Always Taken Advantage Of...

I had just finished my Saturday sprint, each Saturday I go to the school's track and run two miles. I had laid down on the bottom bleacher and after stretching and was getting my wind back.

Suddenly I realized that I was not alone, I started to raise up when four hands grab my upper body. Panicking I tried to struggle loose when two more hands seized me by the neck. Through bleary eyes I recognized the face of Daniel and knew that the other hands belong to Bruce and Charlie.

I froze my movements and waited for Daniel to speak, a big smile crept across his lips as he said 'see boys I told you we ain't gonna have to fight to fuck!!!' I trembled as he spoke knowing that there was no one near to come to my aide, my mind swiftly raced back asking why did I have to run this morning.

Daniel released my neck with the warning 'piss me off and you will wish I would have let Bruce and Charlie have their way. Now come on we going in the woods and have some fun.' Daniel picked up my gear and Bruce and Charlie help me to my feet guiding me roughly towards the natural buffer of trees and under bush around the south end of the track.

We went through one of the many openings in the fence and down one of the multiple paths. We ended up in a clearing strewn with beer cans, cigarette butts and used condones. The canopy of tree limbs gave it a serene blissful state, in one part of the opening was spread an old blanket and furniture quilt.

Bruce and Charlie lifted them and shook them to see if any little creatures were in them. Daniel stroked my left buttock and gave it a slight squeeze saying 'this ain't gonna be like the first time, you gonna do as we say and we won't beat your butt.'

I glared at him and snarled 'do I have any choice,' Daniel looked at me and said 'yea, you can beat the shit out of Bruce and Charlie and I might not make you suck my dick.' Bruce and Charlie laughed and begin to loosen their belts.

All I had on was a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts, Daniel slowly pulled my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and said 'be a good bitch and step out of them...

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