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I was at an adult book store, the weather was in-climate and the winds were picking up, there was a thunder storm warning for the city. I was heading for the booths in the back, as soon as I entered the hall way there were two or three men standing along the wall.

As I passed by one he looked at me and winked, the second guy smiled and pursed his lips in a silent kiss. Just as I reached the third guy there was a loud clap of thunder, the lights blinked and went out. All the sound stopped and the air conditioning system went down.

The counter guy called out 'everybody stay calm the lights are out everywhere, I'm looking for my flashlight and will guide you soon. There was total darkness, you could not make out any thing around you.

I felt two strong hands grip me and push me to the wall, a voice in deep whisper said 'don't say a word, just do as I say.' His hands fumbled around my belt and let it loose, my pants dropped to my ankles and my assailant lifted my shirt and pulled down my under wear below my buttocks.

I felt a rubbery hard warm wet tube slid up the crack of my butt, I bent leaning over at the waist poking my butt out. With my face pressed against the wall I allowed my anus to be invaded by the penis of my assailant.

I gritted my teeth as my assailant pushed his penis into my anal opening, with out any lubrication. Soon we had settled in to sync and I was enjoying a standing fuck in a blacked out adult book store.

When my assailants shot his load he let out a very audible moan and pulled from my anus. As I bent over to pull up my pants I felt a pair of hands brush against my buttocks. I stood up as an arm reached around and embraced my waist, without a word I felt the guy behind me fumbling with his belt and than he pushed his rigid dick up into my anus.

Standing there in the hall of a blacked out adult book store, I was entertaining my second dick of the night without seeing who it was or being introduced. My second lover worked his penis quickly in and out of my anus till he too shot his load of man juice up my butt.

When he had pulled from my anus I quickly laid against the wall and felt along the wall till I found a door to a stall. Turning the knob the door opened and I slipped into the darken room. I thought that the hall was dark but this room was darker.

I turned the lock and heard it click, I reached down and started to pull up my pants. A light hit me and a voice said 'let them stay down.' The light moved around till it was near then it moved to focus on the crotch of who was holding it.

There was a very rigid Caucasian cock, the voice said 'suck or fuck, your choice.' I turned and bent slightly at the waist, very quickly the light went out and two hands gripped my hips and I felt the rigid member slid easily into my well lube anal orifice.

In a few minute I felt this penis too erupt in my anal cavity and my sex partner pulled out and exited the room. As I bent down to pull up my pants the lights flickered and came back on. I looked around the room the room and on the floor near the door was three twenty dollar bills folded nicely.

I found a piece of tissue and wiped my anal orifice adjusted my clothes and exited the room. In the hall was nobody as I went into the show room there was no one but the clerk. I smiled as I passed and went quickly to my car and back to my mote.

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2 years ago
That was a hot story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
i was in a sex shop one time and had 3 guys but i suck them off i love to be fuck in the mouth