First Year Away From Home

It was my first year in college, I was assigned to the oldest dorm on campus(Grants Hall). All the dorm rooms were small with just enough room for two cots a desk and one closet.

Our cots had drawers under them that held our personals, the shower was located just a little over three quarters of the hall from our room. My room mate was a tall lanky guy by the name of Winston. He wanted to be on the basketball team, but his grades kept him off.

I had just left the shower and was making my way back to the dorm room, Winston came stumbling out of the stairway d***k as as d***k can be. Knowing that if he was caught d***k he would be expelled, I quickly helped him to our room. Getting him there took some maneuvering, Winston kept stumbling and falling and my towel kept slipping from around my waist.

The only saving grace was the fact that most of the floor was out in the quad and very few occupants were on the floor. Our room was down at the far end of the hall around d a slight bend. As soon as I got Winston into the room and on the bed things got ridiculous.

Winston was laying across his cot and I had dropped my towel and was bending over putting on my underwear. I heard the cot creek and started to stand, Winston was on me like a crow on a June bug.

The tall son of a bitch wrapped one of his long arms around my waist and the two of us fell to my cot. I don't know what Winston was dreaming or thinking but it had nothing to do with where we were.

I tried to catch my breath and get Winston under control, Winston was bent on one thing...getting his dick in my anus. I tried to tussle with him but quickly found out I was on the loosing side. With my face f***ed down in to the cot and my butt naked and inviting. Winston wasted no time in producing his very erect huge cock to my butt crack.

I struggled with Winston, trying to dislodge him from my back, with one hand around my neck and holding on to my opposite wrist and the other arm between our struggling bodies\, Winston was finding my butt crack with the greatest of ease. His rigid rubbery hard cock head slipped and slid up and down my butt crack so many times that I thought for sure he would shoot his load in my butt crack.

My mind raced back to the time when Daniel and Bruce and Charlie took me in the basement. The time that Charlie tricked me to his home and him and his d***k uncle took advantage of me sexually.

Winston's hard cock found my puckering tight anal opening and he was trying to lodge his man hood into my neither region. Winston was extremely excited, his penis was extruding huge amounts of pre-cum and with his huge penile head resting right on my anal opening, my butt hole was well lubed.

With a grunt and powerful push, Winston sunk his huge cock head pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. I cried out in pain and quickly stifled it. I did not want any of my new class mates to barge in and find me in this position.

I had hoped that I could leave this part of my life behind, Winston was too excited at having invaded my now stretched bottom and was already trying to grind more of his long cock into my anal cavity.

Fortunately Winston's penile shaft was not as huge as his penile head. My butt adjusted around the smaller tube and although it was dis-comfortable I was able to handle the rest of his fuck tool.

Winston grind the whole length of his penis up into my bowels and was grinding away with abandonment. I was grunting with each thrust the tall lanky Winston made and it only seemed to encourage him to continue.

My thighs were barely on the edge of my cot and my legs were hanging off. My feet trying to dig into the floor and get a grip. Winston had one leg stretched across the room to his cot and using that as leverage was able to sink more of his cock into my butt hole.

Winston kept up his grinding till he was almost ready to unload. I knew this by the way he speed up his movements, he shifted from grinding to humping deeper and deeper in to my open anus till he finally let loose his load of man spunk.

I felt his spunk as it spurted from the tip of his cock and struck the inside of my anal cavity. With each thrust I could tell Winston was depositing more of his baby making juices deep into my rectum.

When the flood had subsided Winston kissed the back of my neck and just sort of collapsed off my back and slipped down to the floor. My butt hole was stinking some thing awful as it tried to close and regain it's shape.

I slipped to my knees and worked Winston's u*********s body off my ankles and feet. I looked at his flaccid cock and saw that it was still exuding sperm and throbbing every now and than. But the smile on Winston's d***k ass face told it all, he had enjoyed his self.

I dressed and left the room, latter when I returned, Winston had moved from the floor and was sprawled across his bunk. The next day, Winston asked me what time he got back, I lied and told him I wasn't in the room when he came back. He smiled and said I can';t remember all, but I do remember this one girl I went back to her room and we tussled on the bed before she finally gave up that pussy.
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2 years ago
I like it, it's hot!
2 years ago
You are a great story teller..Very Very Hot