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[Story] Friends Like These...2

Willie had me held tight by the back of my head as he sexual assaulted my mouth, his pre-cum and my saliva dripped from my mouth as he had his way. How long he had me in such a predicament I don't know, I could barely catch a breath, my knees were hurting, I was getting faint as I tried to push away from Willie's crotch as my throat was being assaulted. I could feel Willie's huge penile shaft begin to get firmer his penile glans swelled, suddenly willie begin to ejaculate copious amounts of seminal fluid filling my oral cavity...Willie said roughly to me '...swallow it all bitch, swallow it a... Continue»
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[Story] A great all male threesome

I learned about a couple of guys that liked to host all male threesomes and especially enjoyed being with guys who haven't done that before. I arrived at their place full of excitement and anticipation of what would happen over the next few hours.

I was greeted at the door by a good looking guy that was probably in his mid 40's and after walking in was introduced to his friend who was about the same age. I sat down on one of the living room chairs and the three of us got to know each other. Turns out that they were a gay couple with a zest for group sex and we all relaxed with drinks in han... Continue»
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[Story] The Summer's Night Intruders

It was a hot sticky summer’s night. No breeze. Hard to sl**p.

I opened the ranch slider in the hope of getting some air into the room. The door opens onto a private court yard with a wall on the boundary.

I striped off and lay face down on the bed with no covers on.

Eventually I dozed off to sl**p.

I became partially awake thinking I could hear voices.

Still half asl**p I felt the bed move. Then I felt a weight on top of me. Come out of my dazed state I felt my arms and legs being restrained by ropes. Before I could call out for help, there was a gag in my mouth being ties aroun... Continue»
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[Story] My sister, my first, the tranny

A little something different to spice up your lives


It was the first week of June and school was out for the summer, I was 18 and had just finished my senior year. One night while we were eating dinner, My Mom and step dad informed me that they were going away for two weeks. When they got married they did not go on a honeymoon, so they wanted to take one now. Jack, my stepdad, told me they were going to... Continue»
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[Story] Young and Willing - Part One

My new friend pulled into the supermarket parking lot right on time. As we drove to his apartment, he told me his name was Harry, and asked me how I was feeling about coming to his party. I just told him I was fine, but inside I was trembling with anticipation. Harry went on to tell me that he spoke with all three of his friends, and they all agreed they wanted me to relax and have a good time. He assured me that no one would hurt me.

As we entered Harry’s living room, he looked at his watch, and told me his friends would be there soon, so, we should get ready. He started taking ... Continue»
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[Story] The new neighborhood part one


"Uch!" I grunt as the thick piece of man meat is f***efully shoved into me
all at once. He'd said it was a thick seven and a half, but damn! If this
was any indication,I thought to myself, I'm in for a real ride.

I look up into his face as a sigh escapes his lips. He said he was mixed,
and while I hadn't thought much of it earlier, staring up into his
masculine angular face with his full lips and caramel skin, I wondered what
one would have to mix to get this perfect piece of man. And then he moves;
a swivel of his hips, gyrating against me. My mind goes blank and my b... Continue»
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[Story] Gang Banged By Members Of The Football Team

"Alright guys, hit the shower, and get some sl**p, remember games at 8:00 tomorrow. Now Bucks on three." The head coach of the varsity football team said.

"1...2...3... BUCKS!!!" Yelled the whole football team. Then they made their way towards the locker room.

I had watched the last half hour of their practice in a white tank top and black mini skirt along with a friend and her boyfriend. However we spent much more time talking than actually watching the practice. We continued our conversation for another fifteen minutes before I said goodbye and started walking home.

I didn't get too... Continue»
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How a good male slut should be

Some guys here have asked me what I mean with male-sluts. For me male sluts are kinky guys with who a girl like me can have a lot of fun in bed ;D. That includes long-term-relationships as well as ONS.

So here a short list of what turns me on when I fuck with a guy:

I have a quite high sex drive, so it's quite important to me that my sexpartners have some endurance. That doesn't mean that a guy has to be able to fuck me for half an hour at full speed, but there are quite some ways to have longer sex sessions like variing positions or licking or slower strokes if you come clos... Continue»
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[Story] Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

Slut is Born Ch. 02*****

The week went by slowly as I digested what Jim had done to me last Saturday. As I walked around school, I found myself looking at people differently, wondering if any of them had ever been treated the way I had. This would always bring the details of what Jim had done to my mind and my cock would immediately start to respond. I had started making sure I always had a book or a coat to hold in front of my crotch, and walked around in almost perpetual shame.

The showers after gym were the worst. I would stand there, the hot water running over my body with 20-30 guy... Continue»
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Ronald Waterman had the perfect life. He was an annuities manager at an investment firm on Wall Street making more money than most people could ever dream of making. He'd made a few sound investments and done some trading that wasn't really above board but he didn't get caught and he made a bundle in the process so debt wasn't a huge issue. He and his wife were empty nesters; their two boys were in college and staying relatively out of trouble, at least not the sort of trouble that would get them expelled. Considering they were spoiled rich k**s who grew up on Long Island and didn't know the m... Continue»
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[Story] Friends Like These...

