Always Taken Advantage Of..pt2

Daniel stood up behind me and slowly rubbed his hands up my buttocks, I stood there with my gym shorts and underwear piled up around my ankles. I cupped my hands over my genitals more such to hide my penis and balls than to protect them.

I could not help but glance over at Bruce and Charlie, the two of them were removing their pants and underwear. Bruce's cock was rigid and stiff, Charlie was semi rigid and hanging.

I had to return my attention to Daniel as he was beginning to nibble on my ear lobe. I jerked my head away and he turned his attention to kissing my neck, I lowered my head to my shoulder and Daniel whispered to me.

'We gonna fuck you, you better let us or you will live to regret it. Let me kiss your neck if you understand what will happen if you don't,' Daniel said. I slowly raised my head, my eyes filling with tears of anger and humiliation as he suck gently on my neck.

Daniel told Bruce 'you get to go first, you get to get this boi pussy ready for me.' Bruce smiled at me as he came to us. Daniel released me and pushed me gently towards Bruce, Bruce lifted his hands and took hold of my arms.

Bruce looked over at Charlie and said 'this bitch trying to hide his dick,' Charlie responded 'that's no dick, that's a bitches spur tongue.' They all laughed as Bruce pulled me to the hastily made pallet.

Bruce ordered me 'get on your knees, I've got a tube for you to suck.' I looked back at Daniel and saw that he was removing his pants. Bruce had moved around between us and took hold of my head. One hand on each side of my face, he pulled me to his rigid cock as it wave in the air and order me to 'suck, bitch.'

Tears flowing down both my cheeks I slowly opened my mouth as Bruce pulled me slowly to his man hood. As soon as his dick head parted my lips, Bruce let out a emotionally moan and caressed my cheeks as he feed me his throbbing cock.

I tried to keep him from pushing more than his dick head into my mouth, but he seemed satisfied with just having me suck on his penile glans. Bruce pulled from my lips and told me 'get on your knees now bitch, reach back and pull you ass open.'

I was slow to comply Bruce slapped me about the head so hard twice, that I thought he had broken my jaw. I fell to the mat and Bruce took hold of my hips and lifted them up, causing me to be in an inverted fetal position.

I heard Bruce clear his throat and spit a huge luge in to my butt crack, the next thing he did was to use his rigid man meat to smear the glob around my anus. Gripping my hips, strongly, Bruce pushed meaningfully at my anal opening till his rubbery hard dick head eased into my anus.

I tried as hard as I could to keep him from entering anus but the steady pressure was more than my outer anal sphincter muscle ring could abort. Once Bruce's penile glans entered my anus he steadily pushed his rigid cock into my anal cavity.

I moaned and groaned as Bruce pushed more and more of his rubbery rock hard cock into my clinched butt hole. I started to beg and plead for him to stop and not do this, he paid me no mind and continue to rock back and forth. Slowly inching his hard fuck tool deeper into my anal orifice.
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