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[Story] My first time with black cocks

David made all the arrangements. He asked about my fantasy and several weeks later
he made it all happen. I was on my knees in front of 2 gorgeous black cocks stroking them
to hardness. What I didn't expect was that david was going to excuse himself and leave me
alone with these guys.

It was 8 PM and david said he would be back at midnight. He left with a smile and a wink.

Even though we had been introduced I had no idea what their names were. All I knew is they
were very good looking with great cocks. They brought me to my feet and told me to get them both
a beer. They follow... Continue»
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[Story] The first time....

Way back in High School my best friend,Kevin and I were in his pool one night. I sat on the steps while he swam laps.Kevin`s body was so sexy,hard and rippling with muscles. I watched him as he started to slow near me.
Kevin stopped and removed his baggy swim trunks. He told me it is easier to swim nude and I bought it. Kevin stated to swim and I watched while removing my own trunks.
When Kev was near the shallow end he noticed I was nude too.I could look through the water at Kevin super body and very thick penis.My cock was also hard as I looked at Kevin's sexy body,hairy and ripped.
... Continue»
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[Story] My first cock

In high school at my best friends house. We were swimming naked and playing with each other playfully. He grabbed my penis and I tugged on his.We began to tongue each other,our hands searching each others bodies.His fingers wrapped around my throbbing manhood and it felt so good.My friend sat on the edge of the pool and I was eye level with his huge penis. I took it in my fingers and marveled at how thick and long he was. I began to lick his shaft while tugging on his full balls.
My friend said we should go inside so no one would see us.He got up and I got out of the pool too.My friend gra... Continue»
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[Story] 24 hours with steve the visitors

When the steve answered the door i could hear him talking to the taxi driver. Then i heard another voice, i walked out to see what was going on and their was steve standing with the large taximan and another obease looking chap. they looked me up and down and i could see that they looked exited. i told them i didnt agree to an extra gentleman, the taxi driver than said he would give me an extra £200 on top of the £500 and chucked me an envelope i looked through their was £700 cash so i agreed (i was so horny anyway i would have probly let him stay for free) the taxi driver introduced himself a... Continue»
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My Sissy rules

1 because my lord is not only willing cock women he is in between time and again real women bring my task will be to ensure that their 3 holes are constantly dripping wet and fuck ready and them not running the juice on the expensive bed sheets my Lord

2 It will often happen that my Lord has some friend and will use them all and I let it not occur to me some of the seeds which they pay me to waste

3 My life purpose is to satisfy the sexual needs of others

4 I get so feminine as possible and only some clothe me behave

5 Whore or bitch bunny princess or I 'm going to assume the role... Continue»
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[Story] turned into a girl

My name is now Stephanie, once it was Stephen. I would like to relate how I was turned into a girl (really a transvestite slave) by the beautiful young lady who has become my mistress. I have always felt that I should have been born a female. I definitely have female traits. I have a very feminine voice and I cry over the silliest things. Just like a woman would.

Cindy's dominance over me has expanded my submissive nature. I love Mistress Cindy and happily submit to her every desire. In high school, I spent two frustrating years trying to date the opposite sex. I found girls to be rather di... Continue»
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Giving a horse a blowjob

i was 16,and i was on a farm with my grandparents,they were gone for 2 days and they left me alone.
I was pretty horny ,and i had my sexy outfit there,but i didnt have no one to blow.I was walking around when i remembered that horses have very big dicks,and they realy cum alot.I got dressed very fast,took a bottle and i wanted to fill it with horse cum so i can have it for a couple of days.
I went to the place where my grandad kept the horses and i walked up to a very big black one.
I looked at his dick,and it was realy small ,like 13 cm.I was realy dissapointed,but i gave it a try.
I grab... Continue»
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[Story] Black Cock Party