It was my third period class...Normally I'm in study period in the library, but this day I had received a note from Charlie telling me to meet him in the locker room. A note from Charlie, Bruce or Daniel during school only meant one thing...some one wanted to fuck and I was their chosen partner. I also knew that if I did not show up I would probably get my butt kicked after school or my awful secrete would get told.

Dutifully I manage to stealthily make my way to the gym and into the darken locker room. As soon as I had eased the door closed Charlie seized me by the collar and asked '...n... Continue»
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[Story] Tony's Bitch Pt 1

I had given Tony my number but I didn't get his. He didn't offer it and I figured asking questions didn't fall under the category of obedient. I did have his e-mail... should I use it? No. He said he would call. There's no way I can live with fucking this up. Obedience. It had been four days since I had turned Tonys throbbing member into a sloppy mess and I was still drooling over the faintest idea of it that crossed my mind.I had jerked off so many times at night. I would find myself playing with my dick, knees in the air, spread eagle. It was only natural that I had started playing with my a... Continue»
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[Story] my night with my Black Master

I posted on this site i would like to be a blackmans sissy,i did get a response from a guy who said he was looking for a white sissy to use i told him i was 55 and never done this before but i would love to be his sissy for a night,we arranged to meet at a holiday inn on the M6, we meet in the bar he was 6 foot 6 and very big build i am only 5 foot 6 and small build i felt a bit scared, once we were alone i would have no chance of stopping him from doing as he wanted to me i said that to him but he just looked at me, he told me to go to the room get dressed in what he had told me to bring an... Continue»
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[Story] Double BBC out of Town!

This story is about something that happened to me while away on a buisiness trip. I'm a married 38 year old mother that travels on occasion for buisiness. While on a trip to Indianapolis I was snowed in with no hope of leaving that night to get home. With my return flight booked for the next day I checked into a hotel near the airport. Still dressed in my short blue dress I went down to the bar to get something to eat and maybe a couple drinks before bed. While sitting at the bar downstairs a couple young black men came in sat down beside me and started up a conversation. They introduced thems... Continue»
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[Story] Round Two: Face Down and Ass Up

I kept my word and let my little Fuck Buddy hit it from the back, he lasted less than five minutes before he came. I wasn't surprised, I have a big ass and thick thighs, so he admitted he was overwhelmed at getting a shot at all that ass. Haha. That led to round two of course, since he wanted another chance to last longer.

Naturally he was hesitant, thinking I was trying to turn him Bi or something. I wasn't but now that he said it, the idea sounded hot as hell. I obviously told him I wasn't about to do that, but still he was reluctant to try again. So I promised that it wouldn't be the... Continue»
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[Story] My First Group

"Same as usual, I don't claim to be a story writer, I apologise in advance for any grammar errors or spelling errors. This is 100% true except some of the names may be altered for privacy's sake."

Well this is a story which is all about my first time experiencing a group meeting. It was a day after my 16th birthday and was a surprise present from my "buddy" next door. (read earlier story for details on him) Anyway, the day of my birthday came and it was a great one, I was spoiled rotten off the folks and spent the day at school before having a meal out with the fam on the evening. As... Continue»
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[Story] Holiday

About two years ago I went on a trip to Spain and stayed at this lovely yet very dull resort in Alicante at the Costa Blanca. I spend most my days either at the beach or at the pool but there was just no action to be found (if you catch my drift)even the times I went shopping nothing.
One day I went shopping and met two lovely older ladies named Diane and Jessica who stayed at the same resort as me, we had lunch together and they told me that the buzz around the resort was that they nurse at the first aid centre was gay. I played it off cool but later that day I took a casual stroll past the ... Continue»
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[Story] Everyone loves a good Jail story.

The darkness of the sack cloth and staggering into a cell, I fell to the floor and then was stood erect. Handcuffs come off and two guards grin at me. I knew their names. But for all the wrong reasons.

I'm quickly stripped naked by the two guards. They remain clothed, but do pull out their cocks, leaving me standing naked for a moment before my ass is slapped hard. They grab my hair, forcing me on my hands and knees, my hands are bound behind my back, and pull my hair so my head goes back. Slapping my face and spitting in my mouth. When the guard they call Bush pinches my nip... Continue»
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[Story] Kristy and the pack

"Kristy, honey, could you get the Peterson file for me?" Daddy asked, looking up
from his desk.

"Sure," I grumbled. I hated working for my dad at the kennel. All my friends got
to run around after school. My dad, on the other hand, thought this would be a
positive experience for me, and insisted that I spend some hours after school
and on the weekends working in the f****y business. I figure he also had a
secondary motive. Puberty was beginning to influence my eight teen year old body, so
my pert titties and rounded hips were just beginning to swell to womanly
proportions. I... Continue»
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[Story] Adopt-A-Fucking-Pet

Part One

It was another day on the set of Good Day LA as
Jillian Barberie prepared her material for
today's broadcast. As always, she would be
taking care of the weather report, as well as
her favorite segment, the Adopt-A-Pet program.

