A Slave's Slave

My beautiful wife, Porscha and I have been happily married for a long while now, our relationship has never been better and has never stopped getting better. We share a true once in a life time love, soul mates from start to finish both believing in the traditional til death do us part, but past that our marriage is anything but traditional or any form of normal for that matter. We are what happens when two freaks are a match made in heaven. Everyday we prove it before the walls of our bedroom, but even more so every Saturday when we really become two of the most nastiest freaks on the planet. We go from one extreme to another. We take it to the clouds, but not even the sky is the limit. Our darkest desires and secrets have come together and made a melting pot of never ending sexual fantasies for our Saturdays. This past weekend was no exception. More often than than not I just follow my wife's mood, which happened to be a little all over the place that day. I woke up to hear the shower running and called out to Porscha, to see what she was doing, as if it wasn;t clear she was showering. She immediately let me know what kind of day it was going to be when she responded to me with “oh, how nice of you to join those of us who get out of bed before 2pm.” I started to point out that we hadn't made it to bed until 4 in the morning, but there was no use because what she was really saying was that I was on bitch status today. I didn't mind, in fact my morning wood became a morning rock under the sheets. I hopped out of bed and rushed in to join Porscha. She looked me in the eyes and gave me an evil little smirk and and said “ Well, hello Tod,” Then her eyes fell down to the cock pushing on her leg. Her smirk turned in to a laugh as she continued “ You'll not be using that today; you are gonna be a good little pet and worry about nothing more the pleasing me! Isn't that right?” To which I quickly replied “ Yes, Miss Porscha, only as you wish, when you wish.” She smiled, glad to see I fell right into my submissive role. Then the stern voice reminded me as she always would when I was on slave status. I wasn't to do anything unless given permission to do whatever, which included talk to pretty much thinking for myself. She then instructed me to wash her hair, bathe her and finally dry her off. As I wrapped the towel around her and tucked it in as she liked it. She told me to get back in the shower and make sure there wasn't a single hair left on my body and not to touch my dick. I replied “ Yes, Miss Porscha.” as she walked out of the bathroom. She sat in a chair in the corner of our room awaiting me. She ordered me to get out her short black stretch dress. I needed no more description of the dress, it was my favorite dress. It hugs her curves and makes her tits look amazing and ends just below that delicious ass. As I got the dress out of the closet, she told me to bring her knee high boots as well. I loved those too. They made her legs look great and the 7 inch heels added fuel to the fire. I brought the items to her, kneeling with them before her, she patted me and said “Good Boy. Now get my black lace thong, garter belt, and thigh high stalkings.” I did quickly and began dressing her. After she told me to get dressed, so I got out boxers, jeans, and a t-shirt and put them on as she watched me. Se commanded me to get the paddle, I made a sad face, asking what I had done wrong with my eyes, not daring to speak. She held her hand out as I got the paddle out of the dresser which had the word slut drilled into it. I handed it to her and she immediately ordered me to get undressed adding “ you know that is not what you want to wear, slut.” I trembled a little as I removed my clothes and folded the stuff I just took off she told me to bend over in front of her when I finished. I did as she instructed I laid my face sideways on the carpet with my ass poked up in the air facing her. She left me waiting for a few minutes before swiftly smacking my ass with her paddle. I whimpered and moaned as the sting went through my body. She asked if I was sorry and I quickly told her I was sorry and I would be a better pet next time. She ordered me to turn around, while looking at the clock. She hissed get dressed or we are gonna be late and you are gonna be sorry. She did her make up while I go t in my slut attire. Not wanting to delay her and find out just how sorry she would make me, I quickly opened the drawer with my slut wear and got dressed. I wore a black corset top that ended inside my black mini skirt and under neath I wore a pair of hot pink panties and a black garter belt attached my fishnet thigh highs. Miss Porscha put a blonde wig on me about the same color and style as her own hair and quickly applied make-up to my face. She then grabbed my hand and almost d**g me down the hall way, telling me we have to hurry. We jumped form lane to lane dodging traffic heading into Atlanta. Porscha looking at herself in the mirror, when she got the chance, trying to fix her hair. When we came to the first stop light, it having just turned red, she beat her palm on the steering wheel saying “Dammit, I'm gonna be in trouble” to herself going on “ Fuck, it is bad enough he requested my presence last weekend and I didn't make it now I'm gonna be late.” she instantly told me where we are going, Castro's House. I guess to make a long story short, one could say it was my master's master's house. We had met Castro a year or so back and he had quickly turned Porscha into his bitch for time to time he would call her asking her to come over to his place or wanting to come to our home. Rarely would his request be denied. However, last weekend we had already planned on seeing a couple we had met on the internet. Freaks we maybe, but we are still people of our word, so we followed through with them. Of course, I didn't even know of Castro's request last week. Though I am sure he wouldn't be upset, he knows if she is able to, she meets his demand, showing up as soon as possible. However, even I was worried of what he may do yo my poor wife if she was late. We were only two blocks away when she glanced at the time and gasped “Oh No, I'm Fuckin' LATE!” I could feel her hands sweating as he led me by the hand up to Castro's place. We walked right in and the living room was empty. Porscha called out “ Master, I've come.” A voice erupted from down the hall, commanding her to “get back her now.” she led me to the empty corner where I often found myself and ordered me to get on my knees and face down in the corner as I heard her walk away.

