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[Story] Shower Room Sex...

It was in the fall of my junior year, I had made the track team and was also the favorite cum receptacle for Bruce, Charlie Daniel and a host of their friends and compatriots...I had just run three miles on the schools quarter mule track. Tired exhausted and barely able to stand, I entered the shower. It was late on a Wednesday even and no one was in the gym at this time of day. The janitors and maids were all in the other wing of the school and would only come through to lock up.

I stripped out of my running attire and made my way to the shower area, as I turned on a shower head I though... Continue»
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[Story] Who's Getting Anal

Boy or Girl Anal? You decide?
He gently put me on all fours near the edge of the couch so I could present him the gift of my fine small ass. He knew exactly what to do. He got some Astro-Glide and moved his cock up and down my ass crack while gently inserting a finger into my awaiting opening. I was not used to anything in my ass and squirmed from his gentle probing; soon I could accommodate his finger. Then a strange feeling came over me when he began making an in and out motion which began to feel pleasurable. Soon I could tell the pleasure was overtaking the somewhat painful feeling of the... Continue»
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[Story] My First Daddy

I didn't have sex with another guy until I was 21. I was always the quiet, nervous type. I had been watching gay porn since I was 13. I had never tried anything with another man because I was too scared someone might find out. Eventually though the urge was too strong and I finally got tired of playing with dildos and fantasizing. The only place I knew of to find other guys was craigslist. So I posted seeking an older, experienced, discrete man who wanted to top a younger boy. I ended up with several responses to the posting. It was a guy in his 40's who was married and traveled to the area fr... Continue»
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[Story] Bruce and His friends...

As I left school for the day, the rains came, it was a terrific down pour. The water fell so hard and fast that I ran into the first door way I saw. The building was dark and quiet at first, I sat on the stairs and watched the rain tell it started to blow inwards.

Moving back farther into the building I was startled out of my mind by hands grabbing hold of me. a familiar voice called out '...David, David it's me Bruce stop before you get hurt...' Scared witless I turned and absent mindlessly embraced him.

Voice began to laugh and I looked at who I was holding, to my surprise it wasn't... Continue»
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[Story] It is what it is...1

Bruce was playing basket ball as I passed through the park, I stopped long enough to watch a couple of points and went my merry way. As I crossed the baseball field, Bruce caught up to me and asked '...you just gonna walk on by with out saying anything. You haven't learned nothing ...have you...'

I glared at Bruce, but quickly changed my expression when I noticed his fist balled up. I stammered '...I was just passing by and thought the game was fun...' Suddenly, Bruce slapped me viciously across the face. I fell to the ground as he towered over me. I glanced around the to see if any one e... Continue»
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[Story] the perfect slut pick up

If you don't know the difference between consensual, or otherwise play, then by all means, don't read the following work of fiction.
The cheating wife
Cheating wives are always a kick for me. They want to fuck around on their husbands, so they go out and find a man they don't know, and go alone with him to a hotel room, a deserted area, or even
his place. I still can't believe that they still have the audacity to look shocked when their plans go to Hell. I like a woman that way, that is; shocked, surprised, and scared. I still love the bitch who pissed
herself after she found out what I ha... Continue»
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[Story] How my cherry got popped

I’ve had a fetish about white jockey briefs since I was 16. I like the way the double layer of cotton feels so smooth when I rub my balls and right round to my bum hole. One day I got caught doing this by my mother. She told me to stop doing it because I might end up all queer. I knew what she meant but in those days didn’t exactly know what people who were “all queer” got up to, just that it was forbidden.
Every Tuesday at high school we went swimming at the school pool straight after lunch. The English teacher used to take the lessons and generally keep control of the idiots who preferred t... Continue»
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Some helpful tips for guys

When I first joined here I used to see these bitchy rules girls post.

Now I understand why.

1. If my green light is on, I might not be looking at my computer. I might not be home at all. I might be making cinnamon buns. The point is, don't assume I'm ignoring you. I might be, but I'll reply when it's convenient for me.

