Daniel and I...

It had to be hours of brutal fucking I had taken before Daniel slammed into my butt and stiffened as I felt his enormous cock erupt in my rectum. It felt like some one had taken a hose and turned it on as copious amounts of Daniel's baby making fluids struck the walls of my rectum.

His huge cock head expanding and shrinking deep in anal canal, I was a whimpering mess as Daniel grind slowly into me. Giving a long sensuous sigh Daniel laid his body down on mine, his violently throbbing cock still grinding in my butt.

Daniel whispered in my ear 'yeah, you're my fuck boy from now on. No body gets this ass but me and me alone!!! I didn't know what to say, my butt was filled with the biggest dick I had ever had. Before Daniel, Bruce, and Charlie took advantage of me in their basement, I had never even thought a male would ever or could have sex with another male.

I was still whimpering each time Daniel's huge dick pulsed in my rectum, his baby making fluid leaking from around the tight fit of my anus to his rigid cock shaft. I was still trying to make sense of my lustful cry for Daniel to 'fuck me,' now Daniel was laying on my back filling my butt hole with copious amounts of his spunk.

As Daniel licked and kissed the back of my neck I could not help but to find myself aroused by his tenderness. Very slowly Daniel started to grind his massive fuck tool deeper into my ass, I moaned sensuously as Daniel worked his mammoth man meat in my anal canal.

Daniel whispered in my ear 'David, I want you to throw this pussy back to me.' I answered 'I...I don't know how,' he instructed 'just move your hips like I move mine. Slowly I tried to move, the pain was so intense that I tighten my anal muscles and Daniel moaned sweetly in my ear.

I got so turned on that I tried to squeeze his dick shaft every time I rotated my butt. Daniel whispered 'reach back and pull your buttocks apart,' slowly I worked my hands between our bodies and gripped my butt cheeks. As I pulled them apart Daniel grind deeper in to me and bit my neck gently.

I could not believe what I was doing, and through tear stained eyes I glimpsed us in the mirror on the closet door, two horny people slowly fucking each other.

I could feel Daniel's cock as it stiffen and grew, I whimpered 'oh Daniel, not again please.' Daniel kissed the back of my neck and said 'just this one more time, then we will rest.'

Trembling I feared the thought of 'rest'...

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2 years ago
Very hot story.