Just good friends

I had a pretty perfect life, I had never been the unfaithful kind. I had been in the same relationship for years.

I love my partner very much, but I started to develop feelings, actually I guess you would call it lusting, a longing for another man.

I always believed nothing was wrong with looking at other men, you just can't touch. But his was me than just looking, this felt different, every time I saw him my stomach lunged with excitement, and I felt my pussy tingling.

But he had made me forget my perfect life, he made me forget who I was and made me forget all my principles! Just the THOUGHT of seeing him gave me a feeling inside I knew I shouldn't be feeling. Even Superman had a weakness, it seems I do to, it seems he is my Kryptonite.

He is a close friend, someone I have known years. We clicked instantly when we met, I also made friends with his wife.

In time, I started to think about him, in ways I shouldn't be, every time I saw him I would feel like a school girl! I would feel like I did when I had a crush on my English teacher when I was 15, the fantasy's I had had about Mr. Johnson had been what had really introduced me to the world of sex.

We used to text each other all the time, as friends do, just chatting.
One day though it got very flirty, maybe I should of stopped it right there, knowing how I was feeling, but I didn't. I'd see him sometimes and see the way he would look at me when nobody else was there, the look he gave me made me want him so badly, and I knew that the look he was giving me was to tell me he wanted me too.

He became the only person I would think about while I was home alone, pleasuring myself. Imagining it was his hands making my pussy wet. It was his hands bringing me to an explosive orgasm. Pretending the reason I was bringing my self to such an intense climax was because his big thick dick was inside me.

The flirting and dirty messages continued over the next few weeks.

One afternoon my phone bleeped.
"hey babe, whats new?" It had said.
"Afternoon big man." I had replied
"Nothing really, just behind on some work!"
"Hmm, I would love to take you from behind." He wrote.

I smiled, and again I found myself getting wet at just the thought of him bending me over and sticking his big cock into my wet bald pussy and fucking me hard.

My phone bleeped again and I checked the message.
"I know how you want me." He had written.
"How you want to suck my dick, how you want me to taste you, and want me too fuck you hard."

God how he was right, I wanted him, how badly I wanted some dirty no strings attached hard core filthy sex.
I found myself teasing my clit at the thought of his fingers exploring my cunt, at the thought of him inside me, fucking me.
God, I was so wet. I pictured him stood in front of me, as my eyes wondered down to his hard cock, I imagined him sticking his cock in my mouth and me sucking him and teasing his balls till he exploded, I imagined how he would taste as I would swallow every last drop of what he has to offer.

The thought of him fucking me had obviously had a effect on me - I knew that I needed to get it out of my system, The only way was for me to fuck him for real, It would be so wrong for us to fuck, but I didn't care.

I wanted him, I wanted him so bad! I knew he wanted me too.
It would just be a secret between two close friends, something that nobody else would never ever need to find out about.
We arranged to meet, so one afternoon, when my partner was at work (yes I know I am a Bitch) and his partner was away on business he came to the house.

I quickly slipped into my sexiest underwear and low cut and very short black dress, I suddenly felt guilty, I had never cheated on my fiancé, and I knew I was just about too, I couldn't even tell myself it was a mistake, it was no mistake - it was planned, I knew it was wrong, I knew I shouldn't be doing what I was about to do, but he just did something to me I can’t explain.

There was a knock on the door and there he was, standing in front of me with those sexy brown eyes scanning my curves and stopping at my chest.

"Hey." He grinned.
"Hi." I said "come in."

He brushed past me, I felt his throbbing cock against my leg, and turned to face him. For a second I changed my mind, My morals I had tried to lock away pushed their their way to the surface.

"Wait! We can’t, It’s not a good idea." I told him as he put his hand on my waist and pulled me close.

He looked me full on in the eyes, "Then tell me to stop." He said as he pulled up my skirt to reveal a black thong already wet from the anticipation.

His hand trailed down to my pussy, he kissed me as his fingers started stroking my clit, I was so wet already, with my pussy gushing at every stroke from his huge fingers. Please don't I moaned, we can't, we shouldn't....... He pushed his fingers inside my wet inviting pussy, “Tell me you don’t want me” he whispered.
My morals disappeared again. His touch made me so weak, and made me feel so fucking good!

As my orgasm took hold of my my body shook, I screamed in pleasure, as his fingers worked away deep inside my pussy!

My Knees buckled and I dropped to the floor in front of him, I wanted him so bad, I wanted to taste him I took his big cock in my mouth sucking and licking his shaft and balls as he moaned. Oh god he had an amazing big cock, wide and long.
He fucked my mouth making me gag, he didn't stop he just fucked my mouth harder and harder until he came and exploded in my mouth, as I swallowed every drop of what he had to offer to me.

He lay me back on the floor and pushed his face in to my wet panties smelling and breathing in the aroma from my pussy I groaned as I felt his breath threw my panties, he pulled them to one side and began to work on my clit with his tongue, I felt like I was on fire and my clit grew and throbbed with every stroke of his tongue, again I moaned with delight as his tongue found my hole and worked its way inside, in and out back to my clit, and back inside my pussy again, when I thought I could take no more he lifted my legs up and began to work on my ass hole. His tongue felt so good there, and he was so good at teasing both holes, I begged him to fuck me, I wanted him so badly, wanted to I wanted to feel his big hard cock deep inside my tight little pussy, he didn't need asking twice, he grabbed me pushed me down on to the sofa pulled my legs up round his neck and pushed his cock inside me.

The pleasure was instant, he fucked me so hard I screamed over and over as the weeks of lusting him came to a head.
"Dirty bitch, take this - you fucking dirty bitch" he shouted.
Its words as well as actions that really do it for me - the dirtier he spoke to me the more turned on I was getting.
"Fucking cum for me again, I want to hear you cum for me, Fucking dirty little bitch!" he grunted at me

I screamed and moaned in ecstasy as his fingers worked my clit as he fucked me.
I was so wet, so horny, so turned on and so wide I thought I may explode. He turned me over pushing me down on to all fours.

He put his big dick inside me, he was fucking me hard this time up my ass, telling me how dirty I was asking me to show how much dirtier I could be.
“finger your cunt” he told me as he fucked my ass hole, pulling my head up by my hair as he fucked me. “Tell me how much you love my cock in your ass you dirty slut” he said “I love it,” I moaned “I Love your big cock in my ass” I was still fingering my pussy for him as he fucked me, and when I couldn't take it anymore and my orgasm took over I came over and over feeling my legs shaking, My heart beating so fast I could hear it, he continued to fuck me till my pace slowed and until I collapsed in a heap.

I looked up at him and smiled, we both knew that neither of us would ever tell anybody about our sexy secret meeting……

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1 year ago
Great story Sexy!
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
OH Fuck! Very Hot - my dick is rock hard~ Wish it was me in that story