one nite

about 13 years ago, wen my ex and i went out a lot in belfast. she was a student and living there for about a year, we had horny fuck sessions but never thought our dirty most deepest fantasies would ever come true. it was just sex talk that made us fuck all the harder

she would text me saying she was going out and she missed me loads and all the usual stuff. until she got a little tipsy, then it started getting a little more raunchy. at the end of the night we text sex each other, this was a regular thing

then it happened

we went out together drinking,taking stuff and getting excited, walking hand in hand round the club and just then i met THIS GIRL, our eyes locked and then we kissed (im still holding my girls hand), it felt amazin knowing she was watching and really enjoying wot she was seeing, me kissing another girl! WOW

the kiss lasted for about 10min, my girl loved this as she was groping me like mad which then gave the hardest erection i have ever had up til then, so hard that i nearly shot my load there and then


we moved on into a corner to talk about wot had just happened, she had got crazy, horny, wet, actually dripping and telling me how her clit was throbbing hard and it was a new feeling she had never felt before then with a nasty snarling sexy dirty look in her eyes she said, RITE, MY TURN!!


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3 years ago
A triumph!

This piece captured the moment in an erudite and profound manner.

Exquisite textural prose throughout and an almost sublime nod to the masters of the ouevre in the use of constant mis-spelling and irrelevance.

I look forward to reading further adventures (of which I am sure there are many based on the signature sign off comment 'RITE, MY TURN!!').

Encore Maestro!
3 years ago
good thing mate!
3 years ago
Thanks for ripping into me u 2. Will no longer be writing stuff
3 years ago
Try a spell checker?
3 years ago
3 years ago
nice start