anything for my man

all the time weve been together right from when we was k**s, you have always been there. you and i know you always will so my big dick door man i would like to share a weekend of fantacy with you , your mob rings and the txt reads hurry hme me and deb need your big cock ,. i here the car pull up and deb meets you at the door she tells you that i have got a couple of things to show you and to tell you but there is know need to worry deb leads you to the front room a gives you drink then she sits beside you and starts to rub your cock as always you tell her not to start until we are all together ,but she tells you its ok shell said that she wanted you naked and hard for her , your eyes close as here mouth swollows your cock ,i can see you but you dont notice me in the door way you start to push your fingers into her open pussy ,then i walk in and tell youthat you both looked hot and should get on the floor so i can watch ,you smile this will be a first she is my little hoe , but tonight she is yours .i watch the two of you fucking and cant help but to wank my dildo into my cunt as i let 2 fingers enter my ass you look at me ,and i tell you to take your slut up to the bedroom . i leave the both of you fucking till i here the sound of you shooting your load then ,she tells you to take her down stairs , the door opens as yyou enter i am on all fours with my ass in the air the video cammera is recording and i smile as i see your soft cock star to grow this was one of your biggest dreams deb sits you in the chair and then kneels at your growing cock .as she sucks you off you can see the spunk start to run out of my pussy my head held as i wank two cocks into my mouth and my ass is getting second lot of cum .there 5 cocks in the room , and 4 of them had already filled me up the 4 blokes all diffrent number 1 only just tunerd 18 just stayed hard and ready number 2 was our friend jim the randy old git then 3 was pete the black donkey and number 4 who was looking a bit scared as he pulled his cock out your wifes ass but i dont blame him, as you are his big b*****r it only then that i tell you that now i am ready you shhot your load over my face and deb starts to clean me with her tounge .when im showerd and they have gone me and deb suck and lick your balls as you watch your little lady get gang bangged and spunk dumped and that might just happen as my hand is stuffed up my wet cunt as i right this x bx x x
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