I am going to skip ahead during the same time frame that I stayed with Bob and share with you the wild evening I had at a party that Bob and I attended. Bob had been an athlete and even though he was now in his late twenties, somehow he had friends that were current athletes. He was pretty popular and was invited to a lot of parties. This particular party was huge and there were tons of people. The house was full of guys of all races and many hot girls as well. The music was pumping while everyone was dancing in the living room, hallway, and the kitchen. People were smoking and drinking and ev... Continue»
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[Story] Sabrina and the Black Quarterback

Part I – The Encounter

I've been a crossdresser since my early teens. I'm a 5'3”, 28 years old, 130 lbs, latina sissy. I have long black hair and green eyes, with a dark silky brown tan and very athletic figure with a big ass and small tits. I love feminine things and have always had an intense desire to be a full time girl.

Whenever I'm home, I always wear women's clothes. I just love weekends because I transform into a very sexy and exotic girl. Every Saturday morning I get up early and exercise. I always wear an 80's workout outfit, white tights and a sexy bright-colored spandex leot... Continue»
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What Pisses Me Off About Porn or Just General Bitc

First of all let me say I love porn in almost all it's forms, sorry puking and shiting on each other isn't porn. There is though a ton of things in porn that have become so standard you might not notice them anymore or you chose to live with it. Some of these things you might agree with some you won't but for me these are 5 things in porn that piss me off.

1. T[b]he MILF Craze
Okay so I live in Southern California, virtually the birthplace of the MILF, so I know one when I see one. I have no real problem with the genre except it's become a way for so-called retire... Continue»
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[Story] An Encounter with Daniel...

A few weeks had passed since Bruce, Charlie and Daniel had viciously invaded my neither regions and introduced me to a world that I never new in my deepest imagination...Briefly, the three of them had lured me willingly to the basement apartment in one of their parents home.

Once inside I was made to feel at ease and then with out warning, I was set upon and sexually assaulted by all three of them. My virgin anal opening was bust open and made to accept their mammoth size sex tools.

For nearly three hours I was d****d over an ottoman and sodomized, repeatedly, tell they had their fu... Continue»
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I am telling this true story because even though I was treated as a filthy cum

sucking, ass fucked sex slave, it changed my life for the better..except NOW I'm ADDICTED to CUM!

I was in high school and had always thought I might be gay but wasn't really

quite sure. I had experimented a few times with a neighborhood boy I was in

grade school with but really all we did was kiss each others cocks and a couple

of times we jerked of together. I had always liked seeing the guys in school naked

in the shower and had wondered what it would be like to get fucked in my ass or
... Continue»
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How to go down on a Girl

Here are a few tips…

1) Start out by getting extra-horny!

Kiss down her body:


OK, maybe it’s more like this:

Or kiss up her legs, and her thighs…

[imag... Continue»
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[Story] He transformed me to his bitch

This happened during summertime. Just after the end of school period, last summer before college. All of my friends had left the city for a beach house they rented. I was to go several days later. So I was alone in an empty city, since everybody was away for the summer holidays.
I was waiting at the bus station when a stranger came and asked me if I knew some decent place to have a beer. I suggested him a few pubs that were close when he asked me to join him. I was surprised and a bit scared, so I kindly declined saying that my friends were waiting for me. He insisted suggesting to meet for ... Continue»
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[Story] Taken

I had just been into exploring my sexual side for a short time when this happened.

I was about 16 and still shy and nervous. I had kept my sexual liaisons to the local cruising places at night and anonymous. I wasn't old enough to get into the gay bars, and hadn't worked up the courage to go into the local bath-house, The Apollo.

I was walking through the mall one day when I noticed a guy checking me out. I was surprised by how obvious he was in such a public place. The mall was dead, but it still surprised me.

He was older--probably in his 50's--and kinda looked like a Sears retiree... Continue»
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[Story] More than I had in mind.

