I Call Him Daddy: The Sequel

My Daddy is such a good daddy.

He goes to work even when he's not feeling well, and he works all day, really hard, making sure he provides for his little girl. Even though he works all day, really hard, he texts me to check on my progress. I tell him which assignment I'm working on and what I still have left. He fusses over me a little bit to keep me focused. I don't mind. I know he does it because he loves me.

This afternoon, he texted me to see how far along I was on my Art History paper. I told him I was almost finished and ready to submit it but that Mommy was taking me to pick up my new glasses and we'd be gone for a while. He told Mommy to go ahead without me because I was still working on an assignment, so Mommy left and I called Daddy on his cell phone just like he instructed me to.

Daddy had gone out to his car for a little break to talk to his little girl. He said his little pumpkin needed to take a small break because it would help her get all rejuvenated in order to complete her assignment. Daddy knows best.

Daddy told me to put on one of the diapers from the package he bought me. We keep them a secret. I had to climb the stepladder in my clothes closet to push through the attic trap door and pull the diaper package through. I put on my diaper and pushed my favorite binky into my mouth, too. Daddy told me all the loving things I needed to make me a puddle of happy, and then he helped his baby girl cum in her diaper by telling her all the deviant things she needed to hear, too.

One day, Daddy will spank my bottom regularly, making it so red and warm. He will insert his fingers, one at a time, into his little sweetheart's pouty asshole, stretching her with the one hand while stroking her hair with the other. And then Daddy told me he needs his asshole licked while he tugs on his cock to make a nice big daddy mess for his darling to clean up.

I sucked harder and harder on my binky and pushed my little hand down my diaper and made my clitty so stiff it was almost like a little penis. And then I came really hard into my diaper for Daddy.

I love my daddy. He works really hard but takes the time to keep his girl in line and even jerk off for his little baby doll out in his car in the company parking lot. He is the best daddy in the world.

83% (25/5)
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2 months ago
Reading this again.. god, I love it! You should really message me.
7 months ago
OMG! You have no idea just how much I wish you were My Little Girl while you were growing up!
Me, my Real Life Daughter and her Mommy would all have so much Fun making you apart of our incest and Lust filled Family, Sexy Girl... I would make ALL of your Daddy Fantasies a reality and you'd Love your new experiences with a Mommy and your Dirty Sister that Likes Daddy and other Girls her age!
8 months ago
Great story.
8 months ago
nice story
11 months ago
Another thought.... who, in their right mind, would give your story a "thumbs down"? Almost funny, really.
11 months ago
Oh, my God, you're KILLING me! I'll be re-reading THIS a few times. lol Many thanks... for just being there, I guess. :-)
1 year ago
Daddy is so proud of is little angel - many hugs & kisses for my little girl xoxoxoxoxo
1 year ago
1 year ago
lovly storie
1 year ago
I thought you werent gonna tell anyone bout the diapers honey! its our sercret :) xoxoxoxox
1 year ago
Concerned daddy, lucky girl...
1 year ago
very lucky daddy
1 year ago
good girl!
1 year ago
Daddy is one lucky man!!!