not ever go back to being as tight as it was are of false belief. Glen and Porscha proved that to be a fact on this night. I looked at her tiny little opening and then to his cock that was comparable in thickness to the entire length of my wife's pussy. What I am trying to say is that the cock in front of me looked as if it could rip a pussy in half. I flicked my tongue at the quivering cunt as it awaited the punishment she knew was coming. I reached around the outside of her thighs and spread her, both for me to eat her and for him to have his way with her. He watched barely rubbing himself up and down her ass crack as I seemed to be eagerly helping him fuck my wife. He massaged her ass that he held in both hands. He glanced at me under them as he said “ From now on , while your eating your wife's hole, you can think about how it looked stuffed of this cock”, and with that he slid the head of his cock back to her entrance. I laid my head on the floor watching. But when he went to push inside, her opening didn't give under the pressure as he thought it would and his cock slipped down towards my face. Perhaps he wasn't expecting her to be so tight. As he pulled back, moving his hips to position his cock to try again, but this time his cock shot up towards her ass crack. I, in true slut boy fashion, grabbed for his thick rod. One hand on his cock and the other still holding her open, I held his throbbing stick to my wife's hungry hole. As if to let everyone know he said “ yea, that's it, hold it right there.” He applied pressure, I could feel his rock hard piece feel as if it wanted to bow, it pushed her, but didn't go it. She cried out “ Fuck me! FUCK ME, PLEASE!” With that encouragement, Glen started to really push hard. Porscha even started to push back towards him while bracing herself. The tight hole between my wife's legs that I so loved, finally started to give.

One could have over heard her cries and mistaken her for a woman having a baby. It was as if his thickness pushed everything surrounding her pussy inside her. No doubt either of us would forget my wife's first big black cock. It was such an achievement to get most of the pole inside her, and I was almost sad to see him with drawing it slowly covered in my wife's pussy juices. He lightly rubbed his hands up and down her ass cheeks and I tilted my head to the side, seeing her clit. I stuck out my tongue to massage it. I couldn't believe it and I told my self I really was a slut, well her slut. I was laying under her in my slutty outfit eating my wife's pussy that was just stuffed full of black dick. Shame ran through my body. I reached down for the hooks on her bra and undone them. Then I reached under and grabbed her tits and began rubbing and tweaking her pierced nipples as I licked and sucked on her clit. Finally Glen started to push himself back inside her, drawing her little inner lips inside. Her moans, whimpers, and cries were non-stop and only got louder as he tried to get deeper inside her this time.

While Glen was probing the bottom of her cunt, Amber rubbed Porscha's head and face telling her that she “ knew” and that “ it'd be ok” Porscha had her hands wrapped around my thighs using my ass to grab a hold of and brace herself with. He gave an extra little shove once he reached the bottom of her pussy and that caused her to grab a hold and pull on my ass. She ripped the ass of my panties. I felt them rip and the cool air rush in. My cock was still held tightly in between my legs, but I felt totally exposed. I watched as Glen pulled his huge cock from my wife and again I saw and put my mouth on my wife's little pierced clit. I was so shocked when she began to twitch and shake as if she was cumming on his second stroke, but I guess between the stretching and filling that she had long awaited it was to much because she came hard. Thought she didn't so much as drip a drop of sweet cum from her pussy, to my disappointment. His fuck stick was clearly wetter as it came out of her. After that, either the new lube from her cunt worked wonders, or her pussy had relaxed and submitted to the abuse because he moved a lot more freely, but by no means easy.

As he worked his cock around inside her, I felt a drop of wetness hit and run down my ass cheeks followed by Porscha's finger's spreading my ass apart and one began to probe at my asshole. What started to seem to be gentle play, quickly turned rough when she jammed two fingers up in me. I moaned on her clit and pinched her nipples with intensity. I guess it was minor compared to the beating she started to receive from behind from Glen. As if she was trying to share with me what she felt, she began to finger fuck my ass with two then three stretching fingers. I heard Amber say to Porscha “ suck this big black cock.” The only hint of a reply I heard was my wife slurping on the rubber dong. Porscha was getting it from both ends. Glen had been moaning and telling Porscha how good and tight her pussy was when all of a sudden he gasp and jerked back in one motion. I was still licking her swollen clit when he began to release large thick sprays of nut on her red gaping cunt and all over my face at the same time. He hadn't been inside her for very long and clearly he wasn't used to such a tight pussy, and he proved it by cumming in record time. Glen had caught me off guard with his hot cum covering my face and my wife's abused fuck box. It had started to run down into my mouth that was still open as I licked her clit in slow motion. He watched still stroking his own cock, until his wife yielding her own big dick nudged him out of the way. She climbed in behind Porscha, who had grown even rougher with her fingering of my ass. Amber came up staring down at me with that evil look on her face. She took the head of her rubber meat hammer and began to push the thick cum that clung to my wife's pussy down to my face and into my mouth. She had a little bit of a resentful snarl as she said “ that's it you little bitch, eat it all, every drop.” After getting most of it off her red cunt. Amber in one painful motion shoved half of the foot long dong inside Porscha, asking her if she was sure she wanted her cock. Porscha moaned “ yes, please! I want to be your bitch! Fuck me like the nasty whore I am.” Porscha had a finger from each hand inside me and was pulling at my hole as Amber slammed every last inch of the thick cock inside her. It was almost like she was seeking revenge for letting Glen fuck her. Perhaps a bit jealous as she punished Porscha, who took the pussy pounding like a champ. She came twice as Amber did her best to rip her pussy open. Just then Glen pulled her away and told her to take off the big dick. I watched intently, thinking I was going to get to see them fuck. But Glen had Porscha put on the strap-on as I prayed it wasn't for her to fuck me, after seeing how harsh she had been with her fingers. My ass felt so loose and stretched already. However it wasn't for my ass, thank God.

Glen ordered Sabrina to bend over and then told Porscha to shove the pussy juice covered dick up his wife's ass. Amber moaned briefly begging not her ass, but Glen told her to “ shut up and stop acting like you aren't used to having a huge cock in your ass”. Porscha did as Glen said and began to work the fat toy into the girls puckered hole. She whimpered , but too most of the pipe quickly. I stayed on the floor watching everything take place beside me. Glen had stood up above the women on the other side watching as well, but then he walked over a little closer to Porscha who reached for his semi-hard cock with no hesitation. She played with it then she started to suck him again, while she fucked his wife's ass with a lustful intensity. I crawled up and lifted my wife's top to expose her beautiful tits. I sucked, bit, and licked her hard nipples, looking up at her, staring down at me. After a few minutes of us sharing one another, Porscha took the cock from her mouth and motioned for me to come closer to her. She leaned over still pounding Amber's ass, never missing a stroke and grabbed my head to bring out bright red lipstick together. We kissed as she stroked Glen's cock with her free hand, until we got a little too into our kissing and she just seemed to be nearly holding his huge piece of meat.

Glen cleared his throat to announce that he felt left out. Porscha gripped him tighter and tugged him. She still held one hand on the back of my head and brought his cock over like it was a third party joining our kiss. She put the head of his cock between our lips and and I looked at her as she opened her eyes to stare into mine. We strangely, were having some sort of moment, despite the cock between our open mouths. Our eyes were locked on each other. Glen brought his meat in closer and I began to taste Porscha's pussy which made me shamefully more eager and happy to clean my wife's pussy off of the huge black dick that had knocked her insides out of place and left her cunt gaping open. After we had made it to the base of his cock and back, Porscha went back to slurping on the huge throbbing pipe and I went back to sucking her tits, which were soon covered in several huge loads of Glen's hot cum.

He sprayed all over her face and the cum dripped onto her tits. She squeezed what she could out of his pipe and slung it on to her nipples. She watched me, she little clean up slut, lick her tits perfectly clean before pulling me up for a kiss. Amber had pulled her ass from the cock that she had been impaled on and rolled over on her back to watch us. Glen had moved over to the couch and was also watching us. We embraces making out sloppily with nut smearing all over our faces and lacing our kisses with semen. I closed my eyes again telling myself that was really a slut. Having just been a part of things that some bitches wouldn't do.

We made out and ended up licking each others faces clean as the open mouthed couple across the room watched the show. We didn't go home that night or the next. We ate, slept, and more importantly fucked and sucked as much as possible that weekend. OK well, they fucked I just helped and cleaned up my wife afterward. By Sunday we were wore out as were Porscha and Amber's holes. The couple really hated to see us leave, and begged us to come back soon. Who knows what the future may bring. Not only is Glen holding a deadly weapon in his pants that kind of scares me, well not really. But they did enjoy our company so much that the thought of being taken hostage an kept in their basement against our will, did cross my mind. Anyways I spent the following days with my mouth full of swollen red pussy . That by the way is tight as ever, but I am still reminded of how it looked stuffed full of Glen's big black cock, just as he said I'd be from time to time. Could I have been the one who enjoyed it too much and just can't seem to get it off my mind? PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!
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