Porscha's P.O.V. I put my little slut in the corner and nervously walked down the hall to Master Castro's room. He was going to be very mad at me and he would no doubt punish me. I entered his room and dropped to my knees and told him I was so sorry I was late. His deep voice thundered “Where was you at?” He didn't give me a chance to answer before he went on “ I bet you were playing with that little slut of yours, weren't you? Were you two eating each others pussies like the nasty whores you are?” I shuddered as I answered him “N-No Sir, it was traffic. I never let my pet touch me before you, you know that.” He was almost yelling at me when he said “ You Nasty Whore! You don't tell me what I know of or don't know of! Matter fact you don't say a word unless I tell you! Come here and use that mouth for all it is good for, eating dick!” I crawled over to him on my hands and knees. His eyes looked down on me as I unzipped his pants, letting his big fat cock fall from his shorts as I pulled them down. I let his cock lay across my face as I sucked each of his balls licking ans kissing them. I watched his face through my puppy dog eyes and finally ran my tongue along the entire underside of the shaft, then holding the head on my out reached tongue asked “Is that good , Master?” I was answered with a “shut up” as he slapped his cock on my face. He then put it in my mouth and shoved it back until I gagged, and pulled it back for just a second, an shoved it back in my throat and I gagged worse. He repeated this over and over again fucking my face. He continued to speak in vengeance through his teeth “ I don't care what you say, I bet you had that little slut in the living room touching all over that pussy of mine.” I tried to shake my head no, but he held me tightly, fucking my face. Castro often asked me or told me rather that I loved being treated like a slut sucking his big dick. My eyes had began to water as I looked up at my master, my makeup ran down my face form my tears, my vision was blurred so much I could no longer see him. By the time he grabbed me and laid me face down on the bed and pulled my dress up over my ass. He pulled my panties, but then decided just to rip them off. I felt his big hands pull my ass cheeks apart as his cock head slid down in between them. With only my spit and slob as lube he pushed at my puckered hole. I let out a long whine as his f***e finally over whelmed my asshole and his plum sized cock head busted in to me. I bet my whimper could be heard outside. He showed me no mercy as he told me I “had to be taught a lesson so I would think twice about being late ever again.” He only had a few inches in, which he did f***efully but slowly. I heard him angrily whispered through his teeth “ You need to learn who is the boss, You do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. You understand me you little whore?” I knew I wasn't to answer that question. He harshly f***ed a few more inches up my ass. I moaned out the pain causing my body to tense up, which made the invasion of his cock that much worse. Again he stopped awaiting my whimpers to silence before he went on to say “ You are mine to do with as I please and you'll be here when I please! You hear me Slut! Nothing else matters til I am taken care of, then you can go play house with your slut until I want to bust your holes open again.” I whimpered “ Yes, I'm sorry, Master.” As he began to work his fuck stick around in my ass, moans filled the room , I knew I was about to get an ass pounding I would never forget.

