How It All Started....

I never will forget the first time I had sex with another male. Before then I never knew two males could have sex. The closest to sex I had ever came was finding a girlie mag and jacking off to the pictures or stories I read.

So finding myself in the basement of Charlies house with his two cousins Bruce and Daniel was to the least uncomfortable. After all we ended up here because I was cutting class and not wanting to get caught, I followed after them as they ran through the bush to escape a school counselor and asst. principal.

As we sat there in the basement, I listen to them as they bragged about there escaped s. What happen next still gives me shivers, let me try and tell the story, some have heard it others have not.

One of the guys, I think it was Daniel, was reaching up to the shelf above the door. He was searching for some girlie mag and some of the items on the shelf started to fall. Being the closest I jumped to my feet and caught the items before they could strike the floor.

I noticed movement and thought one of the other guys was coming to aide us, I believe that it was Bruce, with out warning slugged me in the stomach so hard that I dropped everything I was holding and doubled up on the floor.

The wind was knocked out of me and the pain in my stomach took me to the edge of u*********sness. I felt hands grabbing my arms and fingers fumbling at my belt I could not comprehend what they were trying to do.

Perhaps they were trying to loosen my belt so I could breath, but when my belt was loosen my pants and underwear was pulled from my body. I was still gasping for breath as I tried to recapture my pants, some one removed my tennis shoes and my pants and underwear was removed.

I could barely see out my tear stained eyes and was in no position to fight my assailants as the drag me across the floor and d****d me over the leather ottoman. My mind was still reeling and trying to make sense of what was happening to me.

I thought that they was going to take a belt or something and spank or strike me across the buttocks. I think it was Charlie that sat down over my upper shoulders and neck forcing my head to bend down below the top of the ottoman.

Fingers and hands clutched at my butt cheeks and pried them apart, someone smeared a slippery substance across the crack of my butt and fingers made slippery entrance into my virginal anal opening. Trying my best to yell I could not get enough volume to my yell. Still I could not figure out what was about to happen to my tight little anus.

My ankles were pulled apart and a body wedged itself between my knees, I felt a solid warm rubbery hard knob move up and down my butt crack. It found my clinching tight anus and begin to probe at the opening. I cried out as loud as I could as the rigid tool pushed apart my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.

The huge head popped into my anus and I screamed out in pain, I had no ideal that the bastard was just beginning to enter my butt. I tried awful hard to close my legs and push the invading member from my stretching anal cavity. The more I tried to keep him out the easier it seemed for him to push more of his huge rigid cock up my butt.

Once he had as much of his fuck tool in my butt he started to grind and hump my prostrate body. Tears were flowing from my eyes and mucus from my nose as I cried uncontrollably. It seemed like an eternity as the brute invade my rectum and had his way. He stiffened and rammed as hard as he could about three times and then I could feel his man tool flinch and a stream of something shoot from his fuck tool and strike the walls of my rectum.

Grunting like a wild a****l the bastard ravage my butt till he had emptied his balls. As he pulled from my aching anus, I thought that it was over, the one sitting on my shoulders didn't even attempt to move.

To my horror another body moved between my legs and fingers pushed apart my buttocks and probed my non virgin butt hole. One finger, two fingers, three fingers and than they were pulled from my butt. Again I felt a huge rubbery knob slide up and down my butt crack, I cringed as he position him self and aligned his cock head and penile shaft with my ass hole.

As this bigger knob probed my anus I screamed out in pain, it took a lot longer for this bastard to enter my anus. My sphincter muscle rings were putting up a good resistance to this invader. But it only seemed to encourage him to continue his assault.

My butt, being lubed from the slippery substance and the bay making fluid that was already deposited in my butt, finally allowed this larger invader entrance. Crying uncontrollably I could only lay there and be the fucking toy for the two bastards that had and were ravaging my butt.

With a powerful lunge the enormous fuck tool bust through my anal defenses and begin to work it's way around my anal orifice. The one sitting on my head and shoulders finally slid off and knelt down before me holding my arms so I could not get loose.

I was able to raise my head and see that it was Daniel who had been sitting on my shoulders. I tried to beg him to release me, he took hold of my wrist in his powerful hand and with the free hand he started to unzip his pants. His rigid dick popped out right into my face, his enormously huge dick head rubbing across my nose and lips.

Daniel placed his free hand on y head and guided my face to his ready standing cock. I tried to keep from having his cock rub across my lips but could not. The bastard in my butt rammed his dick farther and harder into my butt, I yelled out in pain and Daniel pushed my head down on his cock.

With my mouth around his massive dick head Daniel released my wrists and took my head in both his hands and worked it around in small circular fashions. I was gagging and coughing as Daniel fucked my face with his mammoth tool. The bastard in my butt finally reached his limit and flooded my bowels with his load of baby making fluids.

When He had pulled from me I saw Bruce standing at the door stroking his hardening cock, so it had to be Charlie that had just shot his load in my butt. Daniel pulled from my lips and moved around behind me, I tried to get my feet and hands under me.

Daniel flipped me over to the floor and Bruce and Charlie each took hold of one of my ankles and raised them up into the air. Bruce and Charlie stood with one foot each on my arms keeping me from covering myself or protecting my neither regions.

I glanced down between my up stretched legs and saw a sight that caused me to tremble in fear. Daniel's penis was far bigger than either Charlie or Bruce, his huge dick head was glistening with my saliva and Daniel was slowly stroking his uncut penis very slowly.

Daniel slowly knelt between my lifted legs and rubbed that gigantic fuck tool across my anal opening. I cried out for him not to enter me, but just as I said that he rammed his enormously huge cock into my well lubricated ass hole.

As I screamed out in pain Bruce and Charlie each released my ankles and arms at the same time. Reflectively I dropped my feet around Daniels waist and my arms wrapped around his upper body. I heard Bruce and Charlie exclaim 'damn that bitch do like dick, fuck him Danny...'

Daniel followed there suggestions and rammed into me with such f***e that I could do nothing but hold on to keep from him hurting me any farther. Daniel kept ramming me with Bruce and Charlie urging him on saying 'Fuck him Danny...take that dick like a man bitch,' I could only cry and get fucked.

Daniel rode my ass with his arms locked into the hollow of my knees holding them around his waist, my butt lifted up from the floor and my back arched, his enormous mammoth dick sliding back and forth, farther and farther up into my ass hole. I didn't realize it but Daniel had lowered his head to my neck and my arms were wrapped around his neck as he sucked and kissed my throat.

Daniel was in me for what seemed like hours before he flooded my butt with his fluids.
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