the drive in

She was quite a bit shorter than me but she was very curvy
with blond hair that fell just below her shoulders. sort
of half way between curly and wavy. She had a wonder full
pair of breasts. i was only 16 and they were the first pair
i ever felt or played with. and in some ways i sort of compare
any others that i have come in contact with ever since.

I have no idea what movie we were watching but there was some
hand holding and cuddling, some kissing and caressing.
i was fumbling around not sure of what i should be doing.
She was an experienced girl who had been down this road a
time or two(lucky me lol)

She stopped kissing me and pulled back a bit then she gave
me a sly smile and began to unbutton her shirt. then she reached
behind her back and unhooked her bra and let it fall away.
there they were round and perky with nipples standing straight
to attention. and then i reached out and touched one.It
felt so soft but firm round and full.I leaned over and gently
kissed her nipples, first one then the other. she moaned
ever so softly as i kissed and suckled her breasts, i was
overwhelmed and excited. i cupped them in my hand s as i kissed
them i started slowly sucking on her nipples, they were
as firm as her breasts were soft.there was the light taste
of perspiration she was breathing harder and i could feel
her heart beating in her chest. she let me taste and play
with her for a while. The entire episode probably only lasted
for 15 to 20 mini utes but it felt like half the night. She
gently pushed me back and told me that was going to be it for
the night there would be more to come but not then. so we fell
back and watched the rest of the movie. Although my mind
was in her cleavage for the rest of the evening.

About a week or so later as i was out late one night driving
around with my friends we stopped to get gas and when i got
back in the car i wanted to know why my friends were laughing
so hard and they just pointed out of the windshield. and
there it was she had left her bra under the seat and now it
was hanging from my antenna where it stayed for the rest
of the night. it was a right of passage for this teenager
and it truly does seem like a complete lifetime ago!!!!!!!

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