Fucking My Sister.

I was 14 and my s****r was 13. We were the only k**s. And our f****y was pretty close. My s****r and I shared a room because my parents could only afford to purchase a 2 bedroom condo. My s****r and I sl**p on a bunk bed I was on the bottom and she was on top. When we had to shower or changed we would do it in front of each other like it was nothing. Im 5 '6 skinny and in shape and I had a dick of 8 inches long and 3 inches thick. My s****r was 5 feet tall and chubby. She had very big tits and a very fat pussy and a big ass. And had a hair pussy. One day I came home before my parents and s****r was home and I went into the room to jerk off. I started jerking off knowing no one was home and I lasted about 10 minutes. I got up naked and saw my s****rs panties on the floor and immediately my dick got hard. I picked them up and smelled them and then licked its. When I realized I was getting more and more horny thinking about my s****r. I went back on the bed and jerked off to my s****rs panties. While jerking off I didnt realized my s****r had come home and I had left the bedroom door open and she waa watching me jerk off. She then walked in on me with my dick im my hand and her panties in the other hand. She yelled at me what am I doing touching my penis like that and what I was doing with her panties. I immediately tried to cover up and said I was doing nothing. She laughed at me grabbed her panties and walked out of the room. Later that day I said nothing to my s****r and It was about 10 when I ready for bed. My s****r then came to be around 10:20. I was wide awake thinking about my s****r catching me and while she tell my parents. Around 11:30 my s****r called out to me if I was awake and I said yea. She asked what I was really doing earlier today and to be honest because she knows. I then asked her how does she know what I was doing. She said that she and her girlfriend's talk all day about sex and men. And how men jerk off and there cum can get them pregnant. And she said that her friends showed her videos of them fucking and sucking older guys dicks. I asked her what you thought about sex. She said to be that she gets horny and her pussy gets wet. And that she wants to experience having sex and sucking dick. I asked her what else your friends told you about sex. She said they talked about the guys putting there dick inside there ass and it felt really good and that the guys fucked them in there mouth and made them gag and choked on there dick. She then said to me to tell her what I was doing. I said I was smelling and licking your panties and jerking off to it and I was thinking about fucking a girl. She asked if I was thinking about fucking her and I said yes. She asked me if I liked her body and how she looks and I said yes. She then told me that she has be thinking about how big my dick is when she see me naked and how it would feel inside her mouth pussy and ass like her friends said. I was shocked. I asked her if she get wet thinking about my dick and she replied yes. She said to me that she played with her tits rubbed her pussy and ass until she cum thinking about how big my dick is. I said to her if she was wet now she replied yes. I then asked her if she wanted to try having sex now and she went quite. 5 minutes later she gets of the bed flips on the light which she was completely naked and said yes. My dick immediately got rock hard seeing her naked with her tits hanging and her hairy fat pussy. I told her to come under the covers and she did. As she was under the covers I started to kiss her and started to rub her nipples she started to moan. I told her to grab my dick and start to strok it up and down. I then started to rub her pussy and her clit while sliding one finger into her pussy she then moaned louder and grabbed my dick tighter. I then pulled my finger out of her pussy and told her to suck her pussy slime off my finger and she did. I asked her if her friends every tell her how the sucked cock. She said yes. Then I told her to go under the cover and start to suck my dick she said ok. She started licking the head of my dick and slowly started to go lower and lower on my cock. She got to the point of ready to gag on my dick and I grabbed her head and stuffed my dick down her throat she started to gag more and began to bob her head hard and faster up and dowm my dick making it wet with her spit. I then grabbed her hair and pulled her up from under the cover and asked her how did that feel. She said that she liked it alot especially when I made her gag on my dick. I then pulled the covers off and immediately started to suck oj her fat puffy big nipples while I rubbed her clit. I then slide my tounge down her stomach to her clit and vigorously licked and suck and bit her fat clit. And started to pinch her nipples while I slide my tounge deep inside her fat hairy pussy. She was moaning like crazy as I stopped I told her to bend over and I started to finger her pussy with 2 then 3 fingers while I licked her asshole. I told her to spread her cheeks and I slide my tounge inside her ass and licked deeper and deeper. She then started to buck back and forth on my fingers in her pussy and my tounge in her ass. I then stopped and stood behind her and told her to play with her pussy because im going to fuck her hard. She then said your dick is huge its gonna hurt my pussy. I then said fuck you. And I slide my dick all the way deep inside her pussy as her muscles clinched. I started to pound her pussy harder and faster and I started to finger her ass with 2 fingers. I pound her pussy until she was struggling to breathe as I slide my fingers out her ass and into her mouth. She started to yell ahe was coming and I started to go faster as she was cummin I pulled my dick out and sucked all her cum out of her pussy and then grabbed her face and spit all of her cum on her face and into her mouth. She then said that her pussy and ass taste so good. I then got some oil and put some on my dick. I then took the head of the oil bottle and stick it into her ass as and squeezed the oil in until it dripped out of her ass. She was biting the pillow and without warning I took my dick and pushed into her tight big ass and started to pound the shit out of her ass. She was yelling and screaming for me to stop as I grabbed her hair and fucked her ass until I cummed deep inside her ass. I pulled out and slide my cock into her mouth and told her to suck the last drop out of my dick and for her to finger her ass and lick my cum and her ass juice of her fingers. My dick goes dead and she roles over trembling. And she said to me that was even better than what her friends talk about on how to be fucked.
80% (72/18)
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3 months ago
SEXY Thanks for the psting
9 months ago
keep writing inanystyleyouwant
9 months ago
Damn - now I want to fuck her - hard
9 months ago
yes break it up.very hard to read. but it got me Hard....
9 months ago
not bad, not bad at all....
9 months ago
Great story,,yes break it up a little...thanks
9 months ago
ditto break it up into paragraphs
9 months ago
perfect next time hit at least couple of times Enter so it was easier to read.