birtday wish

it had been a couple of months when the day finaly arrived it had took a two hr train ride and twenty minuets in a taxi and then the door opened hi sarha im shell please come in so good to meet at last .we gave each other a big hug and went into the hse ,please leave your case there and come into the kitchen ,i was so excited to finaly meet face to face ,i know she said me to i dont know how ive been able not to let it slip ,the plan still the same ,yes if thats ok well can we change one thing i asked ,wot time is your hubby due home ,about three hrs from now why she asked , i stood up pulled her to me and kissed her hard ,we took each othere there and then ,and it was better than all the sexy chats online we had shared ,the thing is i was going to travel down with my hubby to see if we all got on well enough to try a bit of group swapping as it was my man could not make it. so as her man ( lee ) did not think we were coming me and sarha spoke and arranged that for me to travvel down and give him a birthday surprise , when lee did arrive home i hid and sarha said she had a birthday treat for him , so he showerd and lay down on the bed as instructed ,blind fold on and i could see him shacking with excitment ,my man told me to make sure to video all that i could so as i crawled onto the bed i smiled at the lens as i took his bbc into my mouth i sucked hard and felt his ball tighthten as thrust his black lenght hard into my throat , my self and sarha were both dressed nurese with thigh high boots ,as he jerked i opened my mouth to show his sexy wife and the lens his wad spurting i swolled most of it and then freched kissed him as i sat down on his cock wich his sexy lady fed into my pussy ,at this moment the blindfold was removed the look on his face was ,well to say shock would have been good but wen he saw his lady filming she smiled and said happy birthday lee , his balls slamed hme and i was now full of black seed at both ends ,that was the start of agreat weekend the rest i will tell later ,but i will say a hight light was fucking lee in the ass as i gave sarha a golden shower ,thank you to both of you x xxx i went hme happly fucked and full of spunk in every hole hope you will all comment and i will tell you more x x x
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it is so nice i am waiting more