'Shit this bitch is really getting into this,' I tried to push away but was pulled back to this mammoth cock that was filling my oral orifice. Striking the back of my mouth with his huge cock head I gagged more than once.

After a while they pulled my head from this huge saliva gleaming cock, the brute pulled me by my head to the bed and push me face down into the mattress. Pulling my butt cheeks apart, I could feel this huge fuck tool searching for my anal opening.

Once he had found that little puckering opening, the brute plunged viciously into my anus. I screamed out in agony as the huge head popped through my outer anal anal sphincter muscle ring. I gripped the mattress and dirty sheets in my fists howling to the top of my lungs.

The huge buck riding my back had a dick that was like someones arm stuck up my butt. I was trying to get away from each lunge of that gigantic mammoth of a fuck tool. 'Please...please, let me go,' I begged. 'Bitch, you gonna pay your debit, cause you lost!!!' The bastard called out.

I looked around at the other three dude, they were slowly removing their clothes. And what I saw hanging between their legs caused me to cringed with fear, each one of them had to be at least nine inches when they were soft, I could only imagine how huge they were when they were fully erect and hard.

The bastard on my back was slamming into my ass like a mad man, grunting and growling like some wild a****l. I gripped the sheets in my clinched fist and cried uncontrollably as he continued to plow into my anal opening.

With a b**stly growl my assailant lunged deep into my helpless butt, I howl in pain as his massive fuck tool sunk deep into me. After grinding deeper in my butt he slowly pulled from my anus. I could feel each vein in his penis as he pulled slowly out. Just as his huge cock head reached my anal sphincter muscle ring he paused long enough for his cock to pulsate twice and his gigantic head throb right at my anal opening.

With a wet pop his huge cock head popped out, I felt so relieved as the bastard raised up off my prostrate body. My relieve was short lived, one of the other brutes moved quickly between my stretched open legs and with little resistance his enormous cock head plopped into my gaping anal opening.

'OOOOHHHH NNOOO!!!!,' I cried as his monstrous huge cock sunk deep in to my anal canal. Placing both his hands on the back of my shoulders , he held me to the mattress and grind frantically into my anus.

With the huge amount of man spunk already sloshing around in my rectum, made the brutes cock slip and slid with ease. I begged for him to take it easy, only to hear him grunt like a pig as he fucked my forever stretched bung hole.

Fortunately it wasn't long before he picked up the pace and flooded my tail with his baby making fluid. He collapse onto my back panting like a tired a****l still slowly grinding deep in my butt.

As he slowly rolled off I braced myself for the third bastard to attack me. It seemed like an eternity had passed before I felt the bed sink down from the weight of largest of the three. He really wasn't all that large just a big fat bastard with and enormous cock hanging between his legs.

This bastard gripped my ankles and pulled me to the foot of the bed. Twisting both he f***ed me to roll to my back, I still gripped the filthy sheets and pulled them over me. I looked up into his fat round face , he said 'I'm not gonna fuck you like they did, I want to make love to you.'

I was trembling from the pain of the first two assaults and dreading what this brute had in mind. My body shook with fear as he slowly lifted my legs and gripped my calves. My eyes bucked as I caught glimpse of his cock bobbing between us.

It look like a baseball bat as it swung from side to side, I looked up at him with tears streaming from my eyes and pleaded. 'Please...let me go I want tell...,' he looked at me and for a moment I thought that he was going to let me go.

He adjusted his knees and his huge cock head brushed against my butt cheeks, he smiled again and said 'just relax baby, I'm gonna take my time and fuck you right.' His penile glans poised and my anal open and slowly he rotated his cock head till it slipped pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.

He was so gentle that it was almost painless as his cock entered my anus, slipping his hands up to the hollow of my knees he gentle pushed them back towards my chest whispering 'just relax and let poppa do this his way and we both will enjoy it.' I tried to slide up but my movement only allowed him to slip three more inches into my ass.

With my knees pressing against my chest this fat bastard humped his cock into my up raised ass hole. I was gripping those nasty sheets so tight that they had rose up across my chin and I was biting them as he fucked slowly into my anal cavity.

His two friends stood to the side stroking their flaccid cocks watching him as he worked his body slowly on top of me. My tears only seemed to encouraged him to continue to torture me with his emphatic fucking.

It seemed that he was never going to stop, slowly and carefully he fucked me with my legs bucked up around his overweight midsection. He knew just how much weight to rest on my body and how slowly to fuck to last longer than the first two.

My butt was so sore that I was gasping for air as the pain became more intense. Finally his huge fuck tool seem to engorge and fill my anal canal to it's extent. With a deep sigh I from my fat fucker he flooded my insides with copious amounts of baby making juices.

We all heard his cock and my ass hole making wet slurping sounds as he fucked me. I could feel the fluids as they escaped from around his huge cock and run down my butt crack and pool beneath us.

He raised up and reached down between us and gripped his man hood and pulled it from my flooded anal canal. As he crawled off the bed the other two jostled for his position.

My legs were so sore that I could not lower them, I reached up to grip my knees and push my legs down, I wasn't fast enough, one of them had won the match and was now between my up lifted legs.

He wasted no time in sticking his cock into my anus and fucking me with a similar cadence his fat friend had. I instinctively reached up and and grabbed on to his shoulders as his huge cock invaded my anus again.

'That's right bitch, you just as well enjoy this dick.' He said as he worked his cock into my anal opening. With all the man spunk in my ass he didn't last as long as he wanted and soon shot his load into my butt hole. His partner mounted me as soon as he was up 'I want you to hold me just like you did Carl or it's gonna be bad for you.'

I reached up and placed my hands on his arms as he entered my aching anal opening and involuntarily gripped his arms tight as he rode my butt. When he had shot his load of baby juice in me, the three of them stood over me stroking their cocks talking among their selves as to what they wanted to do to me next.

To my horror they decided to restrain me to the bed and take a nap before they would fuck me again. I laid there tied to that nasty bed and cried myself to sl**p.......
100% (9/0)
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Very hot stuff, thanks.