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1. Your Name:


3. Favorite position (s)?

4. Do you think I'm hot?

5. Would you have sex with me?

6. lights on or off?

7. Would you have to be d***k?

8. Would you take a shower with me?

9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me?

10. Would you leave after or stay the night?

11. Do you like cuddling afterwards?

12. Condom or skin?

13. Do you give Oral pleasures?

14. Do you like to receive Oral Pleasures?

15. Have sex on the first date?

16. Would you kiss me during sex?

17. Do you think I would be good in... Continue»
Posted by kingkong357 2 years ago

[Story] Daniel's Passion...3

I stepped into the shower and washed allowing the water to soothe my pain, as I finished, it was then that I noticed there was no towel for me to dry off with. I had to walk over to the door dripping wet and open it partly and call out '...I need a towel...' The girl answered '...that ain't no way to talk...' Charlie chimed in '...telling him what to say gurl...' She answered '...say "honey, I need a towel"...' Charlie, Daniel and the girl laughed again.

Charlie cautioned '...you better do as she said...' downtrodden I had no choice, either as I was told or exit without a towel. I called ... Continue»
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[Story] Daniel's Passion...2

Daniel said to me '...I came ready for you to be tight as hell, It's been some time since we bust your ass hole and it's natural for it to shrink when it heals...' I slid my hand back down off his upper arms and across my chest as I watched Daniel apply an amount of the baby oil to his rigid tool. Then Daniel looked down at me and stuck the bottle of baby oil up in my anus and squeezed a huge amount into my rectum. The suddenness and pain caught me by surprise and I yelped and jumped, Daniel discarded the bottle and took hold of his monumental tool and guided it back to my anus without hesita... Continue»
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[Story] Gluteus Maximus - Chapter 16

Previously in "Gluteus Maximus" - Chapter Fifteen

George sat next to me and kind of held me up while Hector just stood in
front of me, unzipped and pulled out his thick uncut slab.

"Fuck, yeah man" he said slapping my face with it. "This is what you want
bitch!" I instinctively opened my mouth and shoved it in. I couldn't help

"Uh, fuck, that's a hot fucking mouth" he said as he started to face fuck
me as George has his hands rubbing all over me and egging me on saying,
"That's it baby, you love that cock don't you?"

Hector answered, "Fuck yeah, you fucking love it you slu... Continue»
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[Story] A Wild Ride on the Gulf

A couple years back I was in Florida for a week practicing sailing on my high performance catamaran. It's a single-handed race boat and the flat, warm water on the Gulf is a great place for practice. I would go out around mid afternoon when some breezes would develop and sail on the open water and then into the harbor entrance where the wind speed is a bit higher. Normally I'd be wearing tight fitting sailing gear that's similar biker clothes but without all the colors. It's not really a fetish kind of thing, but keeps one from getting tangled up with all kinds of lines and shackles and things... Continue»
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[Story] Daniel's Passion...

One day, just before lunch, I was headed for my third period class when Daniel took hold of my left elbow and pushed me into a stairwell. The other students passed by us as if nothing was going on at all.

Daniel leaned into me as I tried to back away and whispered '...now you know why I'm here...You need to come and go with me now and satisfy my needs before I get mad...here give me your hand...' Without my approval Daniel took hold of my right hand and pulled it to his crotch.

Daniel was standing with his back to the passing students and in a way that hemmed me in so I could not bolt... Continue»
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[Story] My First BBC, Part II

This is an extension of my first story, My First BBC. I covered my first encounter with my longtime ex-lover, and beautiful black man, Rod, in which I sucked him off outside of his place.

After that first encounter, I knew Rod would be back for more. As hyper-hetero and married as he was, or portrayed himself in his emails, he was sexually repressed. I know. I'm married and repressed, a proud cuckold to my playful wife (who enjoys fucking other men). I never complained, but inside I wanted men, as well as women, and black men more than anyone or anything else in the world. Rod released more... Continue»
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[Story] The Best Way to Die?

