How I Got turned into a Dick slut...pt1

After I was assaulted by Charlie, Daniel and Bruce in the basement of Bruce's home, the three of them would assault me when ever and where ever they wanted to. At first I did not want them to assail me, but once they found out I was not going to turn them in they would attack me when ever they wanted to.

At first I would do all I could to avoid them, then one day as I was heading for the park, I ran in to Bruce. He was alone and told me that he was sorry that they had attacked me. He told me that he would show me how to fight back and to defend myself.
Like a fool I followed him to his cousin place, he was staying they week with them and they lived in government housing, I thought that it would be safe. As we got to Bruce's cousin apartment, it was on the third floor of government housing.

The floor was concrete, and sparsely furnished, Bruce asked me to sat in the living room while he checked the house. The apartment had three bedrooms and one toilet down a hall way off the living room. The kitchen was adjoining the living and there was only one door, I didn't feel comfortable but was sure that Bruce was not going to try anything alone.

After he had checked the apartment he came back and rearranged the furniture so that we could wrestle on the floor. After a few movements and turns he suggested that we get a beer. Not ever having d***k any beer I tried to refuse, he said that he could not drink a whole beer and would split one with me.

I was sitting in the chair in the living room as Bruce opened the beer and poured it into two glasses. As Bruce made his way back to the living room his feet got caught in the covers on the floor and Bruce stumbled and wasted both glasses on me.

Drenched and smelling like beer Bruce tried to mop the beer off of me. Finally he suggested that I get out of the wet clothes and he would wash them in the washer and dry them in the drier. He even gave me a pair of shorts to wear while my clothes were washing.

I went into the toilet and changed into the shorts, it was than that I found out the shorts were six sizes too big and hung off of me like a cheap dress. When I came back into the living room and gave Bruce my clothes I was astonished to see Bruce had changed into a pair of gym shorts that fit him well.

Bruce had poured two more glasses of beer and had them sitting on the coffee table. I told him about the shorts he said 'don't worry, your clothes will be dry in about a hour and half. I gave him my clothes he offered me the beer, I d***k about half of it and sat the glass back down.

Bruce came back and suggested that we continue with our lesson, we started again. I tried to place him in a scissor lock, Bruce twisted around till he was was between my legs and they were wrapped around him. He raised up pushing my legs higher and higher till he broke the hold.

It was than that I realized that his dick was hard and was rubbing against the inside of my thighs. I said to him 'alright, you win. Let me up, come on let go of me.' Bruce said nothing, he lowered his face to mine and kissed my lips. Startled I twisted my face away from his and his cock slipped across my anal opening.

I tried to twist and turn away from him, but by now the beer was beginning to take effect. Bruce was nibbling at my neck and sucking on my ear lobes, I was started to become aroused at his manipulations.

Bruce continued to kiss and suck my neck till I just laid there as he grind his cock against my butt hole. I found myself surrendering to him as he seduced me, I felt his dick head as it rubbed against my anus till I relaxed and he entered my butt.

Bruce was grinding his rigid cock deep into my rectum when suddenly his cousin grabbed Bruce and lifted him up exclaiming 'boy didn't I tell you about bringing your bitches up here fucking them.' I tried to scrambled away, his cousin reached down and got hold of my leg and lifted me up in the air by one leg.

His cousin looked between my legs and saw my limp dick and hollered 'boy this ain't even a real bitch you fucking .' I was dangling from this giant of a d***ks hand as he twisted me around looking at my dick and butt hole.

I didn't know what to do except try to hide my nakedness, Bruce's cousin looked at him and said what made my whole body tremble 'boy you didn't know how to fuck a real bitch till I showed you, now I'm gonna show you how to fuck a fake bitch.'

His cousin dropped me to the floor, I tried to move away only to have him step on my neck and hold me down while he undid his pants. I knew that his cousin had been drinking, I could smell it on his breath and assumed that he was in the bedroom while Bruce was trying to sex me on the floor.

His cousin stepped out of his clothes and pulled the over sized pants off of my body. His dick was standing straight and true solid as a rock, Bruce was over in the chair looking on stroking his hard cock as his cousin moved between my legs.

I tried to scrump away his cousin slapped me across the face and ordered me to 'be your ass still or I'm gonna beat the shit out of you and fuck you any way.' I froze as he spit in his hand and rubbed it on his now rigid cock, lifting my legs in each hand at the knees he poised his enormously huge cock at the entrance of my anus.

I was crying and begging him 'please mister, don't fuck me please.' Bruce cousin hunched forward and his rock hard dick head popped right into my anal cavity. I cried out in pain as this beats worked his cock deep into my anal cavity. Grasping my knees in there hollow he had lifted my butt up in the air and was sinking the rest of his huge cock deep into my rectum.

With one good thrust he sunk the rest of his dick into my ass pass my inner anal sphincter muscle ring. I was in panic mode as this brute attacked my anus, Bruce cousin looked at him and said 'get what I'm trying to teach you boy, go get me a beer.' Bruce got up and went got his cousin a beer, his cousin was up on his knees with me cradled in his arms.

I looked at Bruce in panic as this big brute lifted me and started to walk towards the back of the house. 'Don't you disturb us till I call you bay, I'm gonna fuck this bitch in bed like you should fuck a bitch.'

Crying as Bruce's cousin walked with me still secured on his gigantic cock, we entered one of the bedrooms, his cousin kicked the door closed and we both fell down on the bed. This caused Bruce's cousin's dick to ram deeper into my savagely fucked anus.

For what seemed like hours Bruce's d***k cousin fucked me without relenting my butt was aching so and Bruce cousin was having the time of his life. He fucked me on my back, he fucked me on my side he fucked me on my stomach and fucked me on my knees, all the while telling me things like 'this is how you fuck a wanta be bitch, bitch I'm gonna make history by making your ass pregnant, you gonna beg me for this dick before I'm through, bitch, you hear me.'

It was doing one of the session that he had me on my stomach that he finally shot his load of spunk up my ass and collapse down on my back grinding deep into me as he emptied his juices into my rectum. I was past crying and pleading I could only whimper at this time from his assault.

The two of us drifted into u*********sness as he slowly grind in my ass. When I woke I managed to slip from under him and make my way out into the living room, my clothes was folded neatly on the coffee table and Bruce was no where to be seen. I quickly dressed and made my way home.
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