Great neighbour !

recently MRS. samara have moved to the flat above mine..
she is a 40's something beautiful milf , but she seemed a little prudish when i saw her for the first time moving her furniture in her new place above..
i tried to help but she was just not the (friendly) type of neighbour that time..

thats why i forgot about her.. until yesterday when the bill rang late night..
i was wearing only my boxer and my white u shirt..
as i opened she was there fully clothed (pijama) yet so astonishing...
"i'm 28 but that milf drives me crazy..." i thought..
she looked little nervous saying " sorry.. you know how to temporarily fix a broken water pipe? i called a plumber but he said its too late and he couldnt come before tomorrow"
"just a minute" i said , getting my apartment keys from inside and then following her on the building stairs "what exactly happened?" i asked.
"i was moving the metal ladder after changing the neon lamp in the bathroom but accidentally i hit that pipe.. its not fully broken but leaks a lot!"
we were at her apartments door and i entered directly to the bathroom..

the pipe was not broke.. just bended at the junction with another L pipe. Thats what cause water leaking..
it was so simple for me and as she have the appropriate tools i ended the job in few minutes.
" you are clever!" she said slightly smiling.. i felt it may be a good chance to make our (neighbourship) better thus i said "i have always time to make favour espicially for a pretty dame like you :) "

she smiled and her face became red.. i found that strange cause it was just a simple compliment. did't think it will make that effect on her..

i didn't want to behave like a villain so i smiled saying "ok :) i should go now"
she said "ok.. but if u r not in hurry i'd like to make some hot drink for you"
i smiled "thats so kind of you.. ok.. :) "

i waited in the living room and she went into the kitchen.. i was still wearing only my boxer and u shirt..
when she came back with tea cups.. she was just wearing the pijama trouser but took off the pijama t-shirt , just wearing cottony tight blouse.

Wow! she wasn't wearing bra under it and her nipples were appearing obviously under the white cottony blouse!
i felt my dick starting to rise! but still don't know what will happen.. afraid to be embarrassed if she noticed the erection under my boxer..
when she bent to but the tea cups on the table.. ooooh another WoW for those Lovely soft jelly poops!

my erection was so obvious and that made my face this time red!
she noticed it and i felt so embarrassed.. but counter to what i thought she didn't seem to be annoyed or uncomfortable..i can say she slightly smiled too!

To be continued
(end of part 1)
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3 years ago
like to hear the rest of this story going good so far!