The Best Way to Die?, by MaxDeath

I succumbed to a bizarre neurological illness while in Atlanta on church business. After a fine presentation to a large congregation, I was eating lunch when I felt food fall out of my mouth; it felt like some dentist shot me with Novocaine! And right in the middle of my afternoon presentation, I lost control of all of the muscles in my face, followed shortly thereafter in my hotel lobby, with an inability to use my right arm while signing out. Concerned, of course, I took a cab directly to the ER, where I needed help getting into the hospital beca... Continue»
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[Story] Mature interracial: A first for both

It started at an upscale night club...I didn't intend on going out that evening but a buddy promised it would be a fun night. so I found myself standing at this bar having a drink when my buddy pointed at this woman in a short black dress from way across the club who apparently had been throwing glances at me all night. I took my drink and wiggled my way through the crowded dance floor to get closer to this attractive woman. Her eyes followed my every move, it felt like she was pulling towards her direction. She stood in a dark corner near the DJ booth, the strobe light would reflect on her fa... Continue»
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[Story] The dirtyest anal sex i ever had

it all started when i went to the public toilets at work where i locked the cubicle door and read all the dirty stuff guys had written on the walls which got my cock hard. so i decided to leave my own bit of writing, this is what i wrote..

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[Story] An Unexpected Visitor...2

Gary was lost in the moment of passion as he rapidly sexed my unprotected bung hole. Whimpering quickly like a wild a****l, I held tightly to my toes as Gary worked up to his finally. Like a luv struck teenager, I laid beneath Gary spread open allowing him to have his way with me till he gave out a low growl and rapidly slammed back and forth till he lodged all his man meat deep in my bowels and his mighty penis exploded like Krakatoa flooding my anal chute with his thick, white, baby batter.

Gary's monstrous penis throbbed as if it would blow itself apart as it emptied it's substance int... Continue»
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[Story] An Unexpected Visitor...

It was during the time of my college years that I was on the down low, my room mate Daryl would wake me in the morning during his physical exercises. That boy would do five hundred sit-ups and two hundred push-ups.

I would lay there pretending to be asl**p as he worked up a sweat, so many times he would leave the room to go and shower and I would dream as how it would be for the two of us to engaged in wild sexual acts.

This morning classes were canceled due to heavy storms approaching our campus, the dorm monitor brought us the news and advised us to notify him if we decided to leave... Continue»
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[Story] Sex with My b*****r's Friends.. Part 2 - Mark

This is part 2 of my story. It still pertains to the same friend of my b*****r, his name is Mark.

So I should describe Mark at the time. He was about 20 years old, blonde hair, blue eyes. 6'2" tall about 180 lbs. Did I mention he has a 9 1/2" cut & thick cock?!
He was the "loner" of the bunch, kind of quiet at first.

About 6 months had gone by since part 1 of the story. Mark stopped hanging out with his friends, my b*****r included. So I asked my b*****r, "what happened to Mark". He informed me that the group had stopped hanging with him because he started using coke & they wanted NO ... Continue»
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[Story] Student Turns Into a Teacher:)

Sort of continuation:)

In my last story I met my man. After our little sexual encounter me and Chip became a couple. We had been seeing each other for the past 2 years now and we have gotten even closer. During the week we would work at our respective jobs in our respective towns. On the weekends I was all his. From sunshine to sunset we would make passionate love for hours upon hours. One weekend I drove out to see him. H e said we were going to be doing something different than what we usually do. At first I was dissapointed in changing our routine. I was even more dissapointed when he wo... Continue»
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[Story] It's Fun to stay at the!!?

First story ever! Hope you enjoy all you sexy men out there!

I remember in my younger days. My college days. Everybody was always having a good time partying. Not me:( I would eat, sl**p, workout and go to school. No time for fun. I would always go to the local YMCA after my classes when I had free time and swim a few laps. After I take these swims I would go into the showers to rinse off. There is usually nobody in the locker rooms so one day I decided to live a little and shower naked. I am a shy person so this was big for me. I felt so free, just me alone soaping myself up head to toe sl... Continue»
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[Story] Panty Thief Sissified

It all happened so quickly that I can barely remember the details. It was a Saturday afternoon and I was doing my laundry in the dorm laundry room when she came in. I've seen her around campus before and regularly pictured her naked body pressed against mine while I pleasured myself. Her name is Carrie. She is almost as tall as I am at about 5'7" with bleach blond hair and a killer body. She always wears tight pants or short skirts that show off her legs. Her tops were always so tight that her breasts strained against the fabric; usually the outline of her nipples was also visible.

