My New Sex Buddy

I must tell of my new fuck buddy, I met him while I was at summer camp. He was from another urban YMCA on the west side of town, I was from a YMCA on the east side of town. We went to different high schools in the same school system, and became good friends at first meeting, his name is Ralph W.

Ralph and I sneaked out of camp to go exploring at night, we didn't go far just to the clearing behind the shacks. Ralph asked me 'David, want to some thing I got that you ain't?' 'What is it you got I don't? The moon was bright and the clearing was well illuminated by it's glow.

Ralph pulled me across the clearing farther away from the shacks and turned his back to me. I could not quite make out what he was doing 'know when I show this to you I don't want you to run off like some little girl!'

Ralph I ain't no little girl, show me what it is?' Ralph slowly turned looking over his shoulder so he could see my face he turned. I looked down at his hands and saw that he was holding something long and fat. Thinking it a snake I step back a step, Ralph turned so that the moons glow was shinning on what he was holding.

My mouth dropped wide open as I looked and realized that Ralph was holding the biggest and longest dick I had ever seen.(Horse Dick Harry has an enormously huge penis but Harry is at least twice my age. Ralph and I are just months apart and close to the same height and weight.

'Damn, were did you get that,'I muttered. 'It's mine,' he replied 'I was born with, my momma said. I looked at it and moved closer to him 'can I touch it,' I asked timidly. Ralph said 'sure, feel it if you want.'

I reached out and took hold of his penis, it was sorta of clammy and cool to the tough. I felt it start to throb as I held it and was amazed as it started to firm up. With out thinking I started to slide my hands back and forth along the length of this mammoth piece of man meat.

'What do you do with some thing this big,' I asked. Ralph said, matter of frankly, 'jack off a lot.' I said nothing but kept stroking his penis absent mindlessly. Ralph's penis was now semi hard and was as long as my fore arm and nearly as huge.

Suddenly Ralph moaned and I came back to earth, 'I'm sorry, Ralph I did not mean to hurt you.' Ralph said softly 'you didn't hurt me, it felt good, why don't you keep doing it.' I slowly started again stroking on his massive penis and was getting horny as I felt it throb and pulsate in my hands.

Ralph whispered to me 'you might be able to handle it better if you knelt down on your knees.' I went to my knees as I stroked his huge member and looked at the snake of man meat. The head was as large as my fist and I could see the glint of moon light from the pre-cum as it oozed from it's tip.

Ralph said 'I bet you never seen a dick like that before have you?' I told him about Horse Dick Harry, but not that we had sex. Ralph said to me 'since you got me aroused you gotta finished the job now, or I'll tell every body that you did any way.

I looked up at him and he must to have seen the lust in my face, he slowly lifted his hands and cupped my head pulling me to his huge penile glans. As my lips touched his glans I slowly licked the tip, his fluid was intoxicating to me.

I stretched my mouth wide as I tried to engulf the huge dick head, slowly I worked it into my oral orifice and sucked greedily on it. Ralph moaned with great pleasure as I worked over his huge fuck tool. Ralph begin to rock back and forth as I manipulated his enormously huge penis.

Ralph whispered to me 'stand up,' I stood he twisted me around, I held on to the length of his penis. Ralph loosened my shorts and the fell to my ankles, I moved forward and positioned my self in front of this huge member and rubbed the tip of his penis up and down the crack of my buttocks.

Ralph was very patience and allowed me worked his enormous dick head into my anus. As I rubbed this huge organ around my anal opening, the pre-cum was acting as lubricant. I relaxed enough for the tip of his huge penis glans to nudge open my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.

With the ease of man with time on his side, Ralph worked his enormous penis head into my butt hole. As my anal canal received the massive organ I gasp and grunted as it slipped into my rectum.

I held my hands around the neck of his enormously malformed fuck tool, to make sure that he didn't get to much in my butt. Ralph had taken hold of both my shoulders from the back and I was standing on my tip toes with my butt poked out and my spine indented.

Ralph knew what he was doing and slowly worked his dick into my butt. Soon my hand was bumping against my buttocks and Ralph was moving more and more freely. I knew that with each bump of my hand that a little more and more of this enormous fuck tool was entering my stretched fuck hole.

Just as I was about to tell Ralph not to go any farther, my inner anal sphincter muscle ring gave way and three more inches of this man snake entered my anus. I gave out an audible gasp to which Ralph replied 'SHHHH, if you cry out some one will here and come bust up our party.'

I pleaded 'Ralph, Ralph, don't go any deeper, I can't take much more, leave it right there till you finish.' Ralph said to me 'don't worry, you'll be fine, you'll be just fine.'

Ralph slowly fucked more of his huge penis up my butt in spite of my pleading till he had sunk nearly twelve inches of his massively huge weapon in my rectum. I could still feel the bulk of his fuck tool out side my butt, I knew if I didn't get Ralph to come soon he would try to push all he could up my guts.

I started to rotate my hips as best I could and squeeze his man hood by clinching and releasing my butt muscles. Ralph seemed to enjoy that and focused on the pleasure he was receiving rather than going deeper into my rectum.

Ralph started to moan and groan as the on start of his climax approached, I continued to work my but in like fashion until Ralph stiffen and I felt his huge hose squirt copious amounts of fuck juices deep into my anus.

As Ralph finished emptying his sacks of his pent up fluids, the boy had more spunk than I ever had from one dude. His fluids gushed from my stretched anus and pumped from around the tight fitting shaft that filled my anal opening and run down my thighs and calves.

When Ralph had finished he pulled that long tube from my anus, I felt every inch of it as it slowly exited my well sexed anal cavity

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wow got me hot
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gr8 story
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Nice chapter…
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that wos a butifal sex storie