Daniel and I...2

Daniel whispered in my ear 'David, I want you to throw this pussy back to me.' I answered 'I...I don't know how,' he instructed 'just move your hips like I move mine. Slowly I tried to move, the pain was so intense that I tighten my anal muscles and Daniel moaned sweetly in my ear.

I got so turned on that I tried to squeeze his dick shaft every time I rotated my butt. Daniel whispered 'reach back and pull your buttocks apart,' slowly I worked my hands between our bodies and gripped my butt cheeks. As I pulled them apart Daniel grind deeper in to me and bit my neck gently.

I could not believe what I was doing, and through tear stained eyes I glimpsed us in the mirror on the closet door, two horny people slowly fucking each other.

I could feel Daniel's cock as it stiffen and grew, I whimpered 'oh Daniel, not again please.' Daniel kissed the back of my neck and said 'just this one more time, then we will rest,' trembling I feared the thought of 'rest'.

Daniel slowly pulled his long dick from my butt, I felt all ten inches slide back till nothing was left in my anus but his huge dick head. Instinctively my outer anal sphincter muscle ring clinched around the neck of his dick, just below the huge dick ride of his.

Daniel moaned and pulled his enormous penile glans from my butt hole, I let out a long sigh as his huge head slipped from my anus. Daniel turned me over again and poised his enormous penis against my anus. Leaning forward he took my legs and cradle them in his arms.

The hollow of my knees were locked in the crook of his elbows, his wickedly huge cock head inched up into my anus. I gasped as his huge head slipped back into my anal canal. Slowly Daniel slipped his arms under my shoulders and lowered his body to mine.

My cock was trapped between our two sweat drenched bodies, Daniel gripped my shoulders from the back, making it impossible for me to scoot away. Slowly Daniel begin to worm his gigantic cock back into my tender butt hole.

I tried to hold him back by placing my hands on his chest , I pleaded 'Daniel you don't need to go too far in. just take it easy.' Daniel smiled down at me and lowered his face to mine kissed my lips tenderly and slid half his cock up my butt.

The suddenness caught me off guard, my arms wrapped around his neck and head as he slid another three inches of his enormous fuck tool up my butt. I pleaded again 'baby, don't go too far, don't get too deep I can't take all of you like that.' I tried everything I could think of to pacify him, I clinched my anal muscle trying to get him to shoot his load again, to no avail.

Daniel started to grind into my anus in honest now, I pleaded again. 'Daniel baby, don't get too deep, please don't go no farther.' Daniel continued to push more and more of his monstrously huge cock deeper and deeper into my butt.

With each rotation of his hips Daniel sunk more and more of his huge fuck snake up my butt. I was now trying to dig my fingers into his back, he nibbled at my ear and sucked gently on my neck.

I was loosing this battle and Daniel new it, my limp cock started to throb between our bodies. The fiction of our bodies drenched with sweat and helped by my penis leaking pre-cum help make the cavern my cock was in slick and slippery.

Daniel finally had all his dick up my butt I could feel his pubic hair and his testicles as they slapped against my buttocks. I don't know what it was that pushed me over the edge.

I never even thought of myself as being gay, yet I was beginning to enjoy having this huge monster of a male fuck tool lodged deep in my rectum. My anal canal begin to spasm as Daniel's huge dick wormed it's way around in side. Daniel and I both was now moaning and groaning in unison as he worked his monster meat tube inside of me.

I heard myself talking, like some disembodied voice, 'oh baby, you went all they way too far. You got to much dick in me now baby, I can't stand it. Please don't try to go any deeper. oh, baby ,ooh baaabby, get that pussy daddy.'

Daniel didn't acknowledge my muttering he just continued to fuck my sloppy butt hole. All the spunk that he had deposited in there earlier was turning thin and foaming up. Daniel's huge dick was churning his spunk into a forth and what little air that could slip in was escaping causing weird wet sucking sounds.

Daniel's huge dick was as solid as a tube of stone, yielding slightly, yet none at all. Daniel's head was buried between my neck and shoulder, I nestled his head with my head and gripped his back with my fingers as he fucked my butt.

We was like this for maybe forty minutes, my cock was being grind between our bodies and I was close to coming. I gasp in short breaths as Daniel was working my butt 'baby...I'm..gonna come...I'm...gonna...come.' Daniel whispered 'it's alright, go ahead and shoot your load you earned it.'

After a few more seconds I started to come, my limp cock was squirting between our bodies. My knees pushed back beside my head, I could see my feet, my toes sprayed wide as I let loose my spunk. 'OOOOOHH, DAAAMMMN,' I cried as I flooded the space between our undulating bodies.

My anal muscles clinched Daniel's massive fuck tool tightly, Daniel didn't slow he kept fucking me. I was going out of my mind and babbling incoherently, slobbering and whimpering like a new borne puppy.

Daniel worked his lips up to mine and passionately kissed me as he flooded my anal canal with a massive load of his baby making fluid. His gigantic cock head was throbbing mightily deep in my rectum. Daniel shoot so much fuck juice into my ass that it squirted from around his massive cock.

I couldn't believe that I was here on my back a huge dick cumming in my ass and I was enjoying it all.

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2 years ago
Thank's David, very Hot story!