2. Don't send 5 PM's, then go, "?" or "are you ever going to reply?" If you do this, you will never hear from me again.

3. You can ask me to cam exactly twice, down from my previous three requests and my reply will always be no. Do I really have to explain w... Continue»
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Read this & weep or read this & walk proudly.

Size is measured when fully erect, from shaft base (at the pubis) to tip
of glans ( the distal end of the penis ).

1% of men worldwide have a penis measuring longer than 8¾ inches
3% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 7¾ to 8¾ inches
11% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 7 to 7¾ inches
19% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 6¼ to 7 inches
29% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 5½ to 6¼ inches
21% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 4¾ to 5½ inches
9% of men worldwide have a penis measuring 4 to 4¾ inches
... Continue»
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[Story] Stopped from Getting Home....

I was in line waiting for the bus, which was extremely late this day, we had moved some distance away from my high school and I had to take the bus home after school. As I waited and watched the road, Charlie came up behind me, Charlie the b*****r of Daniel and cousin to Bruce and nephew to horse dick Harry.

He leaned close to my ear and whispered '...I want to see you on the football field, don't make me wait to long...' I looked around annoyed as to why he would do such a thing only to see the back of his head disappear through the crowd of students. I looked down the street to see if t... Continue»
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[Story] Pussyboy

Pussyboy, Part 1
By Greg Stone

Part 1

Greg peered over the menu to check out the young waiter working the lunch
tables. He'd wanted to avoid the noise of the business lunch crowd on a Friday,
so he was at this trendy little place filled mostly with students. The menu
didn't interest him, but the fair-haired young man breezing between the tables

He looked about twenty, with a small build and rather effeminate mannerisms. The
highly styled hair and close-fitting clothes suggested a flirtatious, even vain
character. Greg watched closely as the waiter gesture... Continue»
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[Story] The Basketball Team

Alan had been riding his bicycle and was headed home when he came upon one of
the neighborhood basketball courts. Usually the place is rather empty or there are
just a couple of k**s playing ball with each other. Most of the time is wasn't even
worth stopping and checking it out. You see, Alan went out for a bike ride to get
some action, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted but he was looking and had a
feeling that when he found it, he'd be ready. After riding for about two hours, he
know that it probably was fruitless because the temperature and humidity was just
about as high... Continue»
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[Story] My slave does what I ask

You: are you horny
Stranger: yes
You: call me master
Stranger: yes master
You: finger your dirty cunt for your master
Stranger: what ever you like master
You: how many fingers have your shoved in there
Stranger: two
You: master
You: slide one more in your wet cunt
Stranger: yes master
You: how does that feel
Stranger: so tight
You: start fucking your cunt. pretend your fingers are your masters hard cock
Stranger: mmm yes master
You: go harder and deeper
You: do you like your masters cock in you
Stranger: yes sir
You: lick your fingers. tell your master what your dirty cunt ta... Continue»
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[Story] A Prince's Voyage to Slavery

I was a prince in my tribe and here I was on my knees on Roman galley whilst a common sailor was trying to f***e his huge cock in my manly hole. I struggled but was held by 3 other stinking sailors. Just as his cock touched me I heard a shout from the captain. I understood their language. He said my arse was too valuable for a pig commoner but my mouth wasn't. Before I could do anything the first stinking cock entered my mouth. The naked sailor f***ed my head back and forth. (I soon realised that it hurt less to it myself) I soon tasted a hot salty taste in my mouth before he pulled out and wa... Continue»
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[Story] Pumped - ( Sometimes there's more sweating af

It was a slow night at Iron Works Gym. Outside the rain pounded the parking lot and washed away the remnants of what had been another routine day. Another routine day in a long, line of routine days.

There were only a few guys working out that night and we were all s**ttered into our own workout zones. The clanking of plates drowned out the music the gym played but no one seemed to care. Most of the guys in the gym that night were listening to their own tunes on their Ipods and in 'the zone.'

I was lucky enough to have my choice of machines and able to go at my own pace without waiting i... Continue»
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[Story] I Joined a Gym...

