A Ravage Fucking...

I was walking home one Friday evening and as I turned the corner I literally ran into Horse Duck Harry and his horny nephew Charlie. 'Whooooaaa', said Harry as he grabbed me about the shoulders, 'where you going in such a hurry, it can't be all that important.'

Charlie chimed in 'Unck, you know this bitch, we fucked his ass last month.' Harry looked at me and said 'you late I've fucked him twice since than.' Charlie looked at me and back at his uncle 'you thinking what I'm thinking, we got nothing going on tonight.'

Harry smiled widely and said 'I got the bed and I got the bitch by the arm,' Charlie laughed and said 'I got the other arm let's go.' I tried to twist away and get loose from them but they had me tightly gripped, escape was not an alternative.

Charlie and Harry quickly pulled me through the back alleys to Harry's home, at the basement door Harry told Charlie 'keep the bitch here, I gotta go around and open the door,' Harry trotted off around the side of the house, I tried to yank my arm free of Charlies grip, Charlie quickly slugged me in the stomach dropping me to my knees. 'Harry said to keep you here he didn't say how.'

I tried to get my breath back as Harry opened the door and looked down at me and started to laugh 'Charlie, you didn't hit the pussy did you,' Charlie giggled and said 'the bitch wanted to know who was boss,' Harry laughed and said 'than I guess you showed him take him to the bedroom.'

Charlie d**g me through the door and pulled me across the floor to the mattress and said 'alright bitch, I'll kick your ass and still fuck the shit out of you, so you better get undress before I get mad.' Harry giggled and said 'now Charlie that ain't no way to treat a good piece of boi pussy,' Harry walked over and lifted me to my feet and started to unbutton my shirt.

I raised my hand to block Harry, Harry looked at me in a very threatening manner I dropped my hand back to my side. Charlie looking on as he removed his pants 'Uncle, he ain't giving you a problem is he,' Harry answered nothing I can't handle.'

Soon I was standing there as naked as I came into the world with Harry and Charlie pinching and knocking my hands away from my body. Harry stepped away and removed his pants exposing his massively huge man hood. Charlie was naked also his cock rigid and sticking out from his body, erect and stiff.

By now I was over come with fear and had started to tear up, Harry looked me in the face and said 'bitch, this ain't that bad, stop crying and take it like a man. We gonna fuck and you gonna enjoy it, that I can assure you.' I trembled as Harry spoke to me, I don't know whether it was from fear or the chill of the room.

Harry reached into the night stand and took out the tube of lubricant and started to smear some onto his enormously huge man meat. Charlie was stroking his rigid cock and pinching my buttocks and he suggested sexual positions he wanted to fuck me in.

Harry said to Charlie 'here, get that pussy open for me I don't want to skin my dick going first.' I knew that Harry's penis was extremely large and that I would have some trouble accepting it in my anus. Charlie had attacked me on more than one occasion and I knew that he would try to make me holler as he fucked me. The only thing that I could think of was that Daniel and Bruce was not with them, they were with Charlie when I was attacked before.

Charlie told me 'bitch, lay your ass down before I knock you down,' I slowly moved back to the bed and slowly sit down. Charlie reached down and took hold of one of my thighs and tossed it up pushing me on to my back. As I fell back he lift the other leg and slapped a huge amount of lubricant directly into the crack of my butt.

I cried out from the brutality of his action and started to raise up, Charlie immediately struck me across the face and said 'Lay your black ass down bitch, now one ask you to move.' Charlie knelt on the bed between my legs and started to rub his rigid cock head around my anal opening.

With a viscous lunge, Charlie pushed his cock head into my anal opening, gripping my hips he pulled me up and rammed the extent of his cock deep into my anus. I was trying to push Charlie away from me as he entered my anus, his lust was consuming him as he rammed into my unprotected butt.

Charlie fucked my ass without mercy for at least twenty minutes before he shot his load of baby making juice into my anal orifice. As Charlie laid on top of me grinding into my butt, my legs lifted and bent at the knees along his sides, Harry stood at the side of the bed stroking his enormously huge cock.

Charlie pulled from my anus and stood up Harry moved between my legs and took hold of my feet, lifting them up straightening my legs up in the air. I grimaced in anticipation as Harry's massively huge cock head rubbed against my ravaged anal opening.

The lubricant and baby making juices from Charlie had my butt hole well lube but not enough to allow Harry to enter without causing me pain. For some reason Harry's cock was harder when he took sex with out my consent rather then allow me to surrender myself.

Harry tried to enter my anus and met with resistance, Harry looked down at me and said 'relax bitch, I'm gonna get in this ass so you better relax.' I glanced down between my legs and saw this fuck tool that looked like some one's arm trying to enter my anus.

You should know that Harry is what some would say deformed in the sexual organ department. His penis is about twelve inches long when it's not aroused sexually. It measure about four to six inches around and his penile glans(dick head) is the size of a tennis ball. If I am relaxed and Harry isn't in a sexually passionate aroused state I would probably be able to accept his mammoth fuck tool.

Harry growled at Charlie 'boy get some more of that shit on my dick, I'm gonna fuck this ass, just because it ain't never been this tight before.' Charlie squeezed about half the tube of lube into his hand and started to apply it to Harry's gigantic cock head and my anal opening, Harry holding my ankles up and open like a "V" his huge dick bobbing up and down between my thighs.

Charlie took hold of Harry's dick shaft and guided his massive head to my little ruptured anal opening. I tried to reached around my thighs and between Harry huge legs before he pushed his huge cock into my anus. But before I could do so, Harry plunged forward and his massively huge dick head ripped into my tightly clinched anus.

I screamed out in pure pain as Harry's long huge cock slipped deeper and deeper into my rectum. I pleaded and begged for Harry to take his time all to no avail. Harry sunk about seven to eight inches of his enormously huge cock into my anal cavity before he stopped. I've searched this site for some one with a cock nearly as huge and as long as Harry's, Mandingo come's close but is not as thick.

Harry had me at a great disadvantage, I could not lower my legs nor brace myself for the onslaught of his attack. Harry had pushed my legs back so far that my butt was lifted off the mattress and my spine was curved into an almost "U" shape.

I could look down between my legs and see this huge black fuck tool as it worked it's way into my anus. As Harry pulled back I was amazed to see my anal membrane cling on to the sides of this invading monstrous member.

'Pleeeeaaase, HHHHaaaarrrrryyyy.' I begged to no avail the bastard worked my butt hole just like he wanted too. Charlie knelt over my head, his knees on each side, he cliched my jaws and caused my mouth to open as he dropped his flaccid cock into my mouth. 'Suck my dick bitch,' Charlie demanded.

To my horror Charlie took hold of my ankles as Harry reached down and gripped hold of my up raised butt cheeks. Harry started to ram as hard as he could into my butt hole as I tried to breath around Charlies now hardening cock in my mouth. As soon as Harry unloaded his massive load of baby making juices into my anal cavity I could see them squishing out around his massive fuck tool as he ravaged my ruptured butt hole.

As soon as Harry was spent Charlie mounted me again and rode my butt till he shot another load, Harry recovered enough to remounted my butt and rode me another thirty minutes and deposit more fuck juice into my ass hole. Harry pulled from my butt lowering my legs as I pleaded and cried for him to have mercy.

Harry showed me mercy alright, he flipped me over to my stomach and mounted my butt from the back ramming his massive fuck tool up my butt again causing me to scream out in agony. This was not sex it was a ravage fucking from Harry and his nephew and it would not be the last I took at the hands of these two perverts......
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fucking sexy. im a top and this makes me wanna lay down and take a cock right now!