As always, the 5'4" brunette weathergirl was
wearing a sexy outfit consisting of a short
black skirt, an almost see-through silk blouse
and three-inch stiletto heels. This was all
accentuated by the black stockings she had on.
She didn't much like the idea of pantyhose, so
she would go for stockings and garter belt every
chance she ... Continue»
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[Story] GANG BANGED by my SON and his FRIENDS

My f****y has always been liberal sexually and we are all usually running around

the house and pool naked. We have been doing this for years and really never

thought anything about it. I was nearly 60 by now and I've had several k**s and

they are now grown and gone..or so I thought! I still like to have guys over to

fuck me and every now and then, I'll let them bring friends over to use me as

they like. Ever since I got a divorce, I have been more sexually active than ever

and I can't seem to get enough sex and the dirtier, the better!
One afternoon, I was layi... Continue»
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[Story] Sex with strangers

We went to a quiet alley and I pulled my pants down and bent his way. He pulled his cock from his pants. A not too long fat cock, I love those fat cocks. Don’t get me wrong I’ll try to take any long cock that fucks me but I kinda dislike the real deep fuck and prefer the stretching of my ass a lot more. I stood there like a whore with my ass high up in the air while I pulled my cheeks apart, showing my gape to him. He looked in it and was inspecting it, getting his cock hard by doing that.

I could feel the head of his warm cock against my ass rim, and it opened me up completely. He stood w... Continue»
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[Story] Black Man's White Pussyboy

Black Man's White Pussyboy

Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He also meets another pussyboy but ends up getting fucked by everyone. Good dialog.

I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom,
furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to
rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to
some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the
rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date
listed... Continue»
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[Story] First time fucked as a CD...

About a month ago, I had sex with my first man. It has been a long time coming but I am so glad I did it.

I have been crossdressing for a while. I started going out in public just to see if I could get away with it. I am only a little effeminate, 5'7" with a toned swimmers build, about 115 pounds, I even grew my hair out to get a crop cut.

So I finally decided I would take it to the next level. I posted ads on craigslist, and after about a week of posting everyday I finally found the guy I wanted. He was a tall, muscular, white guy with a bit of an italian look, with almost no body hair.... Continue»
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[Story] A f****y Friend

My first story. Sorry its long, but I do hope you enjoy it. Have plans for a series if theres any interest. Thanks!

One summer weekend my parents had invited a friend of theirs over to the house so they could catch up on old times. My parents, however, forgot about their friend visiting and left town on vacation earlier in the week. I had decided not to go and stayed home. Early Saturday afternoon I hear the doorbell go off and I answer it to find my parents friend Artie at the door. He’s about 50 years old, tall, and slim. He tells me he’s supposed to meet my parents for lunch, but I tell ... Continue»
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[Story] black man's sissy boy

I started jerking off to ejaculation when I was around 18. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. I collected fuck mags and porno tapes wherever I could find them, to use as visual aids. Just looking at those sexy nude women being loved up by their hot men made my dick so fuckin' HARD! Because of that I was able to convince myself that I was normal, of course, in retrospect it is obvious that I was identifying with the women.

One day when my mom was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The draw... Continue»
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[Story] home alone.. with my first BBC

This happened very recently, couple days ago. i thought id share it since it was one of my fantasies come true.. ( have got a lot of fantasies). it went down something like this.

My f****y went away for the weekend and left me home alone for 2 long days.. i thought of making the best of it, and boy i did exactly that. I had been talking to this guy on my gym, i suspected he liked guys cause I've caught him looking at me several times and he lately has been texting me random stuff , like we should get a drink one day or watch a movie i mean come on, so anyways he was a cool guy to talk to,so... Continue»
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[Story] What Did I do...

What did I do? This is the question I asked myself as I was gang banged by twenty or more young teenage thugs. I was leaving my third hour class of the day in high school, as I started to go down the stairs to the second floor, Charlie was standing on the landing looking up at me with a wicked smile.

I saw him and hoped he didn't see me, I started to walk back up the stairs when Bruce push gently at my back whispering '...you're going the wrong way, we need you yo go with us or else..." Fear gripped my body as I stumbled into Charlie and he giggled leading me down the stairs. None of my f... Continue»
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[Story] Keeping the Police at bay.

His cock was sliding inside me. I was so used to having cock in my ass you wouldn't think it mattered, but each time that it was a completely new cock got me more excited. And this was the first time this cock was using my ass for fun.

This was one of the weekends at the cabin I have written about before. One of the weekends where I made a lot of extra money being a nice little cum dump for many wealthier men. The cabin was fairly secluded and near a pretty private branch of a fairly large lake. That being said it wasn't completely secluded. And this party was a little wilder than m... Continue»
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[Story] Ravaged by a Big Black Cock

I awoke once again with the salty yet sweet taste of cum in my mouth and immediately felt for my oil and seed coated ass. Now empty, it came back to life as I slid a finger into it. I was feeling so good I couldn't ask for more in my life. Getting fucked again and again by my two younger lovers, and being consumed by my new addiction to cum, I felt that I was now the happiest man on earth.

Why I never was in love like this before I will never know, but now I was so content that I couldn't think of anything else I could ever want out of life. For most of the day I already had been fucked by ... Continue»
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