I read an add for a gym that boasted twenty-four hour access six days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday. The price was durable and I figured that at least I would stay in shape, I had noticed that my stomach was beginning to protrude over my belt and I wanted to keep my trim line figure.

It was about night time one Tuesday that I entered and met with the front desk clerk. I was giving a set of rules, regulations and assigned a locker after paying for the first week. One of the rules was to shower before entering the work out area(sic) and be respectful of others that are already into their rout... Continue»
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How to suck cock

If you simply wanted to get a guy off as quickly as possible, all you need to do is lock your lips at the base of his cock and suction them up and down the bottom ¾ of his shaft at a quick, steady pace while pressing your flattened tongue against the underside of his dick. Make sure you are applying pressure with both your lips AND tongue.

Keeping your tongue engaged at all times is key. I try to keep mine moving at all times. This is how you get 90% of guys off. It helps me keep from gagging to hold his cock steady at the b... Continue»
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[Story] Cockslave Bruce

Cockslave Bruce

Story from the perspective of a college boy who is abused by a dom master and turned into a sissy faggot pussyboy whore, who learns to love his abuse.

This is my story of how I was turned into a cock slave. I'm 5'10, 165 lbs,
with a smooth, almost hairless body. I'm in good shape with a baby face and
barely any beard. I grew up around New York as a straight male, but I did
have a few experiences with other guys when I was young.

I dated and slept with girls and was straight in appearance and actions.
Like most guys, I thought being queer was the most embarrassing... Continue»
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[Story] Super Glue

A visit to see some friends in Atlanta for three days only a couple hour drive in drag. Long brown wig flowing below my shoulders, loose fitting warm sweater matching bra and panties, long dress, hose and flats. The small overnight bag filled with warm nightie and makeup with a few things in case I met someone new.

I had been with a new guy earlier this week that I had met in a bar. He invited me to his condo and after a great early evening of sex we both passed out.

He tried to wear me out. Some guys I just don't understand how they last so long. Lots of lubricants is about the only th... Continue»
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Getting the most out of your cunt - Slapping

We all know every cunt needs a good slap now and then, but what makes a good slap?

In my experience there a few simple things you can do to give your cunt the slap it deserves.

1. Stroke the area you wish to slap first, it stimulates the skin, bring bl**d to the surface making it more sensitive.

2. Slapping a wet area will hurt more as the water (piss, spit or whatever liquid) will compress againest the skin effectively giving 2 slaps for the price of one.

3 Temperature is also important, slapping a cold area will produce a more stinging effect than slapping a warm area.

4 Cuppi... Continue»
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[Story] Young and Used

I was hitchhiking home from school and got picked up by a friendly, middle aged man. As he chatted away, he kept reaching over and grabbing my leg, patting it or rubbing it. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I felt my cock tingling when he did it. "Listen," he said, "if you've got some time, I'm a photographer, and I'd love to take you to my place for a little while, and shoot some pictures of you. I'll gladly pay you for your time."

I wasn't quite sure what he had in mind, but I was curious to find out, so I agreed to go with him. H... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 4)

Old Black Carl (Part 4)

There was no getting around it, now. Carl had total control over me with those photos, and I knew it. So many things could go wrong. Carl told me to clean the house before the football game started. He sat in his recliner and watched as I performed chores. It was hard to concentrate because, not only was I scared about the pictures, but Carl’s enormous cum load kept dribbling down my leg. It felt like there must have been a quart in there. After I had finished, Carl told me to shower, and to work on my makeup. He said it was going to be VERY important that I did it w... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 3)

Old Black Carl (Part 3)
After the long night, we slept in late, the next day. Carl made me suck his cock again, and of course, I enjoyed it. He said he had some things to do and that he would drive me home, so that I could rest, and that he would be picking me up again that evening. He drove me home with his arm around me, and of course, he had me play with his big cock while he drove. He dropped me off in front of my parent’s house, and told me to be ready about 6. I nodded, and walked into the house. I knew I probably smelled like cum and sweat, so I went directly to my room. I thought abou... Continue»
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[Story] Old Black Carl (part 2)

