Fucking my neighbor daughter and friend.

I had just moved into the neighborhood about a year now. It was a summer day and my neighbor Kevin across the street was having a party. He was a single man with one daughter named Crystal. She was 15 about 5'4 chubby with very big breast and very big chunky ass. I went over to the party for a little. When I got there I ate and had 5 drinks because it was so damn hot. I went inside to take a leak. While walking into the house I noticed Crystal and her friend Tatiana, which was about the same height and chubby talking in the kitchen and laughing at something on there phone. Being that I was a little buzzed I asked what she was laughing at she said nothing. Being a 15 year she was a little bitch. I said to her it cant be nothing and I grabbed her phone. I saw it was a picture of some guy with a small dick and they was making fun of him. She screamed for me to give her back her phone. I said ill give you back your phone only if you really tell me what you like about a guy physically. She then replied to me why do you care a guy like you cant handle a gurl like me while Tatiana laugh. I said really I will break your little bitchy ways and make you my little bitch. She was shocked that I said that same with Tatiana. I then turned to Tatiana and said if you want some you will get it to. She laugh and said fuck you and said to Crystal that both of us together with fuck his brains out. I replied to them enough with the talking and lets get to business. They taught for a few minutes and said we cant do anything here, there is to much people around. I said if you aint fucking scared lets go to my place the both said ok. I came and told Kevin I was leaving I had to work and the girls said they was going for a walk. I went home and they came into my house from the back where no one can see. Crystal says to me what you gonna do both of us is here. I told them I will fuck them because they had big mouths and talked to much. They where both ready to fuck but still being bitches. Tatiana says I bet you have a small dick like the picture. I laughed and took of my shirt and pants so she can see my 8 inch long 3 inches thick dick. Crystal and Tatiana mouth hit the floor. I said to them what you got to say now I bet you never had a dick this big. I walked over to Crystal and Tatiana and grabbed both of them by the hair. Im going to Fuck both of your tight little fat juice pussies. I stood back and told them to strip naked. The both was hesitant but did what I said. They undressed and all your can see was big young breast and fat wet pussies. They both stood there naked I told them to get on there knees I walked over and said suck my dick now. Crystal said I dont like sucking dick. I got pissed and I grabbed her head and stuffed my dick in her mouth she tried to resist but I grabbed her head tighter and started to fuck her throat as she gagged on my dick. I looked over at Tatiana and said to get behind me facing my ass and to play with your pussy. When she did that I grabbed he head and stuffed it into my ass and I told the little bitch to like my ass. She said no your nasty and tried to get up I pulled on her hair and said to lick my ass and keep her face in my ass. I know had tw hot little 15 year old sucking my dick and lick and eat my ass. I then pulled both of them up and said lets go to the couch. I laid on the couch and told Tatiana to get up on my dick and start to ride as I tell Crystal to come over my face and put her fat pussy in my mouth so I can taste her juices. Tatiana climbed onto my dick and slow slide all 8 inches in her tight pussy as Crystal ride my face with her fat pussy. I lick Crystal pussy and then started to lick her ass as she moaned while she was grabbing and her nipples and pinching them extremely hard. Tatiana was scream also as I slide my dick deeper and deeper into her fat cunt. I raised Crystal off my face and tell her switch places. Tatiana was now over me with her pussy in my mouth and Crystal was now sliding my dick into her pussy. I did the same to Tatiana and started to suck her fat clit and then sliding back to her ass as she bent over and started to kiss and suck on Crystal rock hard fat nipples. They were both screaming as I fuck Crystal as hard as I can pounding my dick deep inside he pussy. As I licked Tatiana tight little ass. After a few minutes I pushed both of then off of me and asked them can I handle them both. They both replied yes. I told Tatiana to bend over on the couch and for Crystal to get behind her and start licking her ass. She said no that disgusting. I pulled her head and said you better lick her ass now and shoved her face into Tatiana ass. I then got behind her and started to lick her ass and then started to slide my dick on her asshole she clinched as I started to slide my cock into her ass she came up and said its gonna hurt I said its not when I slide my dick completely into her ass all the way in she screamed and her face dropped back into Tatiana ass and I held it there. I started to pound her ass out as Tatiana got up and said that she had enough and she wanted my dick now. I pulled out of Crystal ass and told her if you want it come and suck all of Crystal ass juices off. I stood up and she got to her knees and stared to suck my dick as Crystal slumped over on the floor playing with her pussy and rubbing her ass. I started to gagg fuck Tatiana face and started to finger fuck Crystal pussy very hard as she screamed more and more I started to choke Tatiana really long with my dick. I pulled her head off and said to her to bend over I want to fuck your ass now. She did and I just slide my dick in so fast and hard into her ass she stopped breathing. I started pounding her ass so hard she was about to pass out while my 3 fingers was pounding Crystal pussy and I was about to cum so hard. I told the bitch im coming and started to go fast and fast as I pumped hard I exploded into Tatiana tight ass. I cum so much that it started to leak out of her ass. I pulled my dick out and grabbed Crystal to lick all the cum out of her ass. She did and her mouth was full of cum. I them told her to swap the cum back and forth with Tatiana. They both swapped my cum and I said to swallow my cum you to fat bitches. All my cum was swallowed by Crystal and Tatiana as I asked them was that the best dick you both ever had and the reply yes. Now when you want more come over and I will fuck your brains out again.
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