six young girls with next to nothing on and all of them flirting with me just so they could get into the club free the price for being a boucer . dad (my nick name )cant we at least get some free drink tokens ,then my wife voice rang out tell you wot girls show me your tits or ass and i will make sure you get afree drink ,they all new shell as my lady it was the black girl flicked her skirt to show her thong ,even shell could not help but pat it. off they went shot tokens waving and my wife looking ,every bit sexy in just a short skirt long boots and a open backed waist coat with no bra ,after watching her dance the night away and getting off with lea the black girl our taxi arrived and rob shouts us over ,he is used to the way shell plays up so when she jumps in and he gets an eye ful it was not a shock .off we set rob asked how the night went and shell tells him about girls flashing just to get free drinks ,just like you then rob laffs teasing to get a cheap ride , shell looked at me smiled and said that ,she only flashed him beacuse at his age (about 58 ish )it would give him a cheap thrill ,shell has always role played putting on a show in a taxi and starrted to rub her legs ,she wisperd to me and said that lea was going to be sucking my cock later that wk so as a treat she wanted to put on alittle show if that was ok by me ,my hard cock gave the answer away shell asked rob to stop as she needed to pee we parked behind some shops and shell stood in the head light beams pulled her skirt up squatted and then pissed she used her knckers to clean herself and the jumped in the front seat giving the wet panties to rob and asked would they cver the fair ,as he pulled off he stutterd sorry but no ,shell opend her legs took his hand and pshed down and said wot about a free taxi ride for a free ride on her bald pussy .rob looked into the mirror and i winked we was in our front room in less than 10 mins rob sat on the chair and i wathced shell took his soft cock down her throat and sucked him hard the old boy lasted about 10 seconds then held her face as she done her best to swollow the mass of spunk that was pumpping out of his cock, then shell layed down and took his short but very fat cock into her bald cunt rob went for it and fucked her hard and as he moaned shell held him deep in her his first fuck for 12 years, by this time i wanked my cock hard shell got ontop of him and shocked me when she asked for my cock at the same time ,the shock was that she had already got him in her ass we al came hard and me and rob filled her up with spunk .rob often picks us up and brings us home ,but i dont always pay the fair shell pays or should that be one free ride gets a free ride ps lea did cum that wk and shell said she would share that with you all please comment x
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2 years ago
great story wish i was a cabbie
3 years ago
damn i need 2 give chics rides more often lol hot story
4 years ago
love the story