I was lo... Continue»
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[Story] All I wanted was to help

So I have a neighbor who is 85 and he has hip problems so he cant walk much. one day he asked if i would go get some groceries for him which of course i said yes. Upon returning, i knocked and he yelled come on in. I set the bags of food down in the kitchen and he asked me bring him a drink. I grabbed a bottle of something and went into the living room. he sat there his robe wide open and his legs spread. I habded him his drink and he asked if i could stay for a while, knowing e is always alone, i sat down and tried not to look at his huge ball sac and his penis perched on top of it. I guess h... Continue»
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[Story] Dark anonymous in my garage , gay sex

I had posted a craiglist ad earlier and got an actual real response! which out here in LasVegas is really rare trust me...

I am a 38 year old big/overweight white male , 6'2 tall , long hair big biker looking guy , 6"uncut cock . I am always looking for some cock...because like I said , a real response is rare...This was the first actual response in over 8 months of posting several times almost every day...

Anyways , a white male answered my ad and wanted to hook up , 31 year old 6 1/2" uncut cock , wanted to come over and bust out a few loads and wanted me to wear a skirt and knee high ... Continue»
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[Story] I am completely whipped on his dick...

I now know what its like to be completely and totally whipped by someones dick...I think about it a lot and masturbate to the thought of it often...He comes to visit me once every month or 2 , not nearly enough in my opinion! He has been visiting me for over 2 years now...I like it nice , dark and discrete , love the anon scene! We have never actually seen each other , always in the dark...except for the pic of his cock he sent me! I am a big/overweight white guy , 6'3 tall definitely not a small guy . He is around my age , black and seems to tower over me...even in the dark he seems to be a h... Continue»
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[Story] my horse

The year I turned 16 was a spectacular one, my parents were both partners in a growing law firm down in Tennesee and were acquiring a steady flow of new customers. I had been attending an all girl’s private school, complete with a tacky white blouse, navy checkered skirt and ridiculous white stockings and loafers, at least they were expensive. However the uniform was built for girls, and I was not one. By 16 years of age I already had a round pair of double D breast with what I considered dainty nipples at their centers. I was tall enough at 5’8” weighing in at only 120 lbs and was pleased wit... Continue»
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[Story] beurette

Algérienne mariée, baisée par un jeune noir de 16 ans !

Mariée et baisée par un jeune noir de 18 ans !

Jamais je n’avais pu imaginer que j’allais être troublée à ce point par ce jeune homme
noir âgé de 16 ou 18 ans au maximum. De carrure parfaite, ce costaud d’environs 1,85m
était en train de se frotter le torse tranquillement dans la douche commune de la
plage et ne se souciait pas du volcan de feu qu’il avait allumé en moi, l’espace de
quelques minutes d’enfer…

Il était là, debout, touchant ses parties intimes avec le gel douche qu’il s’est versé
dans le creux de sa main... Continue»
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[Story] Tied up...

I don't remember much about that Saturday night, just that I was at a bar and went to the toilet. I don't remember leaving, only being in some ones arm and having my pants removed.

Something uncomfortable and a flash of very bright light brought me into semi consciousness. I tried to reach back behind me and remove what was causing me pain, some one mumbled '...no you don't...' and my hand was brought back in front of me.

I came too again as I was coughing to see a huge black penis squirting it's substance in my face and the sounds of laughter. The penis moved and another one with a b... Continue»
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[Story] Gilbert's Boy Toy...3

I could look between my knees as Alvin stood and moved away. I could not see his face only his feet as he stepped away and Calvin stepped over my feet. Calvin had on a pair of socks that had holes at each big toe.

Once Calvin was over my upturned butt I felt a massive cool piece of meat slid over my anal opening and I knew instinctively that it would not fit in my rectum. I cried out in fear '...nooo Gilbert, I wanna go home...'