Well what the fuck were you expecting?
I didn't know exactly, but it wasn't this. It wasn't being overpowered by this big guy and made to do things that I really didn't want to.
But I wasn't in control of the situation.
We'd met in the hotel bar and got talking over a couple of beers. I'm a married man, but always had this fantasy about what it might be like with a guy. I guess my fantasy never got much past a hand-job and just maybe sucking a dick.
Somehow our conversation turned to sex and then to same-sex activity and I acted like I was experienced, because he was talking about the m... Continue»
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[Story] The Favor

It started the summer I turned 16. My mom got me signed up to go to one of those summer camps for disadvantaged k**s. I was going to spend a month in the woods with mostly black and Hispanic k**s, and I was one of the few white k**s. I'm not a bigot, its just that when you are white and a minority in those groups, you get pushed around. I was assigned a tent with a black guy who was 18. He was nice and I figured it would be OK to be at camp, until I started getting pushed around by other guys in camp. My tent mate stood up for me and told the guys to leave me alone, so they did. Later, when we... Continue»
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[Story] Hot lady and her dog

This story is not mine but I loved it.

I don't remember why, but business had taken me to Boston by air. I had arrived at about 3 PM and had gone directly to the car rental counters. In the old terminal they were opposite the baggage claim area. There was a back up at the car rental counter and as I only had a carry on bag, I was idly pushing it with my foot as the line moved up. Having nothing better to do I faced the crowd at the baggage claim carousel.

It was then that I saw them! She was a beautiful brunette, about 35 or so, with long tanned legs, short skirt which covered her round... Continue»
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[Story] Used by my seducer

Following on from Saturday Seduction and Next Morning....

I visited my my new friend at his apartment several times in the coming months. It would always start with a phone call from him. I had that much control, but when I was in his company he was definitely the one in charge. It was clear that he never allowed his own ass to be penetrated. He would play with my cock and suck me off but when it was time for fucking he was the one on top. Except when I was on top... riding his big cock.
I had no problem with the arrangement. I loved feeling my ass being stretched by his hard member and e... Continue»
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[Story] Next morning

The first thing I noticed as I opened my eyes was a hairy arm over my shoulder. I could feel his body against my back. I could feel his cock against my ass cheeks. .
It all came back to me. I was in bed naked with a man.
Last night I had allowed myself to be seduced by this man. I had let him touch my body. My penis. I had become hard in his hands. I had jerked him off. I had sucked his cock.
And I had yielded to his demands to fuck me.
I wasn’t sure how I felt. This was not something I had sought out before, but it had been incredibly erotic and I had enjoyed it. I had no doubt that ... Continue»
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[Story] Jessica's farm adventures Pt.3

By the time I was 15, having sex with Hardy was my only bad habbit, I would try new things, new and I enjoyed it every time. I made friends with this one girl from school named Sally who was about my age and she would come over to visit me at the farm every now and then. Nobody had found out about my dirty little secret including my new friend. Over the summer I turned 16, and about a month later I went into the barn early in the morning one hot summer day because I heard we finally bought some horses. Uncle had bought them from a friend of his who was selling his land and didn't have a place ... Continue»
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[Story] Mens Room Slut

The summer I turned 16, my mom got a second job and was almost never home. I started hanging out at a local park that was a wooded area. Lots of guys went fishing and some came for picnics. At the far end of the park was a men's room. It was actually more like a latrine. There was no internal plumbing. Just two toilets for taking a crap and a urinal. At one time, there was a divider between the urinal and the toilets which had long since been removed, so the guy sitting on the toilet near the urinal could see the guy peeing. There was a lot of graffiti on the wall talking about blow jobs an... Continue»
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[Story] My first cock

My friend Eric and I used to go out and play pool or something every Monday than afterwards we would go back to his place catch a small buzz watch a porno and jackoff. Well one Monday night ended differently. Everything was the same except while watching the porno I was suddenly aware that he was lightly rubbing my crotch and when he knew I was aware of it he than admitted that he had been curious what sucking a dick was like and asked if I would let him suck mine. I was buzzed and horny as all fuck so I quickly agreed. So we both got undressed and went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed.... Continue»
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[Story] Jessica's farm adventures pt2