Old Black Carl (part 2)
As Carl drove with his arm around me, and me stroking his meat through his pants, he told me that a year ago his wife had died, and that there weren't many Black women around, and the white girls didn't like him because he was older. So his plan was to make do with what he had. He would just make me into his white girl. It was pretty shocking, and scary to me. I wasn't sure how far I wanted all of this to go. But as he pulled into the Adult Bookstore parking lot, he took me by the face and made me look into his eyes. “Are you serious about this? I don’t want to be wast... Continue»
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Melissa Rauch and Kaley Cuoco get Blacked

Melissa was going to get married the next day , And she wanted to celebrate with her girlfriends. They went to a club, partied, And gossiped about how handsome and nice her fiancé was.
As the evening went on, Melissa and Kaley were the only ones still up for fun while her other friends had long since gone home. 6 Black men had been eyeing the hot, young blondes all night.
"Damn! Those bitches be fine as hell, b*o!" one said to the group
"I'd bang that shit all day!" Another said.
"I bet we could tonight" Another said winking at the group.
"What you got in mind?" Another said
"Shit! Thes... Continue»
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[Story] Used...4

Daniel's penis was rock hard and not giving any as it plowed deeper and deeper into my bowels, I tired to beat his chest to get him off but it only seemed to excite him more as he picked up his pace and had me moaning even more from the agonizing pain.. I managed to sputter '...PLEA...PLEASE, Dan...Daniel...NO DON"T DO THIS PLEASE GO SLOW PLEASE GO SLOW...' Nelson said '...I see what y'all mean this bitch do likes to be fucked rough. Just wait till Daniel come in that ass, when he get up I'm gonna bust his ass wide open...' Sweat was already falling off of my body and as Daniel continued to s... Continue»
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The Punishment Room (part one)

The Punishment Room

Part One

Helen is a beautiful, elegant as she would describe herself MILF. To look at her you can see that she certainly has a sexy glint in her eye but you wouldn’t guess what simmers beneath her sweet smile & polished exterior.
We got chatting on a forum similar to this. I sent her a friend request & a cheeky little message purely because in one of her photo’s she had a pair of stockings on & her legs where to die for. My mouth is watering as I type this thinking of my tongue sliding up the seam on the back of her delicious calves.

So, we got chatting. At first ... Continue»
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[Story] Used...3

My butt raised up off the mattress giving Charlie unhindered access to my bung hole. Charlie slid his penis back into my anus as if it was a penile sheath and started to rock back and forth as he gave running commentary. '...Good pussy like this have to be used and used a lot. You have to show this type of pussy whose boss and make it beg...ain't that right bitch...' I kept my face turned away from looking Charlie in the face as he hoovered over me, the obscene sounds of Charlie's penis going in and out of my come filled anal canal made enough noise to keep the rest quiet. Bruce came over to ... Continue»
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Things NOT to say during or after sex.

1. Did I not mention the video camera?
2. Can you please pass me the TV remote control?
3. On second thought, let's turn off the lights.
4. Hope you're as good looking when I'm sober...
5. Got any penicillin?
6. I thought you had the keys to the handcuffs!
7. When is this supposed to feel good?
8. It's nice being in bed with a woman I don't have to inflate!
9. This would be more fun with a few more people..
10. Perhaps you're just out of practice
11. You look younger than you feel
12. And to think, I didn't even have to buy you dinner!
13. You'll still vote for me, won't you?
... Continue»
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[Story] Used...2

Nelson was not as huge as Daniel and lighter in complexion, their penis twitched and throbbed as I administered to them. Brain grind deep into me and I felt his penis throb and then the warm feel of him coming deep in my bung.

Nelson pulled away from my lips and went behind me, Daniel gripped my head and said '...come on here...open your mouth and suck my dick like I told you too...' Nelson spit into my sore bung hole and slid his penis deep past my outer sphincter muscle ring, it wasn't much of a muscle ring left. Charlie, Daniel and Bruce had made sure that my anus was lose must of the ... Continue»
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