I became a High School Fuck Boi

Word spreads fast on an urban campus, even if no one was there from your school but you, they find out. I was on the third floor when Larry and James cut me off, at first it seemed as usual they were playing and giggling. But as soon as no one passed us by, there shenanigans turned serous.

As we walked down the hall Larry reached over and pinched my right butt cheek, I slapped his hand away and turned to him glaring angrily. James quickly enveloped me in a full nelson and d**gged me, kicking and yelling for him to stop, into an empty class room.

Still trapped in his full nelson, James started to grind his midsection to my butt. All the while telling Larry 'yeah this bitch been fucking some body, I can tell.' It was no secret that James had been in a group home for some time, and most of the student body was afraid of him.

Larry came in from the hall and told James 'no one is coming to see why he's yelling all the staff must be gone.' James had me in such a tight grip I could barely wiggled my body, James told Larry 'drop his pants,' Larry looked at James with an incredulous expression.

James repeated his instructions 'undo his pants...NOW!!!' Larry moved like some one turned on a switch. He quickly undid my belt and pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. Then he loosened James belt and James worked his pants down, his cock hard and stiff, poked between my butt cheeks. I twisted my body away from his probe and tried as hard as I could to break his grip.

James bent my body over his cock nestled in the crack of butt, I looked over at Larry, he had taken his dick out of his pants and was stroking it slowly. James told him 'if you want to fuck you've got to help hold this hoe down.

Larry reached over and took hold of my wrists, the two of them managed to pull me over to the teachers desk and d**** me across it. Larry was at my head James on my back, I knew I could not win, but I did not want to go down with out a fight.

As soon as Larry had control of my arms James let go and stood behind me. His dick still in the crack of my butt like a hot dog in a bun. James slugged me in my sides as hard as he could, the first blow caused me to twist to my right to protect myself leavening my left side totally unprotected.

When James struck me there I could do nothing else but go limp from the blow and pain. James quickly spit in his hands and rubbed it on to his stiff dick than spit into my butt crack. The next thing he did was to ram his stiff cock into my butt hole.

I yelled out in pain as James seven inch cock invaded my young ass hole. In less than a months time I had four cocks in my anus, something I never had imagined before in my life. James had hold of my hips and rammed into my butt so hard and fast till he finally shot his load.

Larry was standing before me still pulling my hands to him across the desk, James said to him 'you want some of this tight ass you better get over here fast.' Larry let go of my wrist and before I could react Larry was behind me pushing his seven inch cock into my butt.

James and Larry both was not nearly as big as Daniel or Charlie, yet they both managed to cause me great pain, and to cry out, as they entered my anus. I could not find the strength to lift myself from the desk, Larry just rammed me randomly as he saw fit till he let loose his load.

The two of them found some tissue to clean their cocks and went out the door of the class room laughing. I heard James say 'see you never no who the fuck boi is till you fuck him. Once you fuck him you know where to get boi pussy from now on.'

As the door close I sunk down to the floor and trying to pull my pants up while crying, mostly from the humiliation of having been fucked again in lest than a month this time by guys i once thought of as friends.
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love your storie