Don't Go On The Wrong side of Town...

I lost track of time and could not remember whether it was Saturday or Sunday...all I do know is that as I passed this guy the lights went out. When I came to my self again there was a big black buck pounding my ass like no tomorrow.

My hands were tied to something and my eyes covered with tape, hands restraining my ankles, my butt being invaded by some brute. I had been crying the mucus was running from my nose.

Whoever, whatever was riding my ass, finally shot a load of spunk into my bowels and grind in to me for five more minute before roughly pulling from my ravage butt hole.

The relieve was short lived as another body mounted my butt, this one was bigger, fatter would be a better description. His dick was barely fitting into my anus. His dick head kept popping in and out causing excruciating pain each time it entered, lucky he didn't last long and unloaded after a few minutes.

I heard some one say 'your turn, young bl**d,' a smaller framed body mounted me, his fuck tool was thinner and longer, his energy was more gusto than the previous two. He gripped me by the neck pulling my head back and rammed deep into butt hole. My anal sphincter muscle ring was already stretched, the inner anal sphincter muscle ring held briefly, the cock head popped through violently as "young bl**d" rode my ass hard.

I passed out as "young bl**d growled and rammed deeper into my helpless ass hole. When I woke again some one had placed a round something under my stomach. My ass was sticking up in the air, the hands were still clutching my ankles, a rubbery hard ball was prodding my sore anal opening and suddenly it barreled through till the thighs of who ever was slamming against the back of my thighs.

I tried to beg as he pounded into me and some one gripped my jaws and inserted a tube of man meat into my mouth with a warning 'bite me and you done...' I tried to stretch my mouth as wide as I could as this mammoth tube fucked back and forth into my throat.

The dick in my mouth and the one in my ass exploded about the same time, flooding my ass and mouth with copious amounts of man spunk. I gagged as the dick in my mouth emptied it's substance. Another dick rammed into my ass hole the pain unbearable...I slipped off into peaceful oblivion again.

When I finally woke again, I was laying on my side naked, extreme amounts of come leaking from my anus and my mouth caked with lots of man spunk all over my face, chin and chest. My anus was aching like some one had rammed a hot fire place rod up my butt.

I stumbled around till I found the rest of my clothes and scampered away, down the alley ways to the safety of the woods.
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