Little K gets a Daddy... Our 1st Meeting

I had met her online... her name was K and she was 26 and married to an older guy. He was 38 and seemed more commited
to work than her. They had no c***dren and seemed to have less and less in common. She said that he did seem to
have this one interest however... he enjoyed talking to her about fantasies that he might have envolving her with other men.
K felt that she needed a strong hand to guide her.. almost direct her through life and she was quickly realizing that her hubby of choice may not be that guy. Yet, she loved him and wanted to try and make it work.
When we began chatting, it seemed that she might want to meet a guy to be her Daddy... manage her through the days and be the one whom she could confide in. As it turned out, she also had another another fantasy... one stemming from her hubbies desire to see her with another man. So it was that a plan was hatched. After several weeks on online chats, we aranged a meeting for coffee.
On our first meeting, K was a little uncomfortable at first but quickly relaxed. She was wearing a short skirt and button blouse, just as I had instructed. She confessed that our discussions about her needs had really hit a nerve and excited her very much. She was also interested in the second desire... one that would make her hubby a little cuckold. I insisted that she describe to me, in detail, what excited her about this idea. We had chatted about all of this online, but face to face was the test of her conviction. Over two cups of coffee, K opened up to me and described in detail, her needs as a little girl, a woman, and as a wife. I then shocked her by asking if she was as wet as i imagined that she was? She hesitated, then nodded. I told her to excuse herself and go to the ladies room only long enough to remove her panties and bring them back to me here. K did as she was told. Once she returned, I held out my hand for them. K reached out and released her grip of her panties. I took them briefly, then let them drop to the table... and left them there in plain sight. K was shocked even more, yet breathing quickly.
I invited K back to a hotel room that i had previously arranged. K readily agreed and i put her panties in my pocket. Once in the room, I layed two napkins on the floor about 24" apart. I told K to stand with a foot on each napkin and then lock her fingers behind her neck. K did as she was told. I reminded K that if she moved off of the napkins, or did not follow my instructions to the letter, she would be dismissed from the hotel room and we would never speak again. I then slowly circled K and would softly reach out to touch her in various places... her shoulder, her waist, her chin. Then I took more control and and went behind her and stood VERY close to her back... almost touching her, but not quite. I let her feel my breath on her neck. I then ran my fingers up the back of her thighs toward her butt cheeks and I heard her sigh. I them lifter her skirt revealing her naked ass.
At 26, K was in exceptional shape. She worked out and was very tight. The one area that K was very self concious about was her smallish breasts. She felt that they were her worse feature since they were A-cups, but they worked very well with her tight frame.
I brought my hands up from her butt cheeks and around her waist... I then moved my hands up to her breasts and could feel her hard nipples through her thin bra. K was now leaning back into me a little. I massaged her small breasts and then released her breasts and instructed K to remover her blouse and bra. K did as she was told. K was now standing with her feet about 2 feet apart and only wearing her short skirt. Her fingers were again locked behind her neck. I moved around and stood in front of K. I told her to close her eyes and lot open them until I instructed her to do so. K did as she was told. I then leaned in very close and let her feel my breath on her cheeks... I then kissed her softly on her right cheek. K seemed to relax a little and then I kissed her softly on her lips. K and I kissed and her mouth opened for my tongue. K was trying to stand still and she still had her fingers locked behind her neck and that f***ed her chest out toward mine. As my tongue slipped into her open mouth, I placed one of my hands behind her waist and pulled her into me. With my other hand, I sneaked under her skirt and into her very wet folds. K moaned into my open mouth as I fingered the puffy lips of her very excited center.
Once my finger was sufficiently coated with her excitement, I withdrew it from her wet hole and placed my finger between our lips and instructed K to taste her excitement with me. K did as she was told.
With K's eyes still closed, I stepped away and began to fondle her nipples. Her nipples were like little pebbles and I rolled them between my thumb and fingers. K moaned as I got more aggressive with her nipples. I was now pulling them straight out toward me and she was trying hard to not allow me to pull her over. Her feet were still apart and on the napkins and she knew that she must maintain her stance. She was leaning back and that made me pull even harder on her nipples. K's eyes were still screwed tightly closed and she was grimacing in discomfort. I then eased my pull and relaxed my grip on her nipples and k relaxed a little. I then got my camera and took several pictures of the topless K with her eyes closed, and her hands behind her neck forcing her little titties to stick out as far as they could. I then took a couple of "under the skirt" shots and they clearly showed how wet she was.
I put the camera down and then told K that she was a bad girl for coming to my hotel room! I verbally scolded her for her slutty behavior and reminded her what little sluts get if they are really bad! I then removed my belt and told K that I felt that a good spanking might help her with her future decisions in life. I lifted K's skirt and administered the first slap across her bare ass!
The leather belt made more noise than hurt, but K jumped all the same. I continued with her spanking until her ass turned a nice pink color. A couple of more pictures and then I felt between her legs again. Yep, VERY wet! I then sat on the bed and told K to open her eyes and lay across my lap... K did as she was told. K then took 20 more open hand slaps on her already pink ass. k wiggled and protested but i knew that this was what she needed... this and more.

Part two will be here soon.

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1 year ago
Can't wait for the promised part 2!