The Window Cleaner

I was 17, a college student, and had had a heavy night, I woke on Monday morning and thought to myself I couldn't be bothered going to college that day, Mom and dad had left for work already, so I decided to stay in bed all day, I rolled over and drifted back to sl**p.

When I woke a few hours later I felt horny, I hadn't had a fuck for nearly a week, and found my hand wondering down to my already swollen clit, I reached for the TV remote and flicked to the adult channels on our cable that my daddy had subscribed to much to my mothers annoyance!!

On the screen was an older man of about 60, he was fucking the ass of a girl not much older than me, he had a wonderful cock and was pumping her ass hard, her moans made me even more horny as I slipped a finger inside my pussy, and began to tease my nipples with my other hand, mmmmmm, it felt so good, as I watched this older man fucking a young girl I got more and more wet, It was making me so horny, thinking about how good he must be with his big cock, as he fucked this less experienced younger girl.

I had 3 fingers in my pussy now, and could hear how wet I was, I reached over to my bedside drawer and pulled out my vibrator, as I did something caught my eye, The blinds at my bed room window were open and looking in through the slats was our window cleaner, He had been our window cleaner for about 7 years and used to give me sweets, yet hear he was watching me play with my pussy. I moved quickly to cover myself up, and he looked away and continued to "clean" the window, then I looked back at the TV, I was still so horny and the girl on the screen was cumming again, her groans again making my pussy wanting my playing some more, Our window cleaner was about the same age as the man on the tv, I smiled to myself and turned my body back towards the window, our eyes met and I licked my lips as his eyes scanned my naked fully exposed body.

I opened my legs wide right infront of the window he had a perfect view of my gaping wet wide pussy, I pushed my vibrator inside my pussy as far as it would go, and began fucking myself, oh god it felt so good, and to know i was being watched made me even more horny, as i looked back to the window, our window cleaner was fixated on me, he had his cock out and was jacking off as he watched, I felt like I would explode as I watched him masturbating, as he watched me do the same.

I rolled over on to my knees and bent over still fucking myself with my vibrator, I reached round and pushed a finger into my ass, The window cleaner couldn't take anymore at this point and blew his hot cum all over the window he was looking through, seeing him cum, and knowing he was so turned on by watching me was such a turn on, I couldn't take anymore and as I came my legs shook and my body buckled, "mmmm"god it felt so good, I was so wet, and I came over and over "ohh god, I want your cock" I shouted, "mmm fuck me hard..."

I had never had anyone watch me play with my pussy before.. and it was such a turn on I knew I would have to do it again, I got off my bed and walked over to the window, I opened the window and said to him "you haven't done a very good job of cleaning that window have you??" he smiled at me... I grinned and closed the blinds before walking back to my bed. Next time I may leave the window open too I thought to myself.

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15 days ago
great story, ready for the next chapter, " the window cleaner cums inside "
8 months ago
That is a hot story!
11 months ago
hot story! must be a great Daughter!
1 year ago
Another hot fantasy!
1 year ago
A small, simple, efficient and well-written history.
Pleasurable :P
1 year ago
An awesome narration...
love you...
1 year ago
So very naughty ;)
1 year ago
what a nasty slut you are
1 year ago
1 year ago
very horny story - love it