Gilbert was busy firing up a joint when he answered '...too late now bitch, I done lit one up. Y'all don't hurt my pussy...' they all burst out in laughter. C... Continue»
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[Story] First Time With Steve (Pt. 2)

As I laid there on the sofa face down with Steve on top of me trying to catch my breath, I realized Steve had his cock in my ass still. Soft now it felt just as part of my body, no discomfort just a slight fullness in my bottom. ‘well. . ‘ I said in between our pants for oxygen. Steve giggled, ‘well what?’. ‘I guess we need to up the cardio a bit’ I replied getting a belly laugh out of Steve. ‘yeah maybe, or next time we just need to pace ourselves better.’ ‘Next time? I like the sound of that’ I replied as I turned my head as far as I could to the right to look at his glistening sweaty face. ... Continue»
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[Story] First Time With Steve

When I met Steve it was if just meeting anyone, when I got involved with Steve
life changed drastically. A lot of the bodybuilders and guys at the gym were
either bi or gay. It wasn’t really talked about in the open and I had kind of
enjoyed that. I had been in relationships with both men and women and was
honestly just enjoying life. With males I was a versatile bottom and had always
taken that role since I started being sexual with men. Some weeks before Steve
approached me, I had fucked around with a guy about my age that also worked at
the gym. It had only been a d***ken one night s... Continue»
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[Story] Gilbert's Boy Toy...2

Gilbert was entering my bung hole with out any resistance as he ruthlessly worked his penis back and forth. With quick strokes, Gilbert was slamming deep into my bung till I cried out '...oooohshhhhiiitttt....' Gilbert lowered his face to mine and kissed me passionately on the lips probing my lips with his tongue.

I kept my teeth clinched as he did so, Gilbert bit my lower lips and mumbled '...damn baby, I'm cumming in this ass, I cumming in your ass...' I quickly grabbed Gilbert's ears and pulled his head back before he bit my lip into only to have him slam his penis as hard as he could ... Continue»
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[Story] Country Boys Adventures Continue.

My love for cock started when I was young. I lived with my mom and my dog Blackfoot, and spent most of my time doing chores around the house to help out mom since she was always at work. For awhile mom was pretty upset at the dog since he destroyed pretty much everything, but that stopped when she noticed that he had started to calm down and seemed to be less of a terror. Mom never really asked why Blackfoot had become more behaved, but if she did I would’ve had to lie to her.

Thinking back though, it kinda was mom’s idea for me to ask our old neighbor Mr. Clark for help with ... Continue»
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[Story] Gilbert made me his boytoy...

Gilbert rode me for an extremely long time, I don't know how long just that he was lust filled and with his penile glans numb he wasn't near about to cum. Gilbert whispered to me '...shit I ain't never fucked this long before told you I'm gonna make you luv this dick...'

After some time I could tell that Gilbert was getting tired, he would stop hunching into me and start grinding but it was half hearted than when he started. Finally he said damn I'm gonna cum, shit I'm gonna cum in your ass...' and with that Gilbert begin to blow his load of male spunk deep in my busted rectum. Filling my... Continue»
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[Story] How I met Gilbert...

I had never had sex before I was assaulted by Daniel, Bruce and Charlie. These three teenage ruffians lured me to their home and made me satisfy them sexually for hours before releasing me. But that was not the end of their torments, for months and years after they would use me for their sexual gratification. The worst part was when they told their friends of their conquest and their friends came calling.

It was during the same year that they caught me on the third floor of the school maybe three months after. That Saturday afternoon is still vivid in my mind, I was on my way back home a... Continue»
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[Story] A Saturday Sex Party...

In High School, I had many problems, bullies that attacked me and took their pleasures with my body. I had always considered myself to be straight, I had never even had sex, not even with a girl, before Charlie, Brace and Daniel had their way with me in their basement.

After that awful afternoon Bruce, Charlie or Daniel and ofttimes all three would take advantage of me. I tried to live it down and even tried to get my folks to transfer me to another high school.

Anyway, it was during summer vacation, I was on my way to the local park when Bruce called out to me. I started to run only ... Continue»
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