Sensuous Sex in the Shower...

Our high school was awarded a grant to purchase equipment for a weight room. All the jocks were so excited and was signing up for equipment testing, the basket ball players, football team, baseball team and the track team even the cheer leaders had signed up.

The coaches paired us with other members from different squads, so that there would be no collusion. I was teamed with a line backer named Joel, he was five feet nine, one hundred seventy pounds and had a built that made Mr. America jealous. The best thing was that he had his own car and was in need of some one to help him in his history class.

After working with him for two weeks in the gyms, we started to study together and I would give him spot test to judge his retention rate. It was a Thursday night and there was a huge thunderstorm over our city, as we left the gym, running to his car, I tripped and fell head first into the gutter, I actually knocked myself out.

When I came too we were in the shower room of our high school gym. Joel had taken me there, he said that he didn't know where else to take me. I was laying on the massage table with nothing on but my underwear, Joel said my clothes were drenched and he had threw them in the washer.

I tried to stand and stumbled, Joel quickly reached out and steadied me on my feet. With his powerful arm around me he took me into the shower room, he shed his clothes. 'You helped me with school, I can help you now,' Joel said in a strong firm voice.

As he returned and took my arm, he turned on a shower head. 'Some times when I get knocked out the coaches send me to the showers to clear my head,' Joel confided.

As we stood under the shower head, Joel begin to lather us both up, I was still pretty wobbly and placed my hands on the wall to steady my self. Joel lathered up my back and sides, then he slowly reached around me and lathered my cock. I jumped slightly at his touch and he jerked his hand away 'I didn't mean nothing, I just was soaping you up,' Joel said. I nodded my head and said 'that's alright do what you want it's alright.'

Joel reached around me more directly and took hold of my man hood and lathered my cock and balls up. Than to my surprise he moved closer to my back his cock was rigid and standing straight out. His penis head poked between my butt cheeks and his cock head nudged my butt hole. It happen so fast and quick that before I knew it I was letting out a very soft audible moan.

Joel must to have heard it but he did not pull away instead he pressed against me even more slightly rotating his hips. My anal sphincter muscle ring relaxed and allowed his huge cock head to slip into my anal cavity.

Joel gripped both my hips and very gently started to fuck me as we stood under the shower. Warm water cascading down over our bodies as Joel tenderly worked his cock deeper into my anal opening.

Joel worked his rock hard cock deep into my butt till his pubic hair was mashed against my buttocks. I was standing on my tip toes as Joel started to hump into my slightly lifted and pushed out butt.

My mind was spinning around as Joel fucked gently into my ass, he slipped his hands up my body and pinched both my nipples gently between his fore finger and thumb. Joel worked my butt like he knew what he was doing, I felt his cock get harder and stiffen, than with a huge lunge, Joel lodged his rock hard cock deep in my rectum and emptied out his a huge amount of baby making fluids into my anal cavity.

Than Joel, still clinching my nipples held me close and supporting my weight let me wrap my legs around his massive calve muscles. I felt each jolt of Joel spunk as it struck the insides of my anal cavity.

Joel pulled his massive cock from my clinching ass hole and whispered in my ear 'sorry about that, I just heard that you let guy's fuck you, I didn't mean to,...but I wanted to from the first time you helped me with my home work.'

My butt was full of Joel man spunk and it was starting to leak out, I turned to face Joel as he stood there. I could do nothing but smile, Joel said nothing. He just reached down and gripped both my hips lifting me up, I was some what taken by surprise.

Joel was still hard and his cock had no problem finding my gaping butt hole. With all of the come he had just shot into my anus he had no problem regaining entrance to my anus. My anal muscle allowed him in, Joel adjusted my body till he had sunk his huge cock back deep into me again and started to hump me against the shower wall.

Holding on to Joel I realized how strong this hulk of a football player was. I could feel his muscles as they rippled and flinched, his cock was thick and massive and was just as hard as it was before he shot his first load.

My arms wrapped around his wide shoulders as he worked his man meat deeper into my body. I could not help but moan passionately as Joel fucked me standing in the shower. When Joel released this load of spunk it struck my bowel wall like some one had poked me in my rectum.

Joel eased out of my butt I was not ready to stand on my own and slipped down his body to my knees. I was now face to face with his huge flaccid cock, I looked up and saw Joel looking down expectantly and lean forward taken his huge cock head into my lips and sucking gently on it.

It didn't take Joel long before he was hard again this time I turned away from him and bent over raising my exposed butt in the air. Joel knelt behind me and guided his mammoth cock head into my open butt hole. This time I had to moan deep as Joel sunk his dick into my anus.

Gripping both my hips Joel fucked me kneeling behind me with passionate abandonment till he one again flooded my ass with his baby making juices. This time Joel pulled from my butt hole and stood smiling at me saying 'we need to get dressed and out of here, we can do more later at my house.
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