My introduction to BBC

My name is Helen, I am twenty-eight years old, American Citizen living in London, England, I have a honors Degree. I have long blonde hair, blue eyes and a good figure. I am US size eight dress size and have 34 inch C/D cup breasts. This is my story and I hope that you enjoy it.

Andy and I [we are both white] met at school when we were both only eleven years old, we fell in love or as close as you can get at that age to a relationship. Our parents knew each other well and consequently there were no objections to Andy and me being sweethearts. Since our grades were consistently high and we were always seen on the surface to be only goofing around, our families had no concerns that there might be more to us than they saw.

As time went by our hugs and kisses got more intimate, by my s*******nth birthday I had given Andy my virginity. His cock by then wasn't big but it worked out well for us. We didn't really know entirely what we were doing, but it felt so darned good with his cock inside me hearing and seeing him cum. We had to start being careful about birth control, it sort of became an obsession with him fearing his parents wrath if he got me pregnant.

Andy played football in the school team and I never missed a game when he was playing. Whilst he wanted me to become a cheerleader, I don't get along with other girls so good, they tend to see me as potential competition to them with their boyfriends.

Andy's best friend from his c***dhood is a guy called Tom, he's a big guy, he's black and he is cool. Tom suffered injuries to his leg in a tackle in training which resulted in him being unable to play football ever again. Tom and I kept each other company whilst the games were played. Eventually Tom started dating my cousin Janine and it was cool to be hanging around with the four of us. I found Tom very attractive and masturbated thinking about him many times over the years, a special treat to think about when I was feeling down and needed to cum several times.

Andy and I got married, it was then that I discovered that Andy and I cannot have c***dren. There is no logical reason why not, our Doctors assured us that it was not unusual, maybe we should consider other means to get me pregnant. We put our disappointment behind us. To my joy we discontinued all methods of birth control and fucked like a pair of rabbits wherever and whenever the mood took us. At first it took us everywhere.

Eventually, we got tired of sex in the ordinary way, it became mundane and mechanical, we had been sexually active for some years but neither had experienced other partners. We started to look on the Internet for more motivation. Andy asked the guys at his work for suggestions as to which porno sites were the best, he was inundated with recommendations. Initially we enjoyed all the things that we saw and sex became fun again, especially since both of us learnt lots of new tricks to improve our giving.

Then one night everything changed, we ventured onto an Interracial Site. There was a movie of black guy with a cock the size of which you would find on a small horse, he was with a stunningly beautiful young white girl, she was begging him to fuck her. I was mesmerised, I don't think that I had ever been so wet or horny in my entire life before. I just couldn't stop watching the movie and masturbating having fantastic orgasms in quick succession. We must have seen it five times when I begged Andy to fuck me. Clearly he knew that I was fantasising that it was the black guy doing it to me and he was enjoying the vibes he was getting from me, when I started to cum so did he. My orgasm was huge and evidently so was his.

That site became our preferred pleasure, so much happiness seeing the black guys with stunning pretty young white girls giving themselves to them. In some movies the guys would cum in the girl's mouth, sometimes on her body and some actually cum in their pussy. The first time I saw a girl getting unprotected sex from her black partner and then begging him to cum in her, I almost went into orbit with pleasure seeing and knowing that he was cumming inside her without a condom. That movie was my masturbation motivation for a very long time, I have cum fast and frequently many times checking-out that action.

I mentioned to Andy that the guys in the movies must have been specially selected for having the biggest cocks, Andy wasn't so sure, he had seen so many black guys in the locker room naked at football and almost all were bigger and longer than most white guys that he knew and saw.

That night he let me enjoy myself for a while as I looked at interracial movies with my fingers inside my panties, he was deep in thought. Suddenly, out of the blue asked me if I wanted to experience actual sex with a black guy? I asked him if he was serious or if that it was just a harmless fantasy that was motivating him to get horny. He promised me that he was serious and begged me to consider doing it. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest, I had been masturbating and fantasising about getting fucked by a black guy for so long and now I was being offered the chance to experience it for real. I agreed immediately. Coyly he told me that Tom had been jerking off for years thinking about having me, he had asked Andy many times if he could make it happen with me, Andy agreed he'd like that to happen but didn't think that I would go along with it.

Recent to that time Andy had borrowed some money from Tom, Tom had said that he didn't need to pay him back if he'd persuade me to fuck him. Andy told me that Tom had a cock the size of the porno site guys. Our fuck that night was even better than usual, I told Andy that I was imagining that it was Tom's black cock inside me having me without a condom and giving me his cum. There was a groan and lots of odd noises from Andy, he had cum several times in quick succession, maybe the best orgasms in his life he said.

The following day was a Saturday. Andy went to see a local game as usual. In the middle of the afternoon my cell phone rang, it was Tom. OMG, my heart was thrashing and my panties went wet. He said he knew what Andy and I had agreed the previous night, he asked me if I really was serious, I affirmed that I was. He asked how soon we could get together, my reply was as soon as he was ready I was also. He hung-up. The front door chime rang out, when I answered it there was Tom standing looking at me. I asked him to come inside, he made straight through to the bedroom, I followed him pulling my tee shirt, bra and Jeans off as I went.

When we met in the bedroom I was only wearing my panties. Pure blind passion took us over. I was down on my knees pulling his jeans and underwear out of my way to access his already hard cock. Andy had not been k**ding me about the size of Tom's cock, it is very long, he is many times thicker than Andy's. To my extreme pleasure I discovered that he is uncut, he has a foreskin. I'd seen them in the movies and knew exactly what to do with it. I slid his foreskin back as I had seen the white girls do and took the head of his cock into my mouth. Oh dear, suddenly I was tasting cum, it had all been to much excitement for my sweet Tom to hold back on. Tom produced a huge amount of cum, at first I wanted to gag and spit, then I slowed down my reactions and swallowed all that he gave me. I stood up still holding his cock, it was going flaccid but I wasn't letting go. He took me to the bed, ripped my panties off and we started to make out. It wasn't long before Tom's erection returned. I lay naked on the bed, my heart was thrashing, my breathing was out of control, I was watching Tom climb between my open legs with a very hard, very long and very thick cock heading in my direction. I was cumming the moment I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussy.

Tom pushed his huge BBC up my pussy, I was clearly a tight fit and not deep enough, it was hurting and hurt even more as he did his best to push deeper into me. Eventually he began to fuck me, slowly at first, then his pace picked up as I started having another orgasm. Once I'd cum he slowed down again for a while.

In time he asked how much I was enjoying his cock. This was my time, I had practised this answer and knew exactly what I wanted to say, I told him I wanted him to fuck me hard and cum inside me, suddenly the pair of us broke loose and we were cumming, it was too much for me to handle, I actually lost consciousness, like WTF? When I came around his cock was still hard and still inside me, I could feel his cock twitching as he was secreting yet more cum into me. We played around for a while and then fucked again. It was only when we'd finished fucking and he'd finally given me his cum in my pussy yet again that we realised Andy was standing by the bed watching us and jerking off, poor Tom got the whole of Andy's load shoot over his back, but he didn't seem to mind.

Tom showered, dressed and left, both Andy and I were still horny. It was all too easy for me to imagine that it was Tom's cock inside me until I realised it wasn't hurting and I could hardly feel him, Andy just kept fucking me and cumming, he was like a man possessed for over an hour.

The following day Andy asked me if I'd consider having another session with Tom, a stupid question really, Tom and I had already agreed we'd do just that with or without Andy's consent.

Tom was my lover for eight months, Andy became the guy jerking off in the corner watching us. Tom had taken his place in my bed. We let Andy watch us fuck most nights, he never tired of seeing us, he simply jerked, would cum and went back to his room.

One day I realised there was a problem. Not needing to use birth control with Andy for so many years and me being so aroused by having my black lover shoot his cum inside me without a condom on an almost daily basis, I had quite forgotten that it is only with Andy that I can't conceive. To my horror I discovered that I was three months pregnant.

The last time Andy had fucked me and cum inside me was after I fucked Tom
for the very first time eight months previously. Tom had faithfully respected my wishes he'd never used condoms when we fucked and he'd always cum inside my pussy without exception, clearly Tom was the Daddy. I held off for a few days working up the courage to tell both Tom and Andy. When I did tell them it was like a bombshell going off, neither of them had even thought about the possibility of me getting pregnant. They were horrified, I couldn't believe them, what was their problem, what was the big deal?

I telephoned my cousin Janine, we met, went out, had a meal and got d***k together. It was like being young women again just having fun.

I woke up in Hospital, I was very confused. They told me that I'd collapsed and been taken to the ER, the Nurse said that the Doctor needed to talk. What the Doctor had to tell me was that I'd mis-carried my baby and needed a proceedure to correct things.

Andy was so attentive calling every day at the hospital to see me, when I asked about Tom he changed the subject.

Getting back home after the discharge there was a letter waiting for me from Tom, in short he'd gone away. He said that he never envisaged ever being a f****y man, that our sex had been the best in his life, but he only wanted the fun part of being my lover.

Andy and my relationship fell apart very quickly, we didn't fuck any longer but I did suck his cock on occassions, he was still my husband and we still loved each other in our own ways. I needed time out to get my head straight, the trauma of losing the baby coupled with the betrayal of my lover was all too much. My English Cousin Ellie offered me the chance to go stay and work with her in London, England, I shared it with Andy and he agreed I go.

Many months on and I am still in London making a new life for myself. Andy and I have divorced.

Do I regret my first dalliance with BBC? Absolutely not. What I have learnt is to take birth control precautions very seriously. I hate condoms but they do prevent a whole host of problems. Fucking without precautions is still a very much enjoyed pleasure, I get my best orgasms doing just that, just not very often and with a very trusted black partner.

I have discovered from the fair number of black guys who I have fucked since Tom have not always been hung like small horse and only had what I call average size cocks, they are not always better lovers than white guys. However, Black cock is the only cock that I want, it fulfils all my sexual needs and desires. It is nothing to do with superiority, it is nothing to do with technique or even size.
I only wish that I'd discovered my preference earlier, even losing my virginity to a black cock, had never been married to any guy and led a sexual lifestyle that involved only BBC. I am grateful to Tom for being my lover and grateful to Andy for giving me the oportunity to discover the way I want to go and have the courage to let me follow that path.

21% (10/36)
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2 years ago
Really really good
2 years ago
Well written.. Thanks for posting!!
2 years ago
lucky tom :)
2 years ago
Good story, is it a true story?
2 years ago
love this story...hmmm
2 years ago
2 years ago
Either a very vivid imagination,
or there's truth in here.....
Either way, well written, sexy!
2 years ago
nicely done.. you should have involved Andy in a 3some DP...
2 years ago
Delicious - so well written and incredibly erotic