I woke up the next morning eager to have Hardy's stiff cock shoved back into my pussy and I knew that my uncle wasn't gonna be done with him for at least two more hours since they were moving around the cattle. As the morning went on i tried to watch tv or do anything to make time pass quicker anxious to play with my new best friend Hardy and this time will be even better since I already lost my virginity to him yesterday in the fields. My pussy was aching for attention so I locked my room leaving the tv on and I took off my shorts followed by my panties letting them fall to the floor. I jumpe... Continue»
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[Story] Jessica's farm adventures1Part 1

My name is jessica and this is a story about how i lost my virginity at only 13. I grew up on a farm with my aunt and uncle since my parents died when i was very young. I didnt have many friends or even many people to talk to because the closest town was 50 miles away and the population there was only about 100 people anyways since it was isolated far away from civilization. I didn't have a boyfriend because I wasnt the most popular girl in my school , i wasn't fat or ugly, just a bit of an antisocial nerd i guess, and my last boyfriend was in like the second grade. I was 10 when i got my firs... Continue»
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[Story] A mixture of horse-DNA

Amy awoke, startled by the shrill chiming of her alarm. She settled back into her pillow and looked sideways at her clock. Reading the digital display she sat bolt-upright.

"8:30? Shit, I'm going to be so late!"

Amy jumped out of bed and dressed as quickly as she could in her jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. As soon as she was decent she rushed downstairs to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and an apple for breakfast. She'd have to skip the normal coffee and cereal if she was going to get to college on time.

She rushed over the road to her bus stop just as the bus arrived. She sat at t... Continue»
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Damn, but I LOVE big clit porn...

I remember at 10 years old discovering an older uncle's footlocker full of porn - magazines, paperbacks, comic books. It included a thick book entitled "The Romance of Lust." Written in the Victorian era, it followed the sexploits of Charlie from virgin teenage years until death as a slutty old man. Charlie had a huge cock and everyone who saw it wanted to fuck him. And he eventually fucked everyone - including siblings, a lusty aunt AND uncle, a little-dick classmate and his big-clit mother, his own big-clit daughter AND bigger-clit granddaughter, servants, a big-dick count, and... Continue»
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[Story] Breeding Farm

The breeding farm is a secret located on a large estate in the country side. I began the farm a few years ago from increased demand for natural insemination from women. My philosophy is to impregnate women clients with my seed. Women are referred by their doctor, their lawyert, and personal application to be considered as a client. After medical tests, counseling, and an interview then the clients are selected and placed on a waiting list. I also go to my favorite nightclubs, bar, or restaurants seeking young women as possible candidates for impregnation.The Love and War in Texas is my favorit... Continue»
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[Story] One experience with two blak men!

Hello again this is EvA…I am a 40 year old tranny. I do not consider myself a cross dresser anymore, because I am doing that for so long that I have been transformed to a very sexy and feminine lady boy. I have been taking also hormones for 4 years, on and off and I already saw many changes…my boobies are growing, becoming poutier and have sensitive nipples. My skin is sooo soft and my hips are getting bigger giving me a pear figure… I also see changes in my feelings, being more sensitive and sometimes I cry when I watch a romantic movie…haha. One of the biggest changes also is that I am alway... Continue»
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[Story] A Good Houseboy

The sun was just starting to set when Jonathan along with his two good friends Pedro and Deshawn, all three of the young men laughing at one the many goofy things to come out of Deshawn’s mouth, had just walked back into the three bedroom apartment they all shared. After they shut the door behind them they all walked into the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch before a silly fight broke out over control of the TV remote, followed by a heated debate on what to watch. The three men lounged about talking and watching TV when the guys heard the sounds of keys at the door and ... Continue»
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