Tod's P.O.V. I lay there with my ass in the air on the corner, where I was told to stay. My stomach turned, full of butterflies as I wondered what he would do to Porscha. I understand as she owns me and must punish me for my mistakes, Castro must do the same to his pet. I could hear faint inaudible words at first and then nothing for a while. Then I heard it, I heard my wife's moans ea]escaping the room as another man had his way with her. My mind wondered ad I listened to her moans and whines. What was he doing to her? I, if nothing else, could rest assure he would stop is she were to use the safe word, but I also knew , like me, if it was humanly possible to do or endure, she would before she would ever use the safe word. I kept telling myself that having someone push you to that limit was a good thing, but I was still nervous. It was enough to drive me crazy, having to listen to such abuse and not even know what the abuse was. The gasps and cries became closer together, which meant he was most likely picking up speed. Then all of a sudden between her moans,Porscha called out, “Slut, get in here” I would have run to her, but in these heels I can barely walk, much less run. I opened the door to see my wife bent over on the bed with her back arched, ass pushed out and up. Her face lay sideways on down the bed facing the door. She ordered me to crawl, even though I knew I wasn't supposed OT be standing, but I was far from reality. I was in a trance watching him slam his huge cock in her tiny asshole. As he slammed himself balls deep inside her, I came back to reality and quickly sunk down where I belong on my knees. Just as I got eye level with his member, I saw him shoot what was left of his load that wasn;t deposited in to her ass on to her twitching and gaping asshole. Porscha heaved out a deep command through her teeth for me to get over to clean her. Castro sat down on the bed with a smirk watching me crawl over. He told her I'd better not lick on that pussy unless it was to get his cum off of it, and I had to spit it back out on her ass before I could eat it. So I couldn't taste her pussy, only her ass like I deserved. She said in a stern voice “ Need I repeat that?” I said “ No,Miss Porscha.” I had heard him and as long as it was her wish I would to anything, all she had to so was say so. I was her slut and she was his slut. I guess at the end of the day he owned us both because she would make me do as he told he to make me, but everyone understood regardless of what it really was, she had to tell me to. I was her's to command and I happily served her. She told me to hurry up and clean her. She looked over he shoulder as I pout my tongue out to reach for a few pearls of cum on her ass cheek. As soon as I licked them and she saw them return to my mouth on my tinge she smiled proudly and slayed her head back on the bed knowing I would do as trained and leave her cleaner than a shower would. Castro watched with a smile of his own as my mouth closed to swallow his cum. Going to get a little more on the edge of her cheeks before diving in, so to speak, I caught a glimpse of the ravaged hole for the first time. My god, her puckered hole was stretched out beyond belief with a large deposit of cum in the center. That perhaps had leaked out as she tried to close her hole. Which I am sure was gaping open like never before. I lapped at her ass, licking up and swallowing the chunks of her Master's cum from her ass. When she felt I was licking at her hole and not cleaning up her hole. She instructed me to clean the inside and poked her ass back out at me more. I had never done that before, but I obeyed her command without hesitation I shoved my tongue inside her. Castro let out a long “MMMmmmm.. How does her ass taste full of my nut?” and in a joking tone said “ Slut, would you like me to get a straw to make sure he gets it all?” Porscha moaned enjoying my soft tongue inside her sore swollen ass “ if you wish, it would be mu wish for him, um, I mean her to use a straw.” He just laughed and said maybe later. After ten minutes of cleaning, I decided to use my pointer fingers to spread her to make sure I got it all. She felt my hands and jerked away, spun around and slapped me, hissing “ I did not tell you that you could use your hands!' She then ordered me to get down off the bed and to the corner of the room. I sat and watched as Castro pulled Porscha over next to him. They sat on the edge of the bed looking at me, my dress,and my humiliation. He glanced at me smirking, and as if to tease me he grabbed his limp dick and to my wife “here ya little slut, play with this cock.” to which she replied cheerfully “Mmm, Yes Master.” She sat there playing with his big fuck stick as if it was a toy. She was happy that after her ass pounding he wasn't too upset with her , or so it seemed he wasn't. Castro whispered something in her ear. The look she gave me as he did, made me feel like he was talking about me. When he finished she replied without secrecy “ If you wish, anything to serve you.” with that he got up and left the room. After the door closed behind him she said “get over here bitch and take off my boots.” I removed her boots staring at her soaking wet cunt. Thinking about it squirting for him. Having removed her boots I began licking and kissing her feet. Neither of us are into foot worship, its all about submitting to her, I kept my eyes on that picture perfect pretty pink pussy of her's. It was so wet I could see it and I would do anything to put my tongue on and in it. Wishing I'd have the privilege on it for as long as she would allow me. She watched me staring at her and finally asked if I would like to taste it. I quickly shook my head yes. Hoping for some of her sweet juice, but much to my dismay she told me if I “was really nice to Castro he may let you”. I knew better then to get my hopes up because just as I listened to her and gave her everything she demanded when I submitted to her, she would to the same for Castro. I kept starting at that pretty pussy wanting and fantasizing all the while knowing when he was done it would be swollen, sore, stretched out, and full of cum. It didn't matter, I'd be all over it. Castro returned asking as he opened the door if he was gonna have to walk around all day with Porscha's slutty ass all over his cock. She lit up eyes wide with “ Oh NO. I'm SO sorry Master, I wasn't thinking.” She jumped up so fast my head almost spun off trying to follow her with my eyes as she flew to him quickly going to her knees before him. However when she went to reach for his meat he pulled back, just moving his hips back. She looked up, confused, and he looked her in the eyes and then hot his eyes to me. He flashed that smirk of his and Porscha understood immediately and her smile consumed her face it was so big. I really didn't need to be told I understood but I awaited the command. She called over to me “ Slut, get over here now.” I crawled slowly and she was upset by it. She threatened serious punishment if I kept her waiting much longer. Once I arrived, she questioned me with “you wanna clean this, don't you?” while she shook his package. Though it really wasn't a question because it only had one answer. To which I replied “ yes, Miss Porscha. I'd love to lick every inch of it clean for you.” She smiled and had a sense of relief in her eyes, perhaps wondering if I would act up, which would of got us both in trouble. She held it at the base as I began to lick on it. Tasting my wife's ass and him I closed my eyes and began to clean him. I know it may sound crazy to most but I was turned on by having the privilege of pleasing Miss Porscha. I am indeed a lucky man and cleaning up for her is simply the duty of a slave's slave. My thoughts were interrupted by Castro's deep voice asking me “how does your wife's ass taste on my cock?” I let out a long “mmmmm” As if to say it was good. His cock twitched to life as he went on “ aren't you a little slut? You are enjoying cleaning her ass off a big cock for her.” his cock twitched again and had got hard enough to no longer need Porscha to hold it for me. She said nothing, just watched me cleaning him off with her mouth wide. She decided to remove my mini skirt to reveal the garter belt and my ass clad in pink laced panties. She rubbed and slapped my ass a few times before coming down to her knees beside me. She watched encouraging me with many “yeah, that's it” and finally lost in desire to please my master, being the submissive slut that I am, I began to suck him, less about cleaning and more about pleasuring him. She watched moaning here and there, so turned on by it. Just then Castro whispered “ don't just watch slave, get your nasty little mouth on that dick.” I moved off to one side to suck, lick, and kiss the side allowing her to take him in to her throat. She tried to take in a little more of his manhood each time and was doing an amazing job. So much that she was taking him so far in to her throat they there was no more room for me, but Castro so gratuitously put one foot up on the edge of the bed and let me keep helping Miss Porscha by allowing her to put me under him, sucking and servicing his large balls. He could only stand bot 5 or 6 minutes of her magical mouth before her was ready to release his second huge load of sperm. He jerked back announcing that he was gonna cum and put the head of his dick on Porscha's wide open, awaiting mouth. He unloaded streams of gooey semen and all of it was caught and held in her mouth, he stood quietly as he milked him making sure she got every last drop. He pulled away as she presented the mouthful of cum to him. He smiled and said “ good, you may do what you wish with it, but just don't waste it.” She closed her mouth quickly, rushing to her purse as we both watched wondering what she was doing. She shuffled around in it and finally pulled a Bic pen out, biting it she removed both ends which she dropped back in her purse only keeping out the tube. She came over,unable to speak with a mouthful of cum and pushed my head down to the carpet, pulled my ass up which had bee sitting on my heels as I rest on my knees, then yanked my pink panties down around my thighs and shoved the tube roughly into my little puckered asshole. She then pushed all the nut from her mouth along with her spit down the tube and into my ass. I felt the hot wetness filling my insides and when he finished she simply pulled the panties back up around my waist and cheerfully said “ OK, there we go. Put up for safe keeping” After slapping my ass added “ maybe later if I feel like it I will make you squeeze it onto a plate to have for a snack.”wrapping her announcement up with an evil laugh. It was cut off by Castro saying “speaking of dishes, I got a sink full.” Porscha answered with out hesitation “ pet, go clean the dishes” I crawled out of the room after getting through the door way I stood an slowly walked out of site, down the hall. It wasn't 5 minutes before he led Porscha down the hall into the living room where he pulled the wooden coffee table towards his recliner, the length of it inline with the seat. I watched wondering, as he told her to “ slide forward on the table and all you are to do is think about how you love that big cock.” She did as she was told, putting her face in his crotch. He really only had a few dishes and I was done quickly, getting back on my knees I crawled back into the living room. She heard me coming and simply said “ in the corner, ass up.”i went to my corner and put my panty clad ass in the air as told. The room fell silent for a few minutes until Castro apparently turned on some porn filling the air with sounds of sex. I listened intently as the porn star begged to be fucked harder and deeper. MY cock jumped to life, I was already so horny, the slightest thing would be more than enough to excite me. I guess Castro noticed the bulge in my panties because he turned the porno down some and said loudly“ look at that would you,slut, your little slave must be sitting over there thinking he is gonna get some. I bet what he really wants is to know what his wife feels like stuffed full of this big dick.” I said nothing and neither did Porscha. After a second Castro suggested she call me over to watch her suck his cock. She of course dd as he requested. I crawled over to them. She wrapped her lips around his fat pipe and had it rock hard and ready in minutes. He pulled her off him with a handful of her hair and asked her if she'd “like to stretch her little pink pussy around him.” She had a sexiness in her voice as she said “ yes please, let me have the privilege to please you I want to feel a real cock. Fuck me raw master, please.” He responded with “ get off the table and climb on my lap.” Then pausing before going on to say “I bet your little slut would love to have a close up of the action and even hold you open.” She purred out a “yes he would love that.” Then her sweet voice went harsh as she hissed “ get over here and help Castro give me the pounding that your not man enough to give me.” I crawled over, dripping in the humiliation that covered me like I had been on a pool of it. Here I was the slave of a slave, dressed like a slut, and degraded to helping my wife fuck someone else, and not just a stranger, but her master. As she straddled him, I took one hand and spread her sweet pussy lips. With the other hand I took this throbbing hard cock and and put it in place. Once it was at the opening of her pussy I let got of his cock, but still holding her open. I placed my free hand in the arch of her back just above her ass and pushed down. Castro gasped for air as he felt the downward pressure being applied and said “ yea.... that's it, keep going” I pushed watching her tight pussy pull the surrounding outer lips in as he pushed at her hole, but it didn't give at first, then finally I saw her tight cunt give and split around his big cock. Miss Porscha gasp and moaned “Ohhh. Oooooo” I stopped of a second as if I did something wrong , but went on applying pressure forcing my wife down on this huge chunk of man meat. I let go of her lips which didn't need spreading as much as I needed to put my hand on her hips to push her down on his pipe. Her pussy bulged up on the sides and was no longer the oval shape. His thickness turned her narrow oval pussy in to some what of a circle stretched around his shaft. She whined and quivered as I impaled my own wife on another man's cock. About half way down I decided to pull up some before working it further inside her. I will never forget the sight of my wife's small pink inner pussy lips wrapped so tightly around him that as I withdrew him from her the pulled out as if they were trying to follow it, like they were hands trying to desperately grab a hold of a rope slipping away. After a few inches, thought the sight made my cock throb, I pushed her back down to put her little lips back in place The two of them both released pleasurable sounds as I tried to bury him inside of her. After I pushed her down as far as she'd go and pushed even harder to make sure, she wiggled he ass a little which I took as her telling me to let go. She then took control and began to ride him. I watched entranced by the sight of his big member disappearing deep inside my wife, stretching her cunt to it's limit. I briefly pictured me sliding my self in her ass so she'd be pulling up of one and on to the other but that wasn't going to happen today, perhaps if it would’ve been just she may let me play , but it is rare when I submit and become her pet. I had zoned out watching her ride him, when I finally wondered my way back to reality, I started licking on Porscha's ass as she rode Castro. She arched her back immediately and cried out “ Yeah, that''s it, eat my ass, That's a good boy!” Her delight brought me pleasure and I was lost in the heat of the moment . I attempted to follow her ass up and down, trying to tongue fuck her while I reached around to play with her clit. One hand spreading her the other rubbing that spot. My god, I was so horny that when she went up to far and his cock sprung from her gaping cunt,i instantly grabbed it and took it into my mouth, slurping on the cock covered in her sweet juices. I would have done anything just to taste her, even damn near choke myself sucking a dick. She lifted up to the side, extending one leg to look under her, between her legs to watch me. Castro let out a long pleasure fulled moan before saying “ suck my dick, eat your wife's pussy off my big cock. How does it feel to get to taste your wife's cunt on another man?” After letting me clean him, she lowered back down over his stomach and pushed her ass backwards effectively moving my head off of him. I helped him back inside her pussy that had began to tighten up made there moan's reflected her cunt's rebound. It in fact was such a good twist that she now raised up intentionally for which I didn't disappoint by wrapping my lips around him and I sucked my wife's cum off him and there was plenty since she was a squirter. This big cock inside her had made her a waterfall, I had neglected his cum covered balls all the other times, not even noticing the stash of sweat and pussy juices covering them, but not this time, I licked and sucked them as my wife's pussy and ass slammed down on the side of my face. I am not sure if it was because he came so much already or if he was just that good at holding out, but I had never seen such a relentless pounding and neither had Miss Porscha's previously pink pussy. It was now red and looked savagely beaten. Finally Castro flipped her back and put her on the coffee table and slammed his meat hammer deep inside my wife. Like any good slave I climbed under the coffee table and raised myself upon my elbows and licked the cum dripping off him and her from her ass crack. She came squirting all over,over and over again. I was literally eating mouthfuls of cum. My jaw and tongue hurt so bad I can't even imagine how her cunt must feel. His pace got even faster then he stopped for a second to look down t me and tell me to lay flat under them . I did at I was told and I watched as his big dick disappeared inside my wife and his balls made a wet slapping sound off her ass. She moaned and seemed to be running short on cum, having released so much. She came again but only a very little sprayed out of her and on to him. It dripped form his balls and on to my face I tried but didn't manage to catch any in my mouth as he bounced back and forth in her abused bl**d red cunt. The finally slammed his twitching balls against her ass and held them there as he jerked in pleasure, cumming inside my wife. As he pulled out he reached for his cock and he lowered him self to rub on my face before taking it ti her to clean, leaving her gaping abused slit dripping semen and pussy juice down he ass and into my mouth. It was indeed a mouthful. I caught it all and held it in my mouth until it stopped dripping. When Castro went back down the hall and into the bathroom, I leaned up and grabbed Porscha from under her legs and lifted her ass in the air and up off the coffee table. Her cunt was in the air and gaping open. I put all my reward I had collected in my mouth back into her pussy as she gave me a sexy smile and said, “ Oh you wanted to eat the cum out of me, huh?” I shook my head yes slowly as I let it run inside her before I let her rest back down on the table. I began to suck and eat her sore swollen pussy as she squeezed the cum from her cunt I was surprised to find there had been a lot more inside her than I thought. As she began to cum in my mouth big white salty globs of his cum flowed from her gash to my mouth and down my throat. Thankfully Castro took a while and I was able to eat my wife's pussy and clean her thoroughly before e heard his footsteps coming back down the hall Castro returned, smiling,I fearfully thought he knew what I had done, but thankfully he was just happy. When he looked at me, he said. “ Today is your lucky day, since you turned out to be a good cock sucker and I am tired I guess I will just have to show you how your wife feels stuffed full of this big dick. After all we all three know you are dying to be made into the little slut you are deep down.” I gave him a pouty face as if I was disappointed that he was still being mean after what I had just done. He glanced at Porscha and said “ just to let you both know, you are NOT to make any plans for the last weekend of the month. You are to be here and I haven't decided if we are going to have company or not. “ He commandingly said “ just be here and you better be on time.” The he walked off as I thought about the being late and the ass fucking he had given my wife for it. The demon in me decided that she better be real nice to me in the next two weeks or I may make her late intentionally. He put what we had left in his room in to the hallway and shut his bedroom door. We quickly got dressed and left. On our way to the car I couldn't believe it, but a rather large man stopped us on the side walk and introduced him self as “Flash” Porscha introduced herself and me as her “ husband and wife” He smiled and said “ yes, I see.” Then he asked what we were doing to night. She said “well it is 2 am, tonight has come and gone” Then she laughed as did he saying ' yea, you got me there.” and he threw in “ unless the world ends there is always another night.” she smirked and said “ yea, and maybe if the world doesn't end I may call you if you have a phone.” He gave her his number and we went home and then...... well that is a whole other story!
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Fantastic story.
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enjoyed reading and look forward to reading more from you
as a suggestion break it down into paragraphs , it makes it easier to read
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