Daniel And Me Alone...2

'Daniel,' I gasped 'I can't take you, you are too big, you'll cause me to bleed,' I pleaded. Daniel tried to kiss my face again as I turned away and stuck his tongue in my ear. 'Don't you worry bitch, I'm not gonna hurt your tight little boi pussy.'

'From here on, I don't want nobody fucking this pussy but me, you hear!' 'Yes, Yes sir,' I whimpered. Daniel whispered in my ear 'when we fucking, you call me baby and daddy. We'll get along just find if you do that, let me hear you.' Sobering through tears I whimpered 'yes sir daddy.'

With that Daniel started to hunch his massive shaft deeper into my receiving anal cavity. About six inches of his mammoth fuck tool invaded my tight little ruptured anus, I released his head and quickly placed my hands between our bodies.

I tried to push him up from me but only gave him a leveraged point to sink more of his gigantic fuck tool into my anal canal. 'WOOOOOOHHHHNNNNHHHH,' I cried as Daniel pulled back and slid almost ten inches of naked dick up my butt hole.

'Dan..Dan...Daniel,' I cried 'please I can't, I can't take it.' Daniel whispered 'let me here you beg me to stop. Tell me baby I like it, but go easy.' I muttered 'no I want say that, stop, take it out.' With a massive drive Daniel pulled back and lunged his massive fuck tool savagely into my anus.

I cried out 'AAAAIIIIIEEEE,' as I dug my fingers into his sides. 'Say it bitch, say what I told you.' Again Daniel pulled back and lunged deep into my rectum grinding his huge cock head against the rear walls of my rectum.

'Baby, baby, daddy, baby, I, I, I, like it, please take it easy you're hurting me baby,' I cried. Daniel stopped ramming into me but didn't pull his huge shaft back any either. His huge tennis ball head was rotating around my innards causing me to take very short breaths as Daniel sexed my unprotected butt.

Slowly Daniel raised his upper body and slid his knees up closer to my buttocks. I looked through teary eyes as Daniel twisted one of my legs and stepped over it, than stepped over it again till he had turned me to my stomach.

Panic seized me and I tried to scamper away from the monstrous size penis that had me impaled on it. Daniel grabbed my waist and pulled me back as he lunged forward sinking his dick up my butt till I was smashed against his pubic.

Daniel grind deep into me as my feet tried desperately to kick away. I feared what was about to happen and there was nothing I could do to prevent it's coming.

Daniel laid down on my back pushing me to the mattress, crying I tried to slip away. I placed my feet over his calve muscles trying to get enough leverage to scoot up some. Daniel had me in his fuck grip and I could not slitter away.

Daniel was kiss/sucking and nibbling at my ear lobes and neck as he grind that enormously huge fuck tool deeper into my bowels. I feared that he would rip my butt apart as Daniel fucked me into the mattress.

With each hunch of his monstrous toll I grunted 'UH,' with each grind of that massive penile glans I moaned 'HHUUUHHH.' Daniel said let me hear you call me, come on say it, say get it baby, say it bitch!'

'UH, get HHUUuHHH, it UH, baby HHUUUHHH,' I gasped through shallow breaths. Daniel was working his body in such a fucking frenzy that we both were drenched in sweat. I don't know if I surrendered or just gave in to lust but I suddenly realized that I was trying to grind back into Daniels mid section.

Daniel had slipped his fingers between mine and had my arms stretched straight out ahead of my body. My feet gripped around his calve muscles as he worked that monstrously huge fuck tool deeper into my butt.

'OOOHHH baby, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good daddy,' I heard my self moaning, my head tossed from side to side as Daniel and his massively mammoth cock brutalized my neither region like he owned me.

I bit the sheets and mattress trying to get relief from that monster of a fuck snake, that was lodge as far up my anal cavity more than anything else had been(at least at that time).

Daniel's and my sweat was mixing together and our bodies was smacking together so violently that it sounded like he was slapping me around. My feet had released his calves and was splayed out from us. I was gripping his fingers in mine as he plowed my butt like a mad man.

It had to be hours of brutal fucking I had taken before Daniel slammed into my butt and stiffened as I felt his enormous cock erupt in my rectum. It felt like some one had taken a hose and turned it on as copious amounts of Daniel's baby making fluids struck the walls of my rectum.

His huge cock head expanding and shrinking deep in anal canal, I was a whimpering mess as Daniel grind slowly into me. Giving a long sensuous sigh Daniel laid his body down on mine, his violently throbbing cock still grinding in my butt.

Daniel whispered in my ear 'yeah, you're my fuck boy from now on. No body gets this ass but me and me alone!!!
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