Four Way Sex...

As soon as Harry was spent Charlie mounted me again and rode my butt till he shot another load, Harry recovered enough to remounted my butt and rode me another thirty minutes and deposit more fuck juice into my ass hole. Harry pulled from my butt lowering my legs as I pleaded and cried for him to have mercy.

Harry showed me mercy alright, he flipped me over to my stomach and mounted my butt from the back ramming his massive fuck tool up my butt again causing me to scream out in agony. This was not sex it was a ravage fucking from Harry and his nephew and it would not be the last I took at the hands of these two perverts......

I woke still laying on the bed in Horse Dick Harry's basement, Charlie, Harry's nephew, was propped up on the bed next to me stroking his flaccid cock. Harry was sitting in his big recliner, some small guy sucking furiously on Harry's massive cock.

Charlie noticed that I was coming around and reached over grabbing me by my head and pulling me to his limp dick. 'Open your mouth bitch, you gonna suck this dick,' Charlie ordered. Resentfully I parted my lips and kissed/sucked Charlie's limp dick.

As soon as he dick head entered my lips, Charlie's dick head started to throb and twitch, the more I suck the harder Charlie got. Harry looked over at us and said 'Charlie make that bitch get on his knees and put that sweet ass in the air.'

Charlie growled at me 'you heard what the man said bitch,' I scooted around between Charlie's legs and pulled my knees up under my body. My butt stuck up in the air, the jizz that Harry and Charlie had deposited in my anus early started to seep out.

I heard Harry order the little guy sucking him 'go over there and suck that pussy good.' The guy was obedient and moved quickly between my legs, pushing my ankles apart. He kissed me on both my butt cheeks and licked his tongue from my scrotum to my anal opening.

Once his lips reached my anal opening he latched his lips around my anal orifice and started to suck the mixture of Harry and Charlie come from my anal cavity.

Harry was now standing by the bed and pushed the guy away from my butt hole and knelt between my legs. Harry took his gigantic penis glans and rubbed it around my savaged anus opening.

I could feel the huge head as Harry worked his mammoth cock head around my sore aching butt hole for what seemed like forever. The little guy that had been sucking Harry's enormous dick was now laying under me trying to suck my swinging cock.

Once he had captured my cock in his hungry mouth he sucked on it greedily, my penis started to respond and stiffen. My anus relaxed and Harry sunk that huge head neck deep in my butt. I cried out around Charlie's dick and he f***ed my head further down on his rigid stiff cock gagging me in the process.

Harry told Charlie 'get your dick out the bitches mouth and fuck my little dick sucker.' Charlie quickly pulled from my lips and pulled the boy that was sucking my cock around.

Charlie lifted his legs up and slammed into the boys butt hole with such f***e that the bastard bit down on my cock. I jumped and Harry slapped him up side his head and warned him 'don't do that again.' Than Harry ordered me 'David get his dick in your mouth if he bites you you bite him.

It was a sight to see, I glanced over at the mirrors and saw Charlie fucking the guy on his back as he laid under me sucking my dick and I knelt over him sucking his dick and Horse Dick Harry with his man hood stuck in my butt.

Harry started to work that huge fuck tool back and forth in my anus, slowly at first. Than after he had sunk more than half of his enormously huge, horse, dick, in to my butt he became rough and tried to ram more and more into my kneeling body.

My face was just above the anal opening of the little guy Charlie was sexing, seeing Charlie pull and push his dick into that small frame made me realize how my butt hole looked as Harry maneuvered his deformed dick in and out of my butt hole...

The two of us was grunting and moaning as Harry and Charlie worked our butts like they really were sexing two cunts.
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