cream pie for tea

i have always been bi and when my best mate split with her old man she stayed at our hse my man is a doorman so a first we spent our time watching girly flicks then we would give each other a cuddle and one thing led to another. but i told here that i had to let my hubby know ,aslong as he was ok with her and me fucking but i could not cheat on him ,as he came in that night we all sat and he was fine. she said she liked the idea of him watching but she was off men so we fucked he wanked and all was good ,deb found her flat and once a fortnight we meet at my hubbys cluband tease him and the other lads on the door ,they all said that he was fucking her and he said that she only liked pussy after a few vists to the club .deb was dancing in front of my man ( his nick name is dad on the door and everybody calls him that ),and the lads started again. to my shock an delight deb told them that he has never fucked with her but when he gets home tonight that was going to change, and she was looking forward to feeling his big cock fill her tight ass with spunk and she has always wanted to eat a creampie from me .and she kept her promice and i wached my hubby fuck her stuiped,and of course i was not leaft out of the fun .from there we had and still have alot of grate fucks , the first time dad fucked deb and her new man filmedthem wile i sucked him off. was after a night out at the club and to this day well very early hours of yesterday, she still loves to eat my big wet dripping creampie ,it was deb who asked dad first if her new man could stick his cock in me and from then on oh boy deb and i have had gallons of spunk in and over us and im glad to say our big dad is always the only one that wakes to us both sucking on him waiting for our cream x x x x x
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4 years ago
You are a lucky girl. I wish my wife would also take on a female lover.
4 years ago
that was great :)