Just Fucked by Strangers...

I awoke with my hands and feet restrained and a tube up my butt, I don't remember how I got this way or what was going on. Below me was a huge basin, I was straddling this large basin with my feet to each side and a strange contraption keeping me from resting entirely on the basin.

I looked around and could not make out the faces of the people in the room, either the lights were behind them or shining in my eyes. I heard some one say 'start it now very slowly, we don't want to bust his guts, do we??' I tried to look around and see where this tube came from, I could not see what it was contacted to.

There was a rush of air into my bowels and as one would expect after filling my rectum it had to escape from there. My stomach swell to twice it's size, my bowels cramped at with the air being pumped into my guts. As I expelled the air from my bowels it was soon replaced by a very warm slick solution that also filled my bowels and guts.

Panicking I tried to release my self from my restraints, it than that I realized that I was also gagged. Well I wasn't truly gagged, there was an "O" ring placed neatly in my mouth that held my oral orifice opened.

When my guts and bowels were filled to near busting the substance burst from my anal cavity with such f***e that the basin rocked from the blast. The tube was removed and the basin gently pushed away this same contraption that held me was rotated so that I was now on my back legs bent at the knees and head hanging down towards the floor.

Fingers pinched my nipples and probed my anus, a penis was produced at my lips and worked it's way into the "O" ring that held my mouth open. The rigid tool bounced off the back of my throat till the bastard gripped my head and flooded my oral orifice with his substance. Ramming his fuck tool into my throat I was f***ed to swallow a huge amount of his fluids.

A very huge penile glans was pushed against my sore anus and was pushed with great effort in to my anal cavity. as the huge head slipped into my anus the brute savagely fucked my butt with all his might.

For hours it seemed these b**st attack me at their will, getting there jollies in filling my anus and mouth with their various amounts of fuck juices. My face was caked with the dried substance and my anal cavity leaked copious amounts of their fluids causing them to pool on the floor under me.

I don't know how many times my anus was invaded and flooded or how much come I had swallowed. I feared that I was not going to survive the out come and if I did I knew I would no longer be the same.

After a while I could tell if I had been sodomized by the same penis, some were extra large and others were just large enough for me not to be discomforted. I do know that all the cocks that entered my ass fucked till they flooded my butt with their fluids. On the other hand the ones that entered my oral orifice either stayed long enough to become hard or was rammed into my throat till they shot their loads.

When I was finally released my arms and legs were froze in such an awkward position. I was d**gged through the huge pool of fuck juices and turned to my stomach. The assault were started as soon as my legs were pulled apart and my arms restrained by unknowns that were in the room. The "O" ring was removed and dicks were placed at my lips and parted them as they gained entrance to my sucking orifice.

For some weird freaky reason I could not stop sucking the dicks that was placed at my lips and did so eagerly and tenderly. When there were only a few left I had become a eager participant to the debauchery and went about it with gusto as I was fucked and used by my few left assailants.

After the last had fucked me and the last dick was smeared across my face I was left alone long enough for me to drift off in to u*********sness. When I awoke again it was dark and no lights were on, I fumbled around till I found a window and ripped down the curtains.

The light from the street lamps illuminated the room so that I could see it was an abandoned office with ropes that hung from the ceiling and huge pools of very sticky substance on the carpet.

I was able to locate the remnants of my clothes and managed to find enough to cover my self decently enough move through the darken streets and find my way back to my motel room.
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