Confessions of a Size Whore...

It was some time after I had been savagely fucked by Horse Dick Harry and his horny young nephew Charlie that I realized that I was hooked on huge dicks. I would have dreams about how Daniel took me after Bruce and Charlie had ravage my high school age butt. But it was the thought of having Horse Dick Harry slipping his enormously huge male member up my tight butt that turned me on the most.

Even during gym, when we went to the showers, I caught myself stealing glances at the other guys cocks. I even gave in to the urge and would go over to Harry's home and let him sex me up till he was satisfied.

It was on one such occasion that I found myself walking through a urban park known for it's illicit gay sex trade. The park, strange as it is, is located in almost the center of town. Surrounded by very influential neighborhoods and close to a cross town rival high school.

I was walking along one of the many paths that weaved through a natural nature section of the park. It is heavy with over growth which afforded many places you could seek shelter and have sexual tryst, I saw many such acts taking place and stood and watched some.

I was standing watching two very eager fellows go at each other with abandoned passion when a huge arm wrapped around my middle and pulled me into the bush. I didn't struggle much as I was pulled deep into a very secluded area. My attacker was a very handsome tall black man with wide shoulders and a bright smile.

'Why watch when you can participate, or are you one of those that just like to watch. You know I've been watching you as you walked around.' I shook my head in the negative as he undid his zipper and fumble around for a minute.

Not knowing what to do I just stood there looking from his crotch to his face, finally he found what he was after and asked me 'if I show you my dick will you make it come.' Again I said nothing but nodded my head in the affirmative.

I looked down at his hand and was delighted to see a very huge black dick in his hand. He slowly worked the foreskin back and forth over his massive dick head and said to me 'why don't you go to your knees and kiss it for me.' I moved almost hypnotically as he continued to work his fore skin back and forth.

Kneeling down in front of him I slowly enclosed his mammoth size cock head in my mouth, it was so large that I almost gagged as I tried to suck on it. He placed one of his hands on the top back of my head and held me steady as he worked his huge piece of man meat back and forth.

I could feel this huge penis as it grew in size and stretched my lips to their straining point. I panic, what if I could not get this dick out of my mouth and had to get some out side help, how embarrassing that would be.

I raised my hand and took hold of this enormously huge dick shaft and felt it throb in my hand and mouth. I held it firmly and pulled my lips from this massive fuck tube causing a sweet smacking sound.

He looked down at me and said 'so you ready to get fucked, good thing I was just about to blow my load anyway. Fear filled my body as I looked at that huge dick head protruding form his pants, how am I going to take some thing that big without any lubricant.

My assailant had every thing under control, he produced a small tube of lubricant and said 'here put some of this in your ass and on my dick. I stood and undid my belt and slowly lowered my pants to my knees, I smeared some of the slick stuff in to my butt hole and put a huge amount on his massively big dick head.

I turned around and placing my hands on a tree that was there, I bent slightly at the waist and braced for what I knew would be painful. My friend moved to me and with one hand gripping my side he rubbed that big firm dick head up and down the crack of my butt.

It was like he was teasing me with that monster, as it would slid across my puckering anus I would try to push back to it. He whispered in a hush voice 'you really are ready for this aren't you.' I whimpered a groan in the affirmative. He tighten his grip and with a strong and steady push that huge head popped into my anus.

I gasp audibly as my anal muscles opened and closed around that large piece of man meat that was invading my anus. Thankfully my fucker was gentle and gave me time to adjust to the size of his tool. Slowly he slid his dick back and forth in my anal canal, I was moaning from the pain and gasping from the passion as he steadily fucked my butt.

I was gripping the tree with all my might, my butt was straining to accept the gigantic fuck tool that was sexing my rectum. I was not shedding tears as my fucker had his way. Sinking more and more of his massive dick in and out of my butt hole.

It wasn't long before he picked up the pace, but never to the point where he would push more of his tool in to me. I felt that massive tool begin to throb and soon a powerful stream of male spunk was being bred into my anal cavity.

He moaned as he emptied his substance and it was such a huge load that it started almost at once to ease out from around his rock hard fuck tool. As he leaned forward he whispered 'I sure would like to take this pussy back home and give it to you right!!'


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2 years ago
hell i am ready to go home with him your stroy got me ready