Summer-Sweat-Beer & twins

48-Tattooed Slim Daddy. I Love freeballing in the summer! On one 92 degree day (Summer-2013) after I went for a run downtown, I decided to do the junk was dripping w/sweat. I jumped into my car, peeled off my short shorts, changed into a pair of thin cotton khaki shorts, & Went to my favorite downtown watering hole on Campus which sits on a lake. I wear a cockring, and was already horny as hell. Ppl could see my entire outline! I grabbed cold beer, sat @ a table by the lake and took in the beauty (shirtless guy, not the Lake). One sexy shirtless boy walked by me, paused, came over & said hi!  I had a student hitting on me there! He was hot, fit, skinny, tan, sweaty (it was 92+ degrees), I could see his cock thru his white mesh shorts & this 21 yr old was bold enough to ask me back to his apt, after we chatted over a couple beers. I finished my beer while he sat and touched my knee. We walked to his place, only about 6 blks. Both shirtless, drenched in sweat. We got into his bldg, 2nd floor apt., went in, AC barely making a difference,  and he was on me in 2 seconds. Kissing, (I thought "wow, 21 & he kisses this well?") sniffing & licking my pits (another Huge Turn on). He dropped to knees & I was balls deep down his troat!
.....I looked down at his bobbing head watching his full lips wrapped around my wet, sweaty cock. Sweat from my face dripped down his. Hot sun light thru the windows hit us and I could see his didn't isrd cock poking his white mesh shorts. He peeled back one shorts leg & I looked down at his Thick, uncut, precum dripping college dick. I was surprised how nice it was! I pulled him up & changed places & I got busy on his uncut dick. Well after a bit, shorts were off, on the bed, his legs were over his head and I was inside him. I was looking down @ myself pumping his hole. For a minute I never noticed his "roommate" had come in quietly. I kept fucking, my bottom kept moaning... It was weird @ first. Roommate was a  Carbon copy of the young bottom I was pumping. He walked in, said "Fucking Hot", pulled his sweaty shorts off,  he was shirtless, half hard, uncut, came over, and slid his dick into his friend's mouth. I was in heaven. I reached out, felt, rubbed, sqeezed & smacked the sweaty ass in front of me. Both had tight little butts, tight holes, & were great kissers! And I'll just say the next hour & a half was great! As far as knew, these guys were a couple. We all kissed, the roommate that walked in fucked the bottom after I bred him.  I came 3 times. Once in bottom's hole,  roommate's hole & 3rd was shared orally by these boys!  Yup. Didn't fully realize, until they were both licking up my 3rd load that there were Twins! I didn't really think about, It was hazy & hot in the apartment, we were all sweaty in their Apt. Plus, 1 has on mohawk, the other a military cut & tattoos. After that I was even more surprised... they said "Let's go back down to the Terrace & have a beer!" I pulled on my tight shorts,  those boys each pulled on matching pairs of Tight tight short short denims. They both were freeballing & u could almost see every Vain in their still pretty hard dicks thru those shorts. We all walked back holding hands, me in the center... I kept thinking "I wish I had All this on video!". We had a blast! Nice guys, super easy to be around, smart, & the fun part, getting Looks, because everytime one of us got up to go piss or get beers we kissed. It was better than my trip to San Diego a year b4! Those 2 knew how to push this Daddy's buttons! They made sure I could see & smell their sexy armpits every minute! After a couple more beers & waters! I had enuff heat. I was about to say my goodbyes when they both said "Round 2?" Well... Let's just say I slept very well that night.
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1 year